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Looking for speakers

Ok so I have decided on a reciever and now I'm onto the speakers.

I'm looking for a 5.1 setup for around $1000-1200 taxes in. The makes I seem to see most are the Energy, PSB, JBL, but I have no idea what make or features to go for. Any help would be appreciated.

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Pulling up an old thread, but nothing has changed when shopping for speakers.

Where do you live? Update your info. How far do you live from a city? Without listening to the speakers, you're really just rolling the dice. You might like the speakers, or you might not, then you'll feel ripped off.

Listen to all those speakers, with the sources that are important to you. Don't let specifications, and whatever the sales guys spews dictate what you ultimately have to listen to for the foreseeable future.

Audio is very subjective, take your time and listen to each set of speakers. The best ones will be the ones that sound great to you. Have fun with this, and enjoy the ones you pick.

Below is an older thread from when I was shopping for speakers. Some of details in it are still applicable today.

Speaker shopping - What happened to the good ol' days?
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Thad for the reading material. I was just looking for a staring point so when I go in to audition some speakers, I have a good basis to work with. Thanks for the advice. I live in Toronto by the way.
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post #4 of 14 (permalink) Old 2012-06-26, 09:24 AM
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lastyear, I'm going to respond to your question re: my speakers in the "receivers forum" over here as this is probably a better place for the discussion...

My setup is actually very similar to yours. My surrounds are also in the ceiling and this was done out of necessity because I could not create the correct 7.1 layout and it still isn't perfect. My room is a different setup: imagine a square room with one of the corners cut off, about 500 sq ft total. This is the wall the the TV is mounted on which actually makes the room square but turned 45 degrees - far from ideal for my 7.2 setup!! One of the walls also has a large window as it's a raised basement, and the opposite wall only a ventilation bulkhead (with even more open space of 1,000 sq ft on the other side of the bulkhead) so had to go with ceiling mounts. They all sound very good, including the ceiling mounts, but think the latter still needs some calibration. Anyhow here is what I went with. Not super high-end stuff but sounds fine to me.

Centre and Front L/R - Paradigm Signature C3's
The L/R can me mounted on to a tower stand sold separately (black with heavy tempered glass base)

Surrounds - Paradigm Signature SIG-1.5R V.3
Mounted these up into the ceiling tile (also reinforced) and very easy to install

Rear L/R - Paradigm ADP 190's

Sub - Paradigm DSP 3100 (x2)

Overall pleased with the setup and meets my needs. My next addition at some point will be another set of in-ceiling for the larger room on the other side of the bulkhead mentioned above. I have also prewired the TV wall for additional presence speakers but think I will just wire the last two runs to the pool table, gaming area noted above. Having more speakers in the TV area is just overkill for such a small space. Hope this helps!
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Must be your lucky day!

Five of these Emo speakers and a sub. Too bad the center channel is sold out. I got one and it's really good.

Get them delivered to Niagara Falls, NY and pick it up across the border. Just straight HST with CBSA.
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i have paradigm Monitor series set up and i like it. might be able to get into that price range with clearance or sales.
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Dont overlook the used market, some great deals can be found there.

Your surround speakers do not have to be one of those surround sets marketed to the consumer. As long as the front 3 speakers arent too different, it's nice to have that variety in sound different sets can bring. It can make for a better overall blend. And a centre channel does not have to be what is marketed as such. Fantastic speakers can be had at rock bottom prices when you find a single orphaned speaker from a set. For example, at times I've used a single Energy 22 as a centre, or a set of Realistic Minimus 7, or a single ESM-2, or a single Pioneer HPM60.....etc. It all depends what's being used as the fronts at the time.

If you have the space I'd recommend buying a fairly hefty set for the 2 fronts and rears. A set that can reproduce low end bass on their own. That way you dont have to use a sub all the time, just when you really need it. I use my system mainly for regular tv watching and find it annoying with the sub on. But then again I'm not a big fan of subs. To me they usually mess up the sound with over exaggerated bass. That too of course is a personal preference thing.
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Living in Toronto, and the huge (in this case, used speaker market) I would be looking used for sure on sites like CAM, Kiji and others. Your $ 1200 or more should you chose, will go much further, and in many ways for better pieces too vs the FS, BB offering. There are many, may I call very, very good non "main stream" dealers as well (vs big box) that have trade in to re-sell.

For example: have recently noticed B&W 601S2 and S3 for very good prices, this is a very nice stand mount to start. Always matching CC available used too. Many other examples, including brands you name, may prefer. Additional mention, if you wait a couple of months, there's a very good boutique reseller in Missassauga that have good deals for there anniversary sale.

oodles and oodles of choice. Be patient and that sweet piece will cross your path...umm, speaker I mean ; )

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Here's a great example of a single that'd make a fabulous centre channel.
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Thanks alot for all the advice guys. Unfortunately being out of the game for so long (actually never being in it thanks to htib) I don't have a clue what to look for and what to pair with what. I'm also a little Leary of buying used speakers for fear they have been driven too hard and blown.

This is very overwhelming!!!!
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If it helps, CAM members who are established and have feedback would be honourable sellers. And most of them love sharing their knowledge with inexperienced audio enthusiasts.
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You should be a little weary of buying used! Just use that feeling to be thorough when auditioning. I would put my ear up to each driver and tweeter and take a listen. Do that for all speakers and you will definitely hear if something isn't right. Listen, inspect, etc. Then decide or barter. Almost half my speakers are used. One piece of advice is to ensure you can get a replacement, or parts, for the speakers you buy, 'just in case'.

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Well, after a couple auditions, I ordered a set of energy conniesieur series speakers and a JBL 150P sub. I ended up getting them for a really good deal because I bought them as a package with an onkyo tx-nr809 receiver. I waived between the klipsch r61 speakers as well. They had awesome 5.1, maybe slightly better sound but not so good with the music. The energy's were a more complete package. Thanks for all the input guys, I'll definately respond back to let you know how this set-up works out!
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Ok I have another question. The room is quite open. I have the four book shelves for front L/R and rear surrounds. I'm thinking about just going for broke and getting the center surrounds as well. I had originally wired the center channels into the ceiling above the sofa, but I think there is a possibility I can set them up pretty well and hide the wires beside the sofa. Problem is they would be different distances from the sofa. The right would be about 3 feet away, left would be about 8 feet away. Should I go with the side mount or just stick with the ceiling mount.

The second question is if I go side mount would I be better to go with di/bipole speakers or bookshelves to match the rest?

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