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I am following up on my previous post to update on the results from my last tech service call.

CLOSED — Shaw Gateway: Code update to iS2 & iS2+

I have been hesitant to post in case it I just had a good window for a while and things would return to the previous problems but I have to say, ever since the tech replaced the MoCA filters in my system, things have greatly improved. I don't believe we seen the intermittent freezing/pixelization on live or recorded shows since the changes and we would usually see them by now. I guess this could be coincidence or some other changes on Shaw's side helped but the filters are the only change I know of. The freezing/pixelization was the key problem that made me unsure about the Gateway long term but if this continues, I can see us joining the people that are basically happy but, of course, are still hoping for a few more fixes and features in the future.

The change has not fixed other issues like poor skip response, cannot connect to Gateway messages during skip, and missing channels in guide so I'm hoping the elusive update that may be in final testing now will deal with those and other issues.

For those still having the freezing/pixelization issues, I would suggest asking the techs to check the MoCA filters on your installation to confirm they are the more recent ones (I was told the old ones have a blue core inside if you look in the connector). It might not be the issue in your case but it can't hurt to check.
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I don't have freezing/pixelation problems. My MoCA filter does not have a blue core.

I certainly have poor FFWD/RWD/Skip performance and blank channels in guide.
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Well I am having all the issues I had after at least 5 home visits. Each time the techs are different and having to repeat the same issues over again when they come to my house.

Last techs come couple weeks ago and this time around blame it on my home equipment and HDMI. (all my TV's around 1 year old max). Told me to hook up component cables and trouble shoot it on my own.

SERIOUSLY? seriously. geeshhhhhhh

So pissed off at Shaw.. very close to going back to Sat with Bell. At least it worked with no BS I am getting from Shaw.

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Is MoCA to Blame!

It really concerns me that so many people are having major problems, while others are enjoying a fairly trouble free experience. I had my Gateway and three portals installed over two months ago and have had virtually no problems at all. I have never had a device hang or reboot and have never had to power cycle anything. I have had no pixelization issues and 95% of the time, the trick mode functions are reliable and almost instant. None of the portals has ever lost contact with the gateway.

So, my question is why. I posted in an earlier article that the installer was a bit rushed and had to move on to another job. He left me a handful of MoCA filters for me to place in front of any non MoCA compliant devices. My home wiring is 35 year old RG59 and there are there are five splitters throughout the network.

The network is configured with the Gateway and Portals connected directly to the MoCA network. All other devices including my Pace PVR, three older cable boxes, and the DOCSIS modem, are behind individual MoCA filters. All unused ports on any of the splitters are capped with a terminator. The theory here is to keep the MoCA network as short, simple, and uncontaminated as possible.

I understand that the way my network is wired, may not reflect the way Shaw configures many of the installations, with all the extra MoCA filters and terminators. But, it works.

Anyway, this is my two cents worth. I feel for those who are going though so much pain and just though I might detail what works for me. I have a detailed drawing of my network and can email a copy to anyone that is interested. Just let me know.

Good Luck.

Also, many thanks to the Shaw employee that gave me so much help (you know who you are).
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Exclamation Trouble with Daylight Savings Time?

Just a reminder that we have a dedicated thread to the issue of incorrect time since springing forward a few weekends ago.
Daylight Saving Time problem?
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I tried searching but I can't seem to find my answer to this question. I have the skip feature programmed to be 30 seconds in order to skip commercials, etc. Last night while watching a recorded program I tried to skip forward through commercials and it was skipping forward 15 minutes instead of 30 seconds. I checked the menu and it was still set at 30 seconds. Am I doing something wrong? What is the issue here?
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post #1222 of 1367 (permalink) Old 2012-03-21, 11:26 AM
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I know for me the 15 min skip buttons are the "Back" and "Next" buttons. Are you sure you weren't accidentally hitting those?
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My guess too, Gord.
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hopefully all my problems are fixed with my gateway now as SHAW just found out that when they sent out an update it detroyed my Gateway box, so they had to replace it. But the good people they are when they left yesterday it was still not up and running ( no VOD), so as usually the ordeally with getting it working had to be redone again today. Got to love SHAW and there digital boxes that don't work and that includes the little digital boxes (went through several in a couple of months)
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Originally Posted by Gord Lacey View Post
I know for me the 15 min skip buttons are the "Back" and "Next" buttons. Are you sure you weren't accidentally hitting those?
Ahh, touche my friends. And this is what happens when you watch tv in the dark. I also normally use my Harmony remote, not quite used to the shaw one yet. Thanks for the help!
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anyone having pixelation issues on 200ABCHD and 206CBSHD in Vancouver? Just got the gateway installed this week and they said the pixelation was related to the Fairchild channels being down, but now that those are working again, I'm still getting pixelation on 200 ABCWest and 206 CBSEast
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Hello Atong

I'm in Vancouver and haven't noticed any pixelation on those particular channels but I'll keep an eye out for it this weekend and let you know.


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Thanks, but I think it was just my installation. A service tech came and fixed it yesterday...the initial installer did not do a very good job, he put way too many moca filters on and did some funky stuff. He said he was allotted 4 hours for the install but he took less than two and left after. Doesn't leave a good impression especially when he left without any of the channels working except the basic ones....I had to phone and get the box reset and provisioned again myself thru gateway technical support. He was also supposed to take my old boxes for trade-in but said there were no papers for me to sign so he couldn't take them. When I was on the phone with support they said they'd get him to come back and pick them up but that didn't happen either.

I'd feel for those who aren't tech savvy and just bought a gateway and got a botched install like that. The service tech that came fixed the splitters and now there's only a single moca filter segregating the gateway/portals from the rest of the cable network.

I'm glad I had an existing service appointment booked before because the next time available for a technician was April 12th! I hope I'm the exception to the installs, seems like the installer is just hurried and wants to install the thing without making sure it works and leaving. I would have been stuck with pixelating channels till mid April.
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I'm 4 days away from getting the Shaw Gateway installed at my house and I'm having second thoughts.

I'm in Winnipeg and currently use the MTS Ultimate TV service. After the Shaw promo, I'll be paying around the same price for the Shaw services.

I'm liking that I'll have much faster internet (20 MBPS instead of 7.5) but am concerned that this Shaw Gateway might be a step back from MTS Ultimate.

Anyone from Winnipeg able to compare the two services?

I'm planning on going to a local Mall that has a Shaw store so I can see Shaw Gateway hopefully in person and try it out before the install date.
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Hey PitbulI I was with MTS before I changed it's very similar and it took me a day or two to get used to the different system but it hasn't been bad.
There's still some bugs with the gateway system plus other features still coming so it will get better....I hope.

The advantage over MTS was like you said internet speeds as well as the 6HD steams....With two HD tv's and many recordings we were constantly running out of HD streams. Then menu and guide on MTS Ultimate tv is sill nicer and quicker but it got better since I talked to shaw gateway support and they pushed out an update.
I was able to get on the $20 best of HD package and I wished MTS had one of those packages but that was another reason I changed....more HD channels without having to subscribe to the SD equivalent. (The package automatically comes with them)
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