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In NB we also get a ton of stations from the US eastern seaboard that, because they had to protect other stations to the west or south on the same frequency, sent most of their power north at night. Some of them include...

680 - WRKO Boston
850 - WEEI Boston
1010 - WINS New York
1080 - WTIC Hartford
1090 - WBAL Baltimore
1500 - WTOP Washington

Not to mention any number of smaller stations in New England, 90% of whom seem to be part of the Red Sox Radio Network in the summer.
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Radio DXing

I've been up in the Haliburton highlands recently visiting friends. On a cheap clock radio I've been able to pull in AM stations from Chicago, New York, Baltimore,Conneticut and Boston. Must have been the solstice effect I guess.
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WOWO is 1190.

Prior to the 1980's, a company could only own 5 radio stations in the US.
For example, Westinghouse owned 4 clear channels (KDKA, WBZ, WHO and WOWO) + 1 regional (KYW). There were also strict cross ownership rules to print as well. That's why Westinghouse had to move KYW from Cleveland to Philadelphia and why the Washington Post bought WWJ TV Detroit and turned it into WDIV.

WOWO was bought by Inner City Broadcasting in 1994 so they could transfer the clear channel licence to their New York 1190 station (WLIB) which had been a daytime only station. WOWO now has a night time directional 9800 watt beam.

Sometimes, stations did not protect their rights. 1010 CFRB and 1050 WMGM (New York) are examples of 2 who did not and paid a hefty price. 1010 was designated a Canada/Mexico nighttime clear channel. But CFRB allowed WINS to go to 50K. Eventually CFRB had to relocate their transmitter across the lake to ensure reliable night reception in the GTA. WINS picked up part of the tab.

WMGM was designated a regional 50kw service. I can remember standing on the escarpment in Hamilton as a kid in the 60's. One could see the lights of the CHUM tower - yet I could listen to WMGM on my portable 6 transistor radio. To allievate part of the problem, CHUM also moved their transmitter to the Grimsby area with a north only beam to protect WMGM (now ESPN New York City)
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740 AM CFZM Zoomer Radio, The best of the best - Toronto (Oakville?)
(50,000W clear channel)

Is coming in very well in Ottawa nightime recently ... listening in the Car while driving around.

Ziggy show, late at night - good - like it. Interesting oldies music.

Show: Midnight Blue, with Ziggy. Website says Mon-Thurs 12AM - 1AM

Music good at other times too. Generally oldies music - not so common around Ottawa these days.

I made the suggestion to add this station onto a cable co - fm analog service (or digital music service too - radio stations) ( COGECO Cable ) ... along with a bunch of other good radio stations I have been hearing over the air as I DX ...

Good stuff - should be able to access by general public.
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Donnybrook said
From the 1940's to the early 80's, long before IBOC turned AM into a disaster area; the FCC kept a tight lid on AM stations. The frequencies were divided into US/Canada clear channels, regionals (up to 50k at night), locals and daylight only stations.
Sorry to come in so late, but I just stumbled across this thread with the reorganization of the site. I remember listening to quite a few of those stations during the 70's, here in Vancouver. There were also some Mexican stations, just across the border to circumvent the power restrictions, that targeted the US (and were no doubt owned by US companies). For instance, XERX was usually audible with its 250 kW.
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CFMZ 740 AM now on ch 949, ROGERS DIGITAL, ONT.


740 AM CFZM Zoomer Radio, The best of the best - Toronto (Oakville?)
(50,000W clear channel)

Was listening on air, early this morning approx 5-5:30 AM and they started to announce that they are now on:

Now on ROGERS DIGITAL, ONT, radio stations, digital channel 949

Went upstairs later on, checked it out on the Rogers DIGI BOX/TV, and sure enough, there it was. Confirmed in Ottawa.

(Rogers has radio stations from different areas on the DIGITAL channel range 901-960. I took the time go through them and note them down this morning. I'll probably make a list and post what I found for Ottawa - maybe over in the ROGERS section of the FORUM - somewhere.)

So if you've got a Rogers, Digital Cable TV box setup ... you might be able to listen to 740 AM CFZM Zoomer Radio ... and sample this station on ch 949.

(Is someone starting to listen to my suggestions over in the COGECO Kingston Thread I created ? Is someone out there in Cable Co land / Radio land watching? Listening? Or just a pure co-incidence?)

Well ... in any case - GOOD ADD ROGERS! And give COGECO (Kingston) the hint too !
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Seems to be a great morning for shortwave / amateur radio DX'ing today. Getting lots of stations on my Grundig G5. Some radio chatter on 7150kHz (SSB) is also confirming this from ham radio users

edit: aww, seems to have died down. Still was surprising to hear so many shortwave stations quite clearly though. Silly me didn't have a pen and paper handy to write some station info down.

Last edited by BGY11; 2011-04-22 at 10:57 AM.
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Great to see sporadic-E picking up so early.

RDS makes catching callsigns (when entered correctly) a lot easier on radios so equipped.. My experience with my shirtpocket HD radio is that it grabs the callsign of an HD stream very quickly, so HD Radio via sporadic-E skip used for station ID'ing should prove an interesting addition to FM DX'ing and grabbing station info via RDS.

The shirtpocket radio I have unfortunately suffers from intermodulation overload due to strong local stations, and makes this harder for me to do. A sweet spot where I can mitigate this helps...


DAB listener 12/2003-11/2011 (DAB Off-Air since 11/2011)
HD radio Listener since 06/2010
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101.5 FM "The Fox" WRCD interference in Ottawa

I listen to 101.5 WRCD, a northern new york station, every morning on the way to work, it plays the Bob and Tom show. I used to receive it fine all the way from Morewood to my work location in Hull (the occasional bit of static once I get into town). Every morning this week however, as soon as I get near Walkley Rd on the 417, I start hearing another station come in over it playing what sounds like some kind of latino music or jazz or something. There's never been an identification or any talking, just music... I see posts here saying there's been some good FM propagation of late, but I wouldn't think it would be this consistent. Is there a new (pirate?) station in/near Ottawa?
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101.5 interference confirmed in Ottawa.

I can confirm that someone is playing with a petty powerfull transmitter near downtown Ottawa on 101.5 causing interference to WRCD THE FOX from upstate NY. Anyone knows the location of the transmitter? Here in Gatineau I cannot listen to WRCD anymore in my car because of that and I am not happy of the situation. Some kind of latino of haitian music on the "pirate" station, no ID is ever brodcasted and no commercial breaks also, so I really think it is not a legit transmitter.

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CIBL 101.5 in Montreal plays latino music.They were given approval for a power increase to 2800 watts last fall.

Attic CM 4248 at Buffalo,M4 at Buffalo.VHF yagis at Toronto .
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Hi Rob,
Definitly not CIBL. I took my car yesterday to try to pinpoint the location of this pirate brodcasting and it is very strong downtown Ottawa near King Edward street. It look like they are using a pretty strong transmitter on a very lousy antenna. in any direction from downtown Ottawa the offending signal slowly fade but with some stong gust as far as 10 km east and north of downtown Ottawa. Signal quickly fade west of downtown on the 417 at about 5 km to 7 km in that direction (around parkdale ave) so my gess is that the brocasting antenna is directional or is is blocked by some kind of bulding in one direction. I would really apreciate any help that some other DXer from the region could give me in locating the source.
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After seeing the posts about 101.5 FM ( Pirate ? ) in Ottawa I tried tuning it in driving to and from work on the Highway / 417 / Queensway.

Yes - I hear it too - travelling across Ottawa on Hwy 417 / "The Queensway".

It obliterates 101.5 FM "FOX" radio near downtown Ottawa on the Highway.

Westbound up to Island Park exit last night - around 11 PM.

Eastbound Nicholas to St Laurent ... in the heavy rain this afternoon around 2:30 PM.

Yup, that 101.5 Pirate is playing like Caribeaan music (Pirate Radio ?) and FOX Radio gets

That Pirate(?) "YA MAN JAMAICA" pirate station's music is good ... but they should have found a more "empty" spot on the dial - if they're gonna do that.
(but the Ottawa dial is pretty full - lots of stations.)

Anyway ... they'll be found out soon and shut down - if they're Pirate - which seems very likely.

Anyway - some interesting action on the dial in Ottawa. Keeps life interesting.

Lets see how long they last.
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Well, this morning the offending station did not appear to be transmitting. I got WRCD all the way to work. Hopefully they won't be back on that frequency.

If it's a pirate, it might be a reasonable guess that they found this thread and decided to change frequencies in order avoid the attention they would get for interference with a legit station.
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Any chance the "pirate station" is just some guy at home using a microwatt FM transmitter to send music from his living room cassette player to his kitchen table radio?

midtown Toronto, DB4e, 60ft RG6, 8dB distr amp
FM: Sony STSA-50ES, Wine.6065, 40ft RG6
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