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The other "fact" is the coverage maps and allowed ERPs in use for VHF stations are hopelessly out of date, inaccurate for local reception conditions and need to be revised. In this area, we frequently lose reception for Canadian stations due to interference from US stations even though such interference is not "allowed" under agreements between Canada and the US. That is partly due to the fact that US stations have upgraded their transmitters and ERPs to better reflect real conditions observed after the transition to ATSC and some Canadian stations (most notably CTV stations) have not.

They can serve the same "area", but can't be domiciled in the same city.
Not necessarily the same city but the same coverage area. The Barrie, Hamilton and Toronto regions are considered to be separate coverage areas by the CRTC. Many transmitters are not located in major cities they are meant to serve. They are located in a particular coverage area at a location where they may not completely serve that area or may even serve another coverage area better. That may be due to local terrain and propagation conditions that are not reflected in the coverage maps used to determine licensing.
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