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Hi 57, I will check that aspect this weekend. I have one cable splitter feeding the PVR and the Rogers digital box (to replace the analog tuner in my TV) so I doubt this is the issue. The PVR feeds a dvd recorder that I use with rewritable dvds which is currently recording things until I can resuscitate the PVR record feature. I used to use a splitter with a booster to feed the TV, a dvd recorder, VHS and/or Beta vcrs when the analog tuners were able to work and everything was fine. I removed the WD Green 160 GB drive and reformatted this (fat32) and put it back in the PVR for the time being (results were the same on the new 500 GB and the reformatted 160 GB). We'll see what happens when I use the cable on just the PVR.
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