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Remote wireless survelliance

I,d like to set up a remote camera on a livestock watering bowl,located 2 miles from farmers house, so he can monitor water level in tank. There is 24vdc (50watts) available at water trough. He would like to check this camera from his cellphone, or with internet connection at house.What is the most economical way to do this, and what all do i need for parts?

Thanks for any help.
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I assume he doesn't have an Internet cable running out to the water trough? 2 Miles is pushing it for normal WiFi, so he'd need to find some sort of beefier wireless transmitter/receiver combination that can run off 24vdc (or less, via a converter). The receiver end would hook into the house internet.

Seems to me you're going to be getting into custom (as in, expensive) technology to accomplish that. You're going to have lighting to consider (tanks tend to be dark), weatherproof gear that can survive temperature extremes, etc.

I'd look at a non-Internet wired camera, and run 2 miles of coax. Or better still, see if there's a non-camera option. All you really need is some sort of level sensor or low-level float alarm (the opposite of what us country folk have on their sump holes to monitor for high levels). I think a camera to monitor a water level may be a bit overkill.

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Even for an alarm based one.. would still have to run wiring back to somewhere for the alarm itself where it can be heard at the house, etc?

Its one of those there wont be an EASY or CHEAP way to do it

Only other option i can think.. again not cheap.. would be a wireless hotspot at that location.. connect a wireless camera to it.
As long as the camera isnt set to always upload, etc.. wouldnt be TOO horrible data wise.. if its only when checking it.
You can get a pretty basic wifi camera for like $30-50.
Its the monthly fees for the hotspot..

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24v 50w is enough to do PoE. Get a 24v PoE switch and power it with the 24v. Connect a wired PoE digital IP camera and PoE powered router with external antennas to that. Make sure the router has standard antenna connectors compatible with third party high gain antennas. Then configure the router as a bridged repeater and connect it to a high gain antenna(s). Some care will be required when choosing components to make sure the total power requirement does not exceed 50w but it should be doable.

At the house, connect a router with external antennas to a high gain antenna(s). The antennas will need line of site (no intervening trees or buildings.) Aim the antennas at each other and optimize the connection. At 2 miles, the antennas will need to be fairly high gain, parabolic antennas would be best. Cheap "pringles can" antennas have been known to work. Two miles is too far to do wifi without using high gain antennas, even in a rural environment. At that distance, I would use 2.4GHz.
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Ok, i'm definitely a rookie at this, but i was thinking of leaving a different cell phone at remote location, and calling that cellphone, and somehow set it up so cellphone video comes on when number is called. Is it possible to set up a cellphone for this, or is there a device that would work better for this? Are there any security cameras that can be set up this way, to transmit video , but only when they are dialed up, or logged into?
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For that distance, your choices are generally short haul microwave link or fibre. While it may be possible to work out something with a cell phone, it would take some work

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Might be a bit over the top in price and features but do you mean something like the Reconyx Hyperfire Cellular Surveillance Camera. .
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That is exactly what I'm thinking. Is there a more economical version of this device?
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That's the only one I found. It's an industrial grade device which accounts for the high cost. There could be others.

A smartphone app that would take a picture, say once every few hours, and email it should not be that difficult to write. (A simple search turned up some sample code and tutorials.) The hard part is the learning curve for writing apps in the first place. A cheap PAYGO data account should be sufficient for a few pictures a day. The phone could be kept charged with a solar smartphone charger. There are lots of those available.
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How about a cell phone as a wireless hotspot and a simple d-link camera. Get a Fido $15 data plan(3GB) and set up the cell phone as an access point. D-link needs 5volts. U̶p̶l̶o̶a̶d̶ ̶t̶o̶ ̶a̶ ̶s̶e̶r̶v̶e̶r̶,̶ ̶w̶h̶i̶c̶h̶ ̶c̶a̶n̶ ̶b̶e̶ ̶s̶e̶t̶ ̶u̶p̶ ̶f̶o̶r̶ ̶n̶o̶ ̶m̶o̶r̶e̶ ̶t̶h̶a̶n̶ ̶$̶4̶0̶U̶S̶ ̶o̶r̶
̶ just use the D-link cloud service to check. Maybe I am missing something but could work?
I use d-link cameras around the house about $100 ea. Phone about $100. Monthly $15 and the free cloud service to just view the scene occasionally.
I have used 2.4 signal across a lake for internet, so you might even be able to use the camera type mentioned, and a parabolic type antenna at the house.
Not sure what the power was but I had internet with a parabolic wire antenna excellent across a bay(1 mile) and good across the lake (about 3 miles). Plug the camera into a router with a yagi??? antenna and a para antenna at the house.
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I think that there is an affordable solution, although in my mind I'm still thinking of whether to low-ball the Remote Site Cost and upgrade House System to use a Directional Flat Panel Antenna with either existing Router [Model Number??? Does it have SMA Antenna Connector???] or perhaps an Indoor (or Outdoor) Wi-Fi Repeater [with perhaps a Directional Antenna]....still thinking. I also have some links on my OTHER computer for a PAIR of Outdoor Hi-Power [NOT Wi-Fi Compatible] Extenders, I'll try to remember to find tomorrow.....

Meanwhile, fol. is a candidate solution using fol. [only $60] Outdoor Wi-Fi Access Point (WAP) with Higher Power for Long Range [5000-m = 3.1-miles] and [your choice of] Outdoor Camera [with E-N I/F] plugged into WAP, such as fol. examples: [Humbug....couldn't find a link to a Manual...give 'em an Email.]

Low-Light CAT-5 E-N I/F Streaming Camera [only $40]: [Incl. Night Vision IR Light]

You should do you own research for THIS as well as similar alternatives to make sure they meet your needs.....

Antenna Simulations, Overload Calculations, etc:

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Found the link I was looking for.....

Ubiquity makes a wide range of Long Distance Wi-Fi Equipment....the AirMax Line appears to include what you need: [Products in Ubiquity Airmax Line + links to rest of Ubiquity Website] [Specs for Nanoseries Line, incl. LocoM2]

The least expensive is the Ubiquity Nanostation LocoM2 for OUTDOOR use. Although in same 2.4 GHz Band as (some) Wi-Fi devices, it uses a different TDMA protocol/waveform/software and is NOT compatible with regular 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi Transmissions. Has TWO CAT-5 to Camera and other to included 24 DC@0.5-A (max) to PoE Voltage Converter (LocoM2 draws 5-W out of 12-W max available): [PoE = Power over Ethernet cable] [LocoM2 Data Sheet] [Quick Start Guide] [Set-Up Guide] [$48 each on Amazon, Range up to 10 km = 6.2-miles] [Two Pack....Amazon cost is MORE than individual.]

So Total Cost would be about $160-200, including Low Light Camera ($40, Q: Is included CAT5 Cable SHIELDED???), 2 ea Ubiquity LocoM2 (2 x $58, incl. 24 VDC to PoE Adapters and SHIELDED CAT-5 Cables) and whatever MIGHT be needed to connect LocoM2 to House Wi-Fi Network.

Another alternative you might want to look at is "similar" product from TP Link.....although it APPEARS capable of not only Long Range TDMA Mode, but also Standard Wi-Fi "11a/c" 5 GHz mode of operation, when we look at Specifications Webpage we learn it can NOT do BOTH Long Range TDMA and short range Wi-Fi modes at the SAME should do further research to confirm it meets your needs:
5GHz 300Mbps 13dBi Outdoor CPE | TP-Link
https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon....1ylPAVfZ+S.pdf [$57, Range up to 15+ km = 9.3-mi]

Perhaps there is a single device that can operate on BOTH Long Range TDMA mode and Standard Wi-Fi mode at the SAME TIME....but it was NOT in the cost range I was investigating.....I'll keep searching. It would simplify connection to House's Wi-Fi Network without running a CAT-5 cable from Outdoors to Indoors (or mount LocoM2 in Window...May NOT be viable if Window is LowE (Tinted) due to RF Attenuation). It also would allow use of a Camera with built-in Wi-Fi....which would be mounted at Remote Location and PERHAPS use short range Wi-Fi to Long Range LocoM2 located in a nearby BARN??? [Is this a viable option????].

Instead, you may want to consider plugging in an OUTDOOR Wi-Fi Extender (or Access Point) directly to the House's LocoM2, sharing a PoE Power Adapter (i.e. presumably 120 VAC to 24 VDC, NOT included in LocoM2 above), rather than running a CAT-5 Cable from Inside to Outside....or mounting LocoM2 in a conveniently located window.

Antenna Simulations, Overload Calculations, etc:

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PS: Ubiquity LocoM5 or above TPLink model operating in presumably less crowded 5 GHz Wi-Fi Band would be preferred for URBAN areas, although Ubiquity LocoM2 operating in 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi Band is probably just FINE for Rural areas.

Ubiquity also has similar AirMax products in the 5 GHz Wi-Fi Band [LocoM5] as well as 3 GHz [LocoM3] and 3.65 GHz [LocoM365] Models, such as: [$67 LocoM5, 5 GHz, 15-km Range...why different???] [$113 for 2-pack LocoM5, 5 GHz, up to 10-km Range]

Antenna Simulations, Overload Calculations, etc:
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