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very genuine post w3aponx, thanks. I am sure im gonna go with the 720 and a PS3...but for speakers its up in the air. I really dont think those $169 set of towers is too bad, I've never had surround before and the two reviews on the site are positive. The centre channel being so cheap is odd but ill have to think about it over the next few days. Some people said to buy left/right first but doesnt most of the sound come out of the centre, shouldn't that be the first to get?
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You should always buy the front 2 speakers first. If you have the front 2 you can run in stero or with a "phantom" center channel. After all for many years things were in stero and no one had ever heard of a center channel. Tvs have 2 speakers not 1 center speaker. Center speakers (even more expensive ones) tend to be a compromise. They need to lay on their side they can't be as big or use as bigh a driver as towers becuase they need to fit on top of or under the TV. Becuase of this they tend to not produce nearly the base of tower or even good bookshelves. I have a Paradigm center speaker. Its OK but If I had the choice I'd rather have a similar or identical SINGLE speaker matching my fronts for the center vs a dedicated center speaker. Buy the fronts first then find a center to match.

As for the comments about the power rating on the Sony AVR. Itys not just the fact that it has 1% distortion at 100W. We don't know at what point the distortion passes .5% which is where more people do the rating. We don't know if its 100W all channels driven or 100w 1 ch driven. I've seen tests of AVRs that showed 100w 1 ch driven that were putting out only 30 all ch driven. You don't need massive power but I'm very skeptical of the Sony power rating. The poster asked for a rating so you need to be prepared for negatives. Saying "I'm set on this and am going to buy it no matter what so I'm going to defend my purchase against all comers is no better than 1 liners giving it a 3.5 Postive ratings on Amazon? Yeah websites like that can't/don't ever edit those responses. The Sony may be perfectly fine. We just gave our opinion which was requested.

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I used to own the 720 and if I didn't need an AVR that could do multi-zone audio, I would have kept it. I had no issues with it all. I never had a problem running HDMI from my STB and PS3 through it while going HDMI out to the TV.

The one thing that I disliked (and it's not a deal breaker) is that I think it was a power hog. When I turned it on, all the lights in the room would dim. And it would turn on with a loud click followed by a humming sound until it fully powered-up. It always reminded me of some sort of industrial appliance versus some a home appliance.
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I've heard the Onkyo 606 has issues with the PS3, should i be concerned if I am using the two? My other choice for a reciever if i didnt get the Sony was the 606, NCIX had a great sale on last week.
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There is also the Pioneer 1018 that seems to be liked by most owners and can probably be had for a decent price with a bit of shopping. My friend got one on boxing day and have to admit that it's a very nice cheap mid level receiver. As for the speakers I also agree that quality speakers will make a bigger improvement than the receiver and if you think long run I would shop around and try to find a good deal for better quality speakers even if you have to do it bit by bit. I purchased my Missions over 10 years ago and still see no need to upgrade them, but I'm on my 3rd receiver on them, one thing to consider !!
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Im gonna go down to Best Buy and see if they have those Precision Acoustics set up(any of them) and try and compare to some other speakers. I know they are cheap but the few reviewers seemed to be geniuinely happy with them and if you go to their website they seem pretty reputable. They are also based out of Montreal and owned by Erikson consumer which i think also owns RCA so who knows, best to go and get a demo for myself and I'll go from there.
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Lightbulb Package deals doesn't necessary mean poor quality but could well mean good deal!!!

Great and honest post w3aponx!

I agree, it seems Sony has a tendency to generate extreme reactions from people.
For many years, I was craving to own just about anything that beared the Sony name and if I ever was to change my mind about BluRay, I`d probably go with Sony (seems like they have the most expertise). I still own a few vintage stereo receivers that I still cherish.

Slightly over a year ago, I was in the same position as rileyparrish is at this time: `find the best deal for my buck (meaning budget). I took a few months searching, asking not "fanboys" but ratter connaisseurs, musicians and passionate people (DHC is part of them!). Part of my search led me to this site. Originally, I was looking at a Sony HTIB and thank God for the advices! Not because it was Sony but ratter an HTIB that wouldn't have fullfilled my sound taste and previous experience. Yamaha was chosen for their many years of expertise in sound (dealing with musicians both amateur and professionals) which not too many manufacturers can claim the same.

By the way, my previous receiver was just one of those Yamaha that you find bundled with various speaker brands, and with the same speakers, I find that the Sony sounds a lot better. YMMV.
You have many good and valid points when talking about this specific Sony receiver and I respect that. When I pointed out the idea of a package, I didn,t mean to be Yamaha it self (it was simply an example) as such packages are available with most brands thus including Sony. Overall, I think most of us agree that better could be done speaker wise. What I met to point out is taking the time to price lower cost seperates and compare with a potential package of slightly better quality. For budget concerned people, buying a half decent package may achieve the BBB$$$ since buying more equipment within a package often means savings and thus getting more for the same budget.

So to recap the good advice so far, 1. do your (own) research, audition what you plan to buy (in a decent environment if possible), and 2. it's better to buy solid components piecemeal than to buy a complete but poor set-up all at once. 3. The (only) important thing in the end is that you enjoy the result, and I hope you will.
Those are strong points we both agree on:

1. I always stress that auditionning is the key as the seeker is the one that will be using the system and therefore must be happy with it.

2. Agreed to buy quality components. Buying a thrue HTIB package is far from my recommendation however, store built packages with known good seperates is often the way to go for the BBB. The fact that a GOOD seperate receiver is package with a GOOD seperate speaker package doesn,t suddenly make them poor quality. Usually, they are previous year models which the manufacturing company has made a deal with typical Big Box store to liquidate at a better price. IE: when speaking yamaha receiver, in 2006-2007-2008 (early) you would see packages with series 59xx while 2008-2009 (early) you are seeing series 6030 or 6040 since they now are providing better prices to liquidate as the new 61xx series is taking over. The same applies for speakers, IE: The Polk RM10, RM20 and RM30 packages were offered at a good deal and often "HTIBd" with receivers in order to liquidate as newer models were taking over. Now, the same routine applies: Do the research, read reviews on the HTIB as separate, audition and make decision. If the previous year model suit the seekers requirement, he is making a good deal NOT buying poor quality! Similar deal can be achieved dealing with other brands... such as SONY

3. We also both agree that the seeker is afterall the long term user and must be happy with his purchase. Set aside our personal bias, we afterall seek to make sure the OP is happy while getting the BBB!

rileyparrish, if you take the time to google: "receiver+best+bang+for+the+buck", you will notice that in your price range, the Yamaha RX-663 and the Onkyo TX-SR606 comes back on many occasions. While I am sold to Yamaha and wouldn't probably never buy any Onkyo receiver, I am totally un-biaised and repeat that the Onkyo seems to be the BBB these days. However, you MUST audition, don't take our word for it, make your own mind according to own needs and taste.

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Lightbulb Package deals doesn't necessary mean poor quality but could well mean good deal!!!

Sorry, I messed-up! For some reason my post was doubling-up!
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There is also the Pioneer 1018 that seems to be liked by most owners
Just to give you more food for thought, I own two 1018's, one used in my living room and the other in my bedroom. The one in my living room I've been running for 4 months now. No handshake issues with the PS3 or any other device whatsoever. Also unit runs relatively cool. Can't be beat as far as performance for the price.

BTW, like others have mentioned I wouldn't go with cheap speakers because you'll end up looking to upgrade in no time and in the long run end up spending more (speaking from experience). If I were you I would take what ever funds you've budgeted and get the best front speakers and matching center that you can afford. Then over time as more funds $$$ become available get a sub and lastly your surrounds.

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Precision Acoustics

Just wondering if anyone here owns or had a chance to hear any of the Precision Acoustics brand speakers? They are based out of Montreal and owned by Eriksson consumer, only place I can see that they sell them is BB. I'm gonna go check them out on friday but wanted to see if anyone here had thoughts or opinions. They are fairly inexpensive but the few reviews on the site are all positive.

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Just wondering if anyone here owns or had a chance to hear any of the Precision Acoustics brand speakers?
rileyparrish, you are losing out on a great opportunity to listen & learn from the members of this forum. Despite all the advice given in this thread, you're still stuck on these speakers and the Sony receiver. Clearly you're not interested in any other options, so I would suggest you buy your original setup and enjoy it, rather than trying to defend your purchase to us. If you're happy with it, that's all that matters.

Good luck

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I've heard the PA's you're speaking of, and nearly bought one of their centre channels years ago. But remember, at the price they sell them that nobodies gonna give them a bad review. If they were selling them at the same price of more capable speakers then those negative reviews would be flying in.

Like I said, I've auditioned them and they're just OK. Not mind blowing, but also better then 'white van' quality. Alot of people here are giving you sound advice, but you've clearly made your mind up on these.

I classify PA's as Bestbuy's low end affordable brand. Every big box store has similar brands. Like buying a Venture TV from Canadian Tire.
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Thought I might add an opinion and observation. I can't speak about the receiver, sounds like you've made you mind up and if it meets your needs then more power to you.

As for the PA speakers. Spend a little time researching independant reveiws, they're virtually non existant. That says something. Floor standing speakers with dual 5.5" domes for $169 sounds to good to be true doesn't it? The few reviews out there are mostly from sights like this that advise to stay away from them. One thing I did find was someone pointed out the weight of them. They weigh just a fraction of other comparably sized speakers I compared them to and in fact they weigh less than half of what a $179 pair of Polk RTIA4's bookshelves with single 5.5" domes. That tells me that they're made for less than ideal materials and small magnets which translate into low quality compared to others in this price range.

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it seems Sony has a tendency to generate extreme reactions from people. They have their die-hard fanboys and people that hate them viscerally
Kind of like Bose?

I think the best beginner build for the buck would have been, as stated already, to just do some research and find a decent av receivver for under $300, for example a Yamaha htr 6140 I think actually makes use of the HDMI for more than just video passthrough like the 6130, (many low budget gamers seem to like the 6140), along with a decent set of tower speakers for around $300 - $400 if you catch a good sale and do research and audition.

For about $600 total you can have a good start with a decent av receiver and respectable towers, if you do some research first and catch some sales.
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Kind of like Bose?
I don't think your comparision is fair at all. The low end products that Sony sells are priced accordingly. While I don't think they make the most suitable HT receivers, they still carry some that are worth spending money on. Sony is much more than just receivers. As I pointed out I don't care for BluRay but as far as I am concerned and in all honesty, Sony is th expertise when it comes to such product. Sony also always had a good name when it comes to their TV. In most instance they are the front line of technology development. Therefore, I consider your comparision with Bose is totally un-justified.

The OP is asking for positive opinions not for us to bash everything he may consider. I don't think the negativity and/or sarcasism will help in at all. The goal is to help the OP to make a sound decision for himself not to get him to think he is dealing with a bunch of fanatic fanboys. ALL the good points that are brought forth are useless when mixed with negative.

Good reasonning like you have after the comment may be helpfull but definitively not after a disrecpectfull comment. Arguying does not help but sound advices with valid points to back them up will. If anyone can bring valid serious and un-biased reviews which invalidate the Sony receiver than fine. wgauci, brought some valid and logical points to the table concerning the speakers. The same logic should be brought forth when it comes to the receiver otherwise it remains a simple matter of preference and choice and will definitely not be considered by the OP.

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