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post #376 of 453 (permalink) Old 2012-04-07, 01:18 PM
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I'm pleased to report that my Gateway, 3 portals & a 3400 were installed about 24 hrs ago & are working just fine. The gateway unit is installed in my HT room and so far is dead quiet. It will take a bit to become familiar with the new interface but I am very pleased so far & would agree with others that the PQ is better than on the 3400. Cheers.
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post #377 of 453 (permalink) Old 2012-04-08, 02:01 PM
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Extra splitter for Gateway may have caused a problem for the other components

I have been seeing several problems on my recently well-behaved DCX3400s and a DCT700 since having my Gateway and 1 Portal installed about 2 weeks ago that I blame on the Gateway installation.

My fairly complex internal distribution system had, with several Shaw techs' help over time, been carefully adjusted, with splitters and an amp, to provide acceptable signal levels to all components. These levels were about as low as they could go and still provide consistent, stable signals/communications to/with all the units.

I believe that the 3-way splitter added to accommodate the Gateway/Portal dropped the signal levels reaching my units to just below the completely stable point.

Yesterday one DCX3400, in the middle of browsing a VOD movie listing, reset but worked fine after that. The ability of a device to receive, properly, Guide updates but to fail to connect to VOD has, in the past, been traced to signal level problems.

A week or two ago I got S0A00 errors on channels 2 and 39, on a DCX3400 and a DCT700, simultaneously and within a few minutes of each other. One unit recovered faster than the other. One failed on both channels, the other only on one.

I have to check which type of 3-way (balanced with 3 outputs @ 5.5dB loss or unbalanced with 1 @ 3.5dB loss and 2 @ 7dB loss) was installed and, if it is the latter, then I will make sure that the 3.5dB loss is going to my main distribution system and the 7dB loss ones go to my cable modem and MOCA converter and from the MOCA filter to the splitter feeding the Gateway and the Portal. That should improve signal levels to my existing internal distribution net by about 3.5 dB and we'll see whether it is sufficient. That will also give me an opportunity to see what the MOCA filter looks like. I forgot to check when it was being installed. I'm slipping.
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You mentioned looking to see what your MoCA filter looks like. Are you referring to the fellow who said the ones with blue inside are "bad"? Mine are white inside and I have all the problems with terrible trick modes (ffwd/rwd/skip) and occasional "unable to communicate with gateway" errors.

I don't know how MoCA works. Down the road, when you swap out the legacy boxes for more portals, will the signal level be as critical? ;-)
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post #379 of 453 (permalink) Old 2012-04-08, 04:59 PM
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I think you mean me. I don't have specific information about the filters beyond what a tech had told me when he switched the MoCA filters in my system. I was just relaying that information and that I experienced significant improvements in reduced freezing/pixelization when he changed the filters in my system. I didn't see any freezing for the first while after the filters were changed but since then we have seen a bit of it return although less frequently. I never claimed it improved the trick mode problems since it was bad before and after switching the filters in our case too. Just hoping the potentially imminent upgrade deals with these issues.
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post #380 of 453 (permalink) Old 2012-04-08, 07:11 PM
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If I "buy in" to the Gateway/Portal system then my setup will indeed, eventually, simplify considerably.

My setup is currently so complicated because, using wireless IR remote extenders plus an internal net consisting of splitters, an amp and even a four-in three-out amplified coax switch, I can feed programming from any one of four signal sources (one of them my basement DCX3400) to any of three TVs in the house, all SD of course. Over time, as the cost of DVD players etc., has decreased I find that all I really want to do is watch recorded programming on the TV of my choice. At the moment, Murphy's Law ensures that what I want to watch is recorded on the PVR in the other room.

Unfortunately, even after trying a Gateway/Portal pair for two weeks, it is not clear to me that I will be buying in.

I may yet return the Gateway/Portal before my 30 days are up and the current problem, if it even exists, will disappear.

If I do decide to keep the Gateway/Portal, then the two distribution nets will coexist for some time, as I gradually watch the programs recorded on the DCX3400s and buy (on sale), or swap for, Portals to replace them. In that case I have to figure out what is going on with my setup.

As for the MoCA filters, I am just curious which one I have, nothing more, at least at this point. I am, thankfully, not currently having any problems with the actual Gateway/Portal units themselves, other than the ones that have been "designed" in.
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8 Months and counting....

It's been 8 months and counting since the Gateway and 3 portals have been installed. Main cable in, splitter, MOCA filter then Drop Amp/Splitter to the Portals, another unamped splitter to my home phone, modem and a tube tv. Each tv and modem running through a surge suppressor (power and coax).

That all said, other than not having an "extender" connected, everything seems to be working well. Only issue that I've had on occasion is audio drop outs for some of the TV's that are connected via HDMI. Audio literally stops; have to go into the audio menu, press OK on all the settings that are already there and everything works fine again. For the Portal that's connected to my amp via fibre-optic and tv via HDMI, I have never had any audio issues. ((it's an "old amp" - bought one year before the HDMI ones started coming out.

Yes, I realize my description of how I'm connected is vague, just wanted to give a general picture. Main reason for the post is to give an update to what my experience has been like so far. Oh! nearly forgot... watching VOD has been iffy at times. Have ordered a show and the show hasn't loaded, have been watching a show and it suddenly goes to a channel that I wasn't watching while still showing I'm in VOD. Only happened a couple times, I attributed it to a temporary glitch with VOD. Just not sure if it was a VOD glitch, Gateway glitch or a storm of Gateway and VOD glitchiness.
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Wink Gateway Pics

Just realized I could actually post a pic of where/how my Gateway was installed. so here it is.

1. Gateway on the wall -

2. Cable and splitters going to Gateway, Portals and everywhere else -

Keep in mind that all of this was a "retrofit". The leviton box was put in a few years ago when I pulled in new RG6 cable. Yes I'd prefer to have the splitters fastened inside the box - but at least I can close the door). Ya... no extender. Yet.
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post #383 of 453 (permalink) Old 2012-04-16, 02:13 PM
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What a mess

Whoever the installer was on that, they should be ashamed of themselfs..
Both the amp and the splitters should be mounted to the back plane and the cables should have been dressed into place...
Very poor workmanship there.
But I guess there probably should have been a backboard (piece of plywood) in there in the 1st place anyway.
I suspect the installer was afraid to drill into the back of the metal box..
Still ugly as all get go...
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post #384 of 453 (permalink) Old 2012-05-15, 12:43 PM
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Hi All,
Have three portals, over the last few days two of them have rebooted by themselves.
Any one know what is going on?
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post #385 of 453 (permalink) Old 2012-05-16, 02:22 PM Thread Starter
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Please see the main Gateway thread for plenty of discussion about this.
CLOSED — Shaw Gateway: Code Update 7.0.1b.17
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post #386 of 453 (permalink) Old 2012-07-24, 06:41 PM
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Quick question guys.

I'm not using 1 of my portals in a spare bedroom. If I unplug it for an extended period of time and plug it back in when needed, do I need to do anything for it to be recognized?

The gateway will still be running for the other 3 portals.

I know for the DCTs sometimes you need to re-activate them if it has been disconnected for some time.
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As far as I know, there is no problem with disconnecting the Portals for any length of time. I have 3 that are not connected but they work fine when I do connect them.

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post #388 of 453 (permalink) Old 2012-07-29, 07:36 PM
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re used gateway and portal

I searched but could not find an answer to this . If i buy a used gateway and portal will shaw come and install it ?

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post #389 of 453 (permalink) Old 2012-07-29, 08:05 PM
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Since Shaw doesn't allow self-installs of Gateway systems, the answer would have to be yes. The usual caveats to buying used Shaw gear apply, though, i.e., get the serial numbers and just double check them with Shaw to ensure that the gear is neither stolen nor otherwise unusable with Shaw.
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post #390 of 453 (permalink) Old 2012-07-29, 08:12 PM
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There should be no problem with getting Shaw to install a 'used' Gateway system. There was a reply to this effect from a Shaw spokesperson here too and I can't find it at the moment either but it was specified.

The oldest Gateway equipment would only be about a year old and would still have 2 years of warranty left so be sure to look into that 'expiry date' when you contact Shaw to book your install.

If you can then do rather than not. You're your own worst enemy. They're parking their car over there.
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