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post #46 of 66 (permalink) Old 2010-11-02, 10:32 PM
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Yep - Krazy x 2.

Think we discussed this about a year ago - thought the dark room demo with the Q sound disc would result in unwanted touching.

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post #47 of 66 (permalink) Old 2010-12-13, 01:10 PM
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nuance amp/sub issue

I bought a pair of Nuance (tower speakers) about 10 years ago.

On the back of the speakers is an amp. It is referred to as sub woofer module N300.

One speaker makes an annoying (THU) sound quite often. I peeled the fabric cover from down from the top and up from the base to expose the sub woofers. I thought I might see some damage. From what I can tell everything on the surface looks OK.

When I turn the bass volume up on the sub woofer module (or as I call it the built in amp) there is a constant hum. It gets louder the more it's turned up. When the speaker is in use at a high volume you can't hear it but when the song is over and there is a gap before the next song you can't miss the (Hum).

I've read quite a few posts on this forum and found a post that sounds similar to mine but I need some advice in fairly simple English.

I haven't pulled the fuse, I will do that right after this. I'm not sure if it's the built in amp or if it might be a wiring connection. The subs on the speaker do work but it's the annoying hum that makes me have to turn them off when they are not in use.

From what I understand it sounded like someone else on this forum pulled out the built in amp and subs and bought an individual sub and still uses the speakers. As a last resort is that possible? I would prefer to have the amp repaired but I'm not sure what to expect in the speaker. If I start monkeying around in there I may never find my way out. I really like to stay away from wires whenever I can.

I appreciate any options available to me and I am very aware that there is no customer service available so it will be my burden.

Thank You.
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Nuance review 10 years later

Yes I am revisiting a very old thread as I was trying to find new info on Nuance speakers. I was one of those people that purchased a set of surrounds (two towers L+R), a center channel and two book shelf rears back in 2001. I was also one of those people that was getting his photos developed and decided to visit the "shop" while waiting for developing and got talked into the big purchase. I believe I was able to talk them down to $3K for the whole sha-bang as I wasn't looking, but the starting price was much closer to 10. As one fellow reviewer mentioned, "the process" was the problem and is the reason why people have a bad taste in their mouth. The other is that people are walking away with the same speakers for such a large variance in price.
After the big purchase I started to get such a feeling of despair (not because of quality) simply because I did absolutely no research and walked away with $3K+ worth of speakers. I immediately started reading the bad threads and started to sweat! I then decided to call some audio-file mags. The word was that they were good, not great but they weren't worth 10K but that I got a good deal closer to $3K. Unsatisfied I called the owner of Nuance. He very quickly told me an unhappy story of a business partner who left the operation and decided to create a $#%-storm online. Thanks god social media didn't exist back then!

So what about my review? These speakers are very good and better than a lot of over priced brand name speakers out there. Sorry Bose fans! I didn't pay for the brand name so I think I got a good deal. They sound great and are still punching out the sound for both music and videos 10 years later. I have used them in two different locations and I have used the rear book shelf speakers as stereo speakers for my kitchen. I won't be retiring these babies soon!

If you paid too much for these then I would have a talk with the store and not complain about the speakers. Nuance's fault is that they should price control their product. Think of Mac. Anyways stop bashing Nuance!
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A friend of mine just dropped a pair of nuance speakers that say subwoofer module n-100's on the back. I have no idea or information on these speakers.

Each one has a power cord attached to it so i am assuming they have the built in sub. Not sure how to hook them up, can i just plug them into a power outlet and hook them up to the left and right channel on my avr?

Not too sure what the other connections on the back are for ie. low or high input and outputs?

Will bring them in from the garage tomorrow and let them thaw out before hooking them up.

Any advice on setting these up or what all the connections on them are for would be great.
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not true.

Having read the different posts for this topic I must say I am dissapointed. Especially in the few who admit to being sales persons since they are supposed to be (supposed to be) educated. If you are not a professional at Home Theatre System Installations or Studio Systems then you realy have no expertise on the matter. I came accross this forum looking for more nuance speakers.

THESE ARE A LOUD SPEAKER! They are also not a "plug and play" speaker where you can just match them up to any old reciever and expect similar results from another. In other words you need information first.

Do you have laminate flooring, hard wood, tile, carpet, marble... Are your walls brick or drywall? If drywall, what kind? Wooden stud or steel stud? Insulated or not? Basement? (concrete on other side) Is your drywall also a sound barrior or sound deadoning? Did you even know this stuff all matters?

What is this system being used for? Movies? Music? A Musician? How high off the ground are your speakers? Relative to where you will be sitting or where the audiance will be, where are the speakers?

All these questions are relevant with any sound system but specifically nuance speakers. To the average consumer who just wants a bloody sound system the nuance speaker is too much for them. Thats why BOSE has the cute little systems that they have. Illusionary good sound from small speakers with a sub-woofer behind a trusted name. Doesnt matter what kind of room it is. The sound will bounce and resonate off the walls with out you even considering that it was part of the equation. Its not even a true surround sound but... it sounds good.

The biggest most important thing next to your speakers is the reciever. I can not stress this enough! Your speakers; while very important, can only relay the sound information in the format it is given. If your reciever does not match the speakers you plug into it then neither one will impress you and chances are you will blame the speakers and not your self for wasting money not asking questions. GET THE RIGHT RECIEVER. Example: Jim purchases a new sound system. His speakers have a sound range from 0-100 but his reciever only produces a sound range of 20-80. Is Jim getting the best bang for his buck? NO.

Nuance is not the best but it is definitely a far cry from the worst. I own a set of nuance speakers from 95'-96. I can effectively shake my neighbours house and all his china in the kitchen. These 45-55lb speakers are equiped with an 8" sub-woofer! That means I am running three 8" sub-woofers to your one 12". A base oriented reciever would be a very bad choice. A dedicate sub-woofer for your system would be over-kill.

With out the right information, purchase of a product like this could be related to a highschool drop out taking a university mensa test with out studying. You have no idea what your doing and your out of your league. Then you read a forum like this filled with people who are not pro's and you think you have the right info. You go to the local stereo store and think you know it all and a smart sales guys says to himself: "I can make money on the things he doesnt know."

Trust me, there is nothing wrong with your nuance speakers. Its your room, how high the speakers are from the ground (i think the original stands put the speakers 3' off the ground), and most importantly its the reciever you are using. Your reciever can out perform the speakers but your speakers CAN NOT out perform your reciever!
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Hey man,

Chances are you have a grounding problem or something wrong with the wire connections. Vibrations from the speaker over time can make saulder connections come loose. You will still get sound of course but you will get a buzz sound from the poor connection. Take it to a local electronic repair shop or see in nuance will repair it for you.
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Originally Posted by odin99
His speakers have a sound range from 0-100 but his reciever only produces a sound range of 20-80. Is Jim getting the best bang for his buck? NO.
Sound range? Is that a technical term? How does one measure 10 metric sound ranges?

Originally Posted by odin99
With out the right information, purchase of a product like this could be related to a highschool drop out taking a university mensa test with out studying. You have no idea what your doing and your out of your league.
Apparently it takes one to know one.
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Is your drywall also a sound barrior or sound deadoning?

Deadoning? Really? Let's see, Nuance are overpriced, Secretive about specs, No longer in business, guilty of taking advantage of hundreds of innocent but ill informed buyers... Seems to me an inferior product, inflated price, and the communication afforded by sites like this one to educate discerning purchasers killed Nuance, and I for one say good riddance. There are at least 50 reputable manufacturers making top quality affordable hifi speakers that will outperform any nuance side by side....

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Don't get me wrong, I don't think Nuance speakers are horrible. I think they're average speakers. Nothing special. Sure, they made grandiose claims about how amazing they are, but I've found so many other speaker companies make the same claims while selling "average" kit. The reality is that speaker technology hasn't changed for ~40 years and there aren't any new proprietary inventions that make much of a difference. As a result speakers are cheap to build, and they are a commodity. From a parts cost perspective, you can make some pretty amazing sounding speakers for $100/pair.

Nuance speakers were sold by a number of retailers and were ~80% margin at the retail level. Soundsaround would buy a pair of Nuance speakers for $200 and sell them for $1000. High margin like this isn't unusual for audio gear (speakers, wires, etc), but I became friends with someone 15 years ago who worked at a Soundsaround in Calgary. He told me that the sales guys made a lot of commission on Nuance speakers. Selling a pair would pay their rent for a month so they were very eager to do it! I remember listening to the "Nuance demo" all those years ago. It was basically taking a number of albums that were using "Q-Sound technology" (a Calgary company, if I recall correctly). The thing was that the demos sounded great because of the mastering work on the CD and the fact that the room they were doing the demo in was an acoustically well-configured room.
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That was quite the con job Soundsaround pulled back then... I remember getting their sale's pitch and buying the speakers only to return them on Monday after talking to a couple guys who knew about speakers than I did.
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Nuance Founder Dead

I have a couple sets of the n-300 woofer mod. i had them fixed at no charge wayy back but i talked to the company that used to do the warranty here in calgary. he said about 6 years ago the founder of nuance died and so did the company soon after. so the life time warranty died with him.
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post #57 of 66 (permalink) Old 2011-10-13, 08:20 PM
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he said about 6 years ago the founder of nuance died and so did the company soon after. so the life time warranty died with him.
Yet seems that this thread will not die!
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post #58 of 66 (permalink) Old 2011-12-12, 03:34 PM
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Talking Anyone still got the CD?

Hey guys, posted a similar question on Canuck Audio Mart and then saw this thread still recently active :-)

i also went to one of these demos many years back in Calgary (Soundsaround I think) with the lights down, horses prancing around, electric guitar, etc. Thankfully did not buy although I was just beginning my career at the time and was genuinely looking for a good pair of speakers (eventually got a nice pair of Paradigm Studio 80s which I still enjoy!).

Wondering for nostalgia sake, if anyone still has a copy of the CD or know of what tracks they used? Would be great to try those same tracks today on unsuspecting family and friends ...
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Funny story......

I had recently added a NAD 7125 receiver, and wanted to set up a 2 channel stereo nirvana in my basement. Therefore, I was looking to get rid of the speakers I was using in the basement, a very nice Dahlquist Orbit 5.1 system.

So I put the system up on Kijiji, and asked who would like to trade me a pair of towers for the Dahlquists.

And of course, I get offered a pair of the Nuances with the two 8" woofers, a powered 8" woofer and the tweeter. Seller lets me know they might have issues with the amp sections but he would check them out and let me know.

Of course, I now have a very morbid fascination with these. Although I wouldn't have dropped $2K on them, they seem much more attractive via trade.

Regardless, before I made the decision and the potential trade partner got a chance to check out the amp sections, I got offered a pair of Paradigm Monitor 7 v2. Narrowly saved from a pair of Nuance, but I wonder how they would have actually sounded in my basement. Guess I'll never know now.

And yes, this thread won't die!

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I wonder who was the marketing genius that came up with the name Nuance. Sounds like "nuisance" to me!!
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