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NOTE: Paradigm PDR 10 v.4 Sub is made in CHINA!

What a bummer! I wish I had read a warning like this before yesterday when I picked a Paradigm PDR 10 v.4 sub. I read very good reviews about them and I do not trust ordering online if I do not have the chance of easy returns like in a brick and mortar storefront.

As generally acknowledged, Paradigm is a proudly Canadian company. When we buy their stuff we tend to think we are also supporting Canadian products.

So my purpose is to issue a warning here: this is not to attest the quality has been compromised (as a matter of fact I have no way to say, as I cannot compared to a canadian-made unit), but the box of my newly purchased sub PDR 10 v.4 clearly states "Made in China". So just be aware that you are not buying a Canadian-made piece of electronics if you decide to do so.

So how does it sound? Well, I have been immediately underwhelmed. I read good things such as "non-boomy", "warm", "great for Jazz" and my first impression did not confirm any of these. I actually find it very boomy non matter where I place it. Definitely not an upgrade from my Polk SW-10: and that probably says it all....

It is going back tomorrow. I might give a chance to a v.3 demo I saw in the store. Or opt for a Klipsch instead. Klipsch are also made in China but that is a known fact.

So after Athena and Energy, here you go another canadian manufacturer who thought their brand equity allows them to outsource wherever they want.... and without revising downwards the prices!

ps. I wonder if the same applies to the Atom monitor v.6!
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Thumbs down Paradigm made in China

There goes a major reason to audition,buy Paradigm.

Attic CM 4248 at Buffalo,M4 at Buffalo.VHF yagis at Toronto .
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post #3 of 17 (permalink) Old 2008-10-28, 11:01 PM
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My PSB Image B25 speakers are made in Canada (at least they have a stamp on the back). I wonder if the rest of the PSB line is?
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post #4 of 17 (permalink) Old 2008-10-29, 12:17 AM
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I understand Paradigm is moving all production to China - this isn't breaking news.
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Just because it's made in China doesn't mean it's bad. If made to the same standard as in Canada and undergoes REAL quality control.

I'm just saying that, I wouldn't buy it either. Sure isn't supporting Canadian jobs.

OTOH, my sub has a Canadian-made amp (nicest made I've ever seen in a sub). U.S. made speaker and hand-finished (mostly) real wood cabinet. Would you be willing to pay the price??? I will bet not... This is not the kind of stuff FS/BB/etc. would ever sell. This type of stuff sells in places that makes those stores' (quite large) markup seem paltry. It's the way it is if you want gear totally made in first-world countries these days.
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post #6 of 17 (permalink) Old 2008-10-29, 11:35 AM Thread Starter
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Yes, that is what I stated: the warning is essentially from those who, like me, thought buying Paradigm means buying Canadian-made products. You cannot assume this anymore: the least to do is to check the carton box, as I believe some reported that some products are still made in Canada (I read the DSP sub still are on another forum).
The box of my PDR-10 spoke the truth....
Also, the clearance products from the past generations may be now the deal to go for.
The warning is not meant to imply that Paradigm quality is sinking, although I have also stated I have been very underwhelmed by that sub. But it is probably quite safe to assume that the newest product versions are not to be seen as improvements from the past ones: just cheaper to manufacture, this is safe to say...

Last edited by Cyclism; 2008-10-29 at 11:47 AM. Reason: Removed unnecessary quote.
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post #7 of 17 (permalink) Old 2008-10-29, 03:06 PM
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That really bites, I took great pride in knowing that my paradigms were made and assembled here. Whats to differentiate them from Energy or some other brand now? Where something is made is definitely a factor in what I purchased
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post #8 of 17 (permalink) Old 2008-10-29, 03:35 PM
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I took great pride in Knowing I supported a great Canadian Company in my purchase of 7 Paradigm loudspeakers 6 - 7 years ago.
I feel like the very same company showed a lot less pride.
(I realize this is not truly the case, as it is much more complicated than that - but needless to say...)

My subwoofer was made in Canada, the drivers in it are listed as built in the USA by TC Sounds and designed/modified by Soundsplinter (even though the baskets were from taiwan), it's amplifier was designed, prototyped, built, and tested in Washington, it's equalizer is from Germany.

Bottom line is I still enjoy my system, and still will.
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I did a lot of searching before buying. A Lot of canadian speakers companys manufacture in China.

Even my Wharfedales, "Britans Most Mopular Loudspeakers", are made in China.

Samsung TV, Pio-Elite AVR, OppoBD, Wharfedale Speakers, Kicker/Crown Subs, DB-4e OTA:)
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post #10 of 17 (permalink) Old 2008-11-05, 12:44 AM
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I have a Paradigm Servo 15 v2... an excellent Canadian made sub but I had to bring it back to the dealer for repairs 1 year after I got it. It was repaired by Paradigm and has been trouble free for more than 3 years now (knock on wood).

Prior to the Paradigm, I had 2 Infinity Modulus Servo subwoofers (US made) and they gave up the ghost after about 3 years of service one after the other. I tried to get them repaired but a technician who used to repair these subs (worked for a defunct Infinity dealer) could no longer source the troublesome parts.

I also have a made in China Logitech Z-560 PC sub sat speaker system which is older than my Paradigm Servo and a newer Logitech Z-5500 PC sub sat speaker system. Both have been trouble free.

My point here is stuff made in China can be reliable too.
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Update: the store where I bought the PDR-10 v.4 had also one demo v.3 which is labeled "Made in Canada" (the v.4 was not but the carton box reported it clearly and in not so fine print). They gave it away for 200$.
While not an entirely different world, I have to report that this older version is quite less boomy than the v.4. Whether this is due to the different geometry of the enclosure (the newer is smaller and more rounded) or the amplifier (now rated 120W, the older is 100W) or a combination of both I do not know. I find this one quite satisfying for my needs which are 90% music and 10% TV + DVD. I also live in an apartment so I cannot listen at floor-shaking volumes.
Both paradigm PDR-10s proved to be warmer and "deeper" sounding than the Polk SW10 they replaced.
For a low budget, medium-small room I would recommend it. But try to negotiate down the retail price...
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i found that out 6 months ago,I was talking to a paradigm representative and he told me the PDr 10 and 8 were made in china,the same with there lower end speakers,But the meat and potatoes of there speakers are still made in Canada thats why i bought these speakers instead of the PDR-10
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One of the main reasons why I bought my Paradigms instead of Energy was that they were Canadian made. When I do upgrade, I can guarantee you that it won't be Paradigm if they continue to be made in China.
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As disappointing as this might be, it makes business sense. If your primary competitors in the lower end all have products made in China, there's no way Paradigm can be competitive by having Canadian made speakers in the same price range.
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post #15 of 17 (permalink) Old 2009-02-09, 04:12 PM Thread Starter
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I now upgraded to a Velodyne DPS-12 (now heavily discounted at Futureshop) which is noticeably better than both Paradigms and quite cheaper too (now..).
However I got to say that the Paradigm PDR-10 v.3 is a very nice subwoofer for Music in particular. It deserves better consideration than it has.
The China-made v.4 stayed in my apartment for a very limited period of time and was driving me crazy with its boominess, although it should also be stated that it sounded quite full and warm. I would not label it as a lousy sub but I am not sure Paradigm needs to compete also in the lower end market.
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