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post #16 of 234 (permalink) Old 2005-09-05, 12:49 PM
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Latest Firmware


Does anyne know what he latest firmware version is and where about it can be downloaded from?


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Originally Posted by icu_nxtime
You can watch a dvd while recording to hard drive but that's it no dual tuner

No TV Guide
Yes you can set chapter points and edit commercials
See my other post on naming. You can name it anything but will have to rename if you transfer the files around
When I went to the South African LG site recommended by VS1 I found the following description for the equivalent machine:

'Simultaneous Record & Play
Simultaneous record and Play lets you record a TV program to HDD whilst at the same time Enjoying a DVD movie, another TV program, JPEG pictures, DivX movies, home movies or music.
With Simultaneous Record & Play, you can virtually have 2 digital video devices in one body."

Perhaps by enjoying another tv programme while recording they are referring to a tv programme you had already recorded on the harddrive, but if so it appears their description is being deliberately deceptive. Are you absolutely certain you can't record one tv programme while watching another tv programme? This is a big item on my wish list, and it may eliminate the Lg from consideration if it can't give me that functionality. It seems all my favourite tv shows are on at the same time. Thanks for your advice.
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Positive on the no dual tuner

I do think they mean you can watch something recorded or on DVD but definately cant watch and record at the same time on different channels. Basically what I did was split my cable signal and have it going to a different input on the tv so I can record on the pvr on input 4 and watch tv on tv tuner. If that helps at all.

Also I'm looking for a firmware update to turn the unit off or hit cancel if you forget to turn off the unit when the timer is supposed to go. I believe I set the timer for a reason so even if I'm watching something else it should switch over automatically and recor or give me the option to cancel.

Just a thought
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LRH-539 AVI file issue

I have had this unit for about 1 month now and am generally pleased with it. The lack of control over DivX (.avi) file playback is a problem - can't FF/FR, and on some files can't jump to specific times using 'display' (twice) and the time function, as was suggested above (although this works on other files, it seems). One other small thing: I don't care for the thumbnail view of recorded titles or the default that sorts by date recorded. It seems cumbersome, but maybe that's a personal thing.

The largest problem I am currently having is as follows:

I have .avi files on the hdd and during playback, play stops prematurely, varying about 5-15 minutes before the appropriate, and displayed, endtime. If the file is in a folder alone, it jumps back to the menu folder display. If there are numerous titles in the same folder, it jumps to the beginning of the next title. This makes these files virtually unusable. I have not tested direct playback of these .avi files from a cd or dvd, only from the hdd. I know the files are complete since they may be played in full off the laptop. I am still playing with the system so may have overlooked something. It only occurs on some .avi files, not all, so it may even be a problem with the initial transfer from pc to cd...

Has anyone else experienced this problem?
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Hi there aqueduct,

darn, that sounds a bit disappointing. I can live with some little quirks if I'm using something myself, but I always kind of guage it how it would be if I had friends over. Imagine having a bunch of your buddies over, and you are watching something, and then the thing stops.... everyone would look at you and wonder "what's up ? " ... "how come it stopped ? " .... for me that would be enough to take the unit back.... if the thing was doing that all the time.... when you are getting into a movie and it shuts off, that's just not right, and really.... it shouldn't be doing it.

If you can, I'd take the unit back and exchange it for another.

The main reason I didn't buy this unit, was because of repeated reviews from users saying the unit would have async problems ( sound and mouth out of whack ) after any video that is over an hour long... so a 2 hour movie would be a good second off by the 90 minute mark. To me that's scary, and I couldn't live with that - and I saw many reports of this.

It makes me laugh ... how come there were never these problems with VHS, - when you think about it, VHS was great in its time, way back in the 80s, about '82 or so when they came out here, they were amazing, geez and never any problems with async . You would figure with the technology they have today, these things would never of happened.

Here's an off-topic story:

In Aug.... I bought a LiteOn 5005 dvd-recorder.... it has ok reviews.. ( this unit doesn't have a HD ) ... it just records on DVDs, but it can write on ALL media... ( + and - dvds )

Anyway when I bought it at Costco, it was $179.... about 2 weeks ago I went to Costco it was $179.... phew I thought... good stuff.

Well, yesterday I went over and checked the price again..... they were down to $169.... but here is the kicker......

when I walked in the door, the coupon girl gave my wife the coupons they always give ya....... well there in the little "book" of coupons is a $30 instant off of the LiteOn DVD recorder ! .... argh !

So anyway now that means $40 less than what I paid, and even more when u figure in the 15% tax.

Anyway at the cash, my wife asks me if I have the bill... well I riffle thru my wallet while we are waiting in line to pay for our stuff, and I find the bloomin' bill ! - how lucky is that ! .... anyway my wife says she will go to the refund counter on the way out once we get thru the cash.

Anyway to make a long story longer, we paid for our stuff, and she heads over to the return counter... the girls checks the bill and tells my wife that she can't give her the refund on the DVD recorder.... BUT....

she can return it for a full refund ! and then just buy a new one !

How do ya like that.... to me it's a bit silly.... so we will return ours today,
and then buy a brand new one.... now Costco is stuck with a working unit, which I guess they send back to the manufacturer.

I just don't get it..... kind of strange how they work there, wouldn't it be better just to give us a refund ?

Oh by the way, this same recorder now is $196.xx at Walmart.

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Any one considering this unit LRH-539 should also have a look at a Zenith ZRH-516, also available at Future shop for $449.00. Since LG and Zenith are the same company they sell similar products under both names. The ZRH-516 is virtually identical to the LG LRH-539, except it only has an 80 Gig hard drive and does not have the memory cards slots. You can compare the two units by downloading both user manuals from the LG Canada site.
Any posted comments/reviews on the LG LRH-539 will most likely apply to the Zenith ZRH-516 also. I think the LG unit is over priced at $699.00 since it has no Guide Plus or VCR+. The Zenith unit is a good value at $ 449.00. Future Shop had the Zenith units on sale for $349.00, even a better value, however the promotion ended on Oct 06, 2005. I managed to get one on back order and will let you know what I think of it when it arrives.
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Exclamation Zenith ZRH-516 vs LG-LRH-539


I have recently buy Zenith ZRH-516 from Futureshop at very interesting price (349.99$). I'm very sastisfied by this unit.

This HDD Recorder have the same fonction as the LG-LRH-539 except the hard disk which is smaller and not have memory card reader.

My question is, it is possible to put a larger hard drive in my Zenith unit ?
Or if the size of supported Hard disk drive is fixed in factory ?

Did somebody already try to make the modification in HDD Recorder ?

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Originally Posted by Linuz
Did somebody already try to make the modification in HDD Recorder ?


Yes, I put in a 400gb WD 5400rpm hdd into my Zenith. It now sees 198 hours in HQ mode and 552 hours in EQ mode. Same goes for the Liteon LVW-5025GHC+.

My only complaint about both the LG and Zenith units, is that when you edit out parts of your recording, you cannot do a highspeed dub to DVDR/DVDRW.

I could with my old Pioneer 510H though, before it died on me.
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How does the TV Guide work?

For the LG or Zenith, can these just be connected to cable and have its own guide automatically? Can it do a one touch record on a future dated show?
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lg lrh-539

I just bought the machine and cant get it to play my divx cd-rs. Comes up as a data disc. can anyone help?
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Originally Posted by jp103
I just bought the machine and cant get it to play my divx cd-rs. Comes up as a data disc. can anyone help?
Were they encoded with the QPEL option? My Zenith won't play them.
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Forgive me for going a little of topic here, but I am a new member and can not start my own thread yet.

I recently picked up a ZRH-516, everything has worked great so far until tonight. I'm sure it's my fault but I can't figure it out.

I recorded something to the hard drive and I am trying to dub it to a DVD. I've tried two different DVD's, the one that came with the unit, the LG DVD-RW and a Verbatim DVD+RW and have had no luck with either.

According to page 53 of the manual, once I have selected the title I want to dub, I press "enter" then "dubbing" and the dubbing menu should appear. However when I select "dubbing" I get a box that says "Change the recordable disc." which has a button on it that says "Yes" when I select that it goes back to the "dubbing" button.

Did I miss something? I can't find anything in the manual about this.

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Does anybody know if it has DV output via firewire?
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post #29 of 234 (permalink) Old 2005-11-18, 09:12 AM
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I answered my own question. Yes I did miss something. I neglected to initialize the disc. Once that was done (took aprox. one minute) everything worked flawlessly.
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Originally Posted by selfy
Were they encoded with the QPEL option? My Zenith won't play them.
I downloaded the file off my news server. they are already encoded and play on my stand alone player. I can't get it to play off a cd r or a dvd + or - disc. The main reason I bought this model was for the divx playback. I dont want to have to re encode every file just to have it play on the machine. I was hoping for a fix of some sort or maybe I set the machine up wrong?
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