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Toronto Power Outage Helping Radio DXing?

I posted this in the TV DXing thread, but it applies to radio too:

OTA DXing, Tropo, Odd Reception, Weird Weather: 2011 & Previous

Are Toronto radio stations out, and if so how is reception of other stations now?
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I wasn't listening to radio, but did follow that thread as it was developing. :-)

Was involved with other computer related matters and was able to follow things.

From my listening, which started roughly around 8:30pm EDT from the balcony, I didn't notice anything "missing" from Toronto, but the tropo was stunning to the east, and still is great now. I had 3 stations from Rochester in HD, and of course WTSS with it's analogue out of order from Buffalo, but the HD was working perfectly.

Thus, at least the radio supports an all digital mode of HD radio and would fit into the discussion in another thread re: expansion of the FM Band...


DAB listener 12/2003-11/2011 (DAB Off-Air since 11/2011)
HD radio Listener since 06/2010
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Ah, I guess it must have been the power outage that I noticed starting at ~9:40pm. I was listening to a Niagara region station and it went out between leaving the house and getting into the car. I *was* getting a more remote station on the same freq, low level but no static/noise at all, just a different program LOL. The Toronto (AM) stations I tried as substitutes seemed to be normal. The station I was originally listening to has the crappiest equipment setup/reliability I've ever heard in a "professional" op, from mikes to transmitter, not surprised that even the slightest glitch KOs it...

BDP-83|DV-980H|PS3|CD1|TT-15S1|AVR-3808|4B/9B-SST2|Mag. 1.6|Par. 20/40/CC-690|ACI Titan II LE|Pio 151|Tosh LCD|DB4 (OTA)
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The cause of WTSS losing it's analogue (regular FM) signal is anyone's guess.

The fact that the HD part kept working kind of tells me it wasn't mains power related, but could be the A/C had a meltdown or some other catastrophic failure in the analogue transmission chain. Maybe someone in Buffalo could call the station, ask for engineering and see if they're forthcoming with an explanation....


Update: Just checked and the analogue (standard FM) is back up. It was interesting while it happened...

DAB listener 12/2003-11/2011 (DAB Off-Air since 11/2011)
HD radio Listener since 06/2010

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Last night was the longest FM Tropo in the Lethbridge area that I can remember. It was at least 3 1/2 hours.

Got some gems from the Las Crusas, NM area and one station that hit the 5 peak on my meter. Was able to catch the call letters - KOMA-FM through the RDS display at the same time as the announcer.

Used a Grundig G3 with the antenna pointed at the bottom frame of patio door.
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AM 1670 Radio Enfants "Kids Radio" French/Gatineau/Ottawa

Some ODD and Interesting AM reception this morning.

AM 1670 in Ottawa area. A little weak, but clear local station.

AM 1670 Radio Enfants - in French, says it's in Gatineau / Area

"Sieze Soixant Dix, Radio Enfants, Gatineau Ottawa"

Cute! Little kids singing in French. Tres Belle! Comprenez Vous le Francais?

I'm using a GRUNDIG SATELLIT 750 table top radio at my bedside. Excellent radio for cruising the dial, listening and looking for weird stuff and identifying the stations on the air. Lots of features. Digital display and tuning. AM, FM, SW, LW. Got it for around $300 bucks a year ago at "The Source" / "Radio Shack". So far quite happy with this radio. Lots of connections for external antennas / ground etc. if you wanna do DX'ing. But also has internal / attached antennas that work fine out of the box.

I can recommend this radio: GRUNDIG SATELLIT 750

Check it out online or at the store ...
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Hi guys:

I just wanted to let the folks following this thread (Ben, HDTV and the others) that we're having a super opening tonight into Buffalo and area...way up here in Barrie, for the first time I'm getting digital signals from:

WTSS 102.5 (not that strange)
WDCX 99.5 (never heard in HD, normally local CFBG Bracebridge overwhelms it)
WKSE 98.5 (never heard in HD until now)
WBFO 88.7 (never heard in HD until now)

and yeah, finally:

WNED-FM 94.5 in HD

So there's an HD-1 signal and a separate HD-2 signal for WNED. It fades in and out, but it's been remarkably good, so far. I hooked up my Tivax just for fun and did a digital TV scan and got WNLO-DT 23-1 alongside the usual CBLT-TV 5-1, so again, there's a nice opening into Buffalo tonight. I hope you guys got a chance to take advantage of it all.

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Very nice of you to post reception.

5 AM, middle Toronto.... the HD light is blinking but no cigar. Last week had a night ("Canadian music night" - often meaning Charles Dutoit) with a few hours of 95% HD (but that 5% was a big pain in the ear as the signal came and went). So, at this moment, not quite even going into HD.

BTW, the Sony HD tuner memory survives only short (20 minutes????) power outages. But if you put WNED-2 into memory on the first occasion you receive it, it will be stored there even when the HD system won't know what you are talking about.

Good reason to do the mods to extend the Sony memory life or await the next generation tuner.

midtown Toronto, DB4e, 60ft RG6, 8dB distr amp
FM: Sony STSA-50ES, Wine.6065, 40ft RG6
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CKDO 1580 AM - Oshawa, Ontario

I'm in Ottawa, Ontario, CANADA (maybe 200 km away straight line) and I'm picking up, fairly regularly, and with pretty good signal level - a regular ol' AM radio station out of OSHAWA, Ontario (Oshawa is just East of Toronto ... ).

CKDO AM 1580 ( and FM 107.7 ... they say ) Oshawa, Ontario.

It's like a traditional ol' AM station format - like in the 70's and 80's.
Oldies music, news weather and traffic format ... and not too many ads or interruptions.

Kinda nice to listen to. Straightforward, no nonsense format and radio host. Not too much loud crap on the air.

If you're in the GTA - Greater Toronto Area ... not bad to listen to.

CKDO in Oshawa ... I am receiving your AM 1580 signal in Ottawa - fairly good and regularly - with a good radio. (Grundig Satelit 350).

My regards to the station ...

(anyone else able to receive CKDO 1580 AM ... outside the Toronto area ?)
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Some reception, Thurs Dec 2, 2010, early morning, from Ottawa Ontario:

1140 khz AM - WRVA Richmond Virginia.
From 6:45 to 6:50AM - A discussion about Comcast Cable co. and the FCC and the issue of "Net Neutrality" (throttling and control of the internet by internet providors).

930 khz AM - WBBM Buffalo NY.
From 6:57 to 7:00 AM approx. - Large snowfalls in Buffalo area overnight. Lake effect snow / Streamers. West winds over the great Lakes bringing large snowfalls when those winds hit land (winds off lake ERIE in the case of Buffalo ... I think.)

In any case, very interesting ...WBBM Buffalo NY had a lady on the air, calling in to the station from her cell phone. She was still stuck in her car ALL NIGHT ! Since about 8:00 PM the previous evening ! On what they called the "THRU-WAY" Highway.

The lady, along with many others, stuck on the Thru-Way highway in Buffalo all night. "Not moving at all" she said. "They'll have to come and dig us all out ... individually... before we can get moving again."

She said "I just left work last night around 8 PM ... got on the highway... got stuck there ... could not get off ... and we got stuck there all night"

Interesting listen this morning. Lots of other AM stations coming in this morning.

1260 khz AM [call sign?] "The Score" Syracuse NY.
"The Imus in the morning program"

Hillarious ! I've heard it before. The IMUS show seems to be on many other U.S. stations on the AM dial.

Hillarious! Guys talking to each other like ELVIS.
Tune that IMUS show in ... you'll have a laugh.

1260 khz AM [WSKO] "The Score" Syracuse NY.

It's WSKO - got it off the internet.

Don Imus show: "The Imus in the morning" program:

- seems to be on 6AM to 9 or 10 AM in the morning (EST time ?)

Wikipedia - long history of the controversial show.
- a table of U.S. stations carrying the show at the end

Imus in the Morning, official website:
-has a States map giving stations. Click STATIONS at the top.
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WOMC 104.3 Detroit Coming good

This station comes in analog once in while in mississauga even tho my antenna is pointed to Buffalo.

Attic CM 4248 at Buffalo,M4 at Buffalo.VHF yagis at Toronto .
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Reception from Ottawa:

800 AM CJAD Montreal. English. "Montreal News Talk Radio"

Seems to be coming in well in Ottawa in the early afternoon recently.
Montreal Talk shows, news, traffic and weather.
(not hearing any music in the afternoon ... so I think no music)

Nice format. Professional hosts. Good Montreal local info and issues.

ex. Kim Fraser Show - approx noon to 2 pm
ex. Laxer Live w/Dan Laxer - 2 - 4 pm

I think I caught their Station Power Reduction this afternoon.
Happened around 4:10 PM.
Receiving ... and then 4:10PM ..."THUMP" ... abruptly not receiving - very weak and noisy after that. That definitely must have been their power reduction for night time - I am guessing.

Anyway ... nice to be able to hear some Montreal local info and news from Ottawa.

Montreal has lots to offer. Great city. I lived and worked there a couple of times in the past.

I recommend, go visit Montreal sometime (maybe better in the summer). Lots of festivals and music events. But take a few days or even a week. You need a few days at least to see Montreal sights and events.

Last edited by mrvanwinkles; 2010-12-14 at 03:55 AM. Reason: correct error. CJAD is 800 AM, not 880.
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Interesting DX catch over Christmas, several nights in a row, I received it in Kingston, Ontario, Canada:

650 Khz AM WSM "The Legend" from Nashville, Tennessee.

Country Music. "Home of the Grand Ol Opry".

Wikipedia has some interesting information on this station.
It's a 50,000 Watt AM, Clear Channel station.

Says its a 24 hour Country Music format w/news & local news etc. on the hour, plus some un-interrupted blocks of "Grand Ol Opry" program/music.

Wikipedia says the powerful AM clear channel mostly MUSIC format is pretty unique now - most other powerful clear channel AM stations now being ALL talk/news/sports format (not music).

A very tall, diamond shaped antenna tower, 808ft / 246 metres. The tallest of eight such towers still used in North America - according to Wikipedia.
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From the 1940's to the early 80's, long before IBOC turned AM into a disaster area; the FCC kept a tight lid on AM stations. The frequencies were divided into US/Canada clear channels, regionals (up to 50k at night), locals and daylight only stations.

In the Great Lakes region, night reception of clear channels was about 98% of the time. To the best of my memory the clear channels were:
WSM - 650 - Nashville
WNBC - 660 - New York (now WFAN)
WMAQ - 670 - Chicago
Radio Canada - 690 - Montreal
WLW - 700 - Cincinnati
WGN - 720 - Chicago
CKAC - 730 - Montreal
WSB - 750 - Atlanta
WJR - 760 - Detroit
WABC - 770 - New York
WBBM - 780 - Chicago
WGY - 810 - Schenecty, NY
WFAA - 820 - Dallas
WCCO - 830 - Minn/St. Paul
WHAS - 840 - Louisville, Ky
WWL - 870 - New Orleans
WCBS - 880 - New York
WLS - 890 - Chicago
CHML - 900 - Hamilton
WCFL - 1000- Chicago (now ESPN Chicago)
KDKA - 1020 - Pittsburg
WBZ - 1030 - Boston
WHO - 1040 - Des Moines
KMOX - 1120 - St Louis
WOWO - 1090 - Fort Wayne, Ind
WOAI - 1200- San Antonio, TX
WCAU - 1210 - Philly (now WPHT)

The regionals were heavily protected and reception was of similar quality to clear channels in the area.
They included:
WOR - 710 - New York
CBL - 740 - Toronto
CKLW - 800 - Windsor
CJBC - 860 - Toronto
WBEN - 930 - Buffalo
WNLO - 1060 - New Orleans
KYW - 1100 - Cleveland (now WTAM)
WRVA - 1140 - Richmond Va
CKOC - 1150 - Hamilton
WHAM - 1080 - Rochester, NY
WKBW - 1520 - Buffalo

I'm not washed up yet
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In north-central BC (Cariboo Country) these big 50kw AM stations from the U.S. always come through at night:
KGO San Fran 810kHz
KSL Salt Lake City 1160kHz
KIRO Seattle 710kHz, amongst a variety of others.

In Alberta I used to get Los Angeles stations up north away from the mountains. In Southern Alberta KOA Denver 850kHz was routine at night, along with KSL Salt Lake City 1160kHz and WGN Chicago 720kHz, amongst many others.
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