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I had a visit last night from a guy claiming that he is replacing the hot water tanks for Enbridge and that he would install a new high efficency hot water tank and it will be on my Enbridge bill. I played dumb for a few minutes and let him talk, then I asked him about direct vent, power vent etc... and he was surprised I knew anything about it. He told me that I would install the exact same tank, with the same venting (B-vent out the chimney) and it would be a high efficiency model saving me $10 a month in gas. He was pushing me to come inside and check the age of the tank because anything 2 years or older would be worth replacing, also he said he was going to check to make sure my setup was to code. I told him no thanks and sent him away.

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Terrible... The van load of kids we met up with did not have gas licences they have no business giving advice on CODE to anyone. Scary stuff, i can see how they suck in the average home owner...

Just so everyone knows. ENBRIDGE does not rent water heaters, nor do they do HVAC service... The Rental tanks they used to rent are all in the hands of Direct Energy who bought out the Enbridge Essensial Home services company about 11 years ago.. DE as well as other companies do piggy back onto the Enbridge bill.

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They were to my place in Cambridge...twice. On the weekend a man met me in my driveway and I refused to hear his pitch telling him I wasn't interested at least 3-4 times.

Then today they come by again and are able to convince my wife to sign up. She just called back to cancel the installation. She signed up because she is having a hell of a time with Reliance (our current water heater provider) with not billing us properly, not applying the credits they said they would and when we moved into our house this past summer we got 2 bills for the same heater with each of our names on it.

When the furnace comes up for replacement I will probably look into buying a tank myself.

Cambridge, ON
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National Water heater and energy reseller salespeople are out again. I just tell them to go away and don't come back. Maybe I should ask for a business card to keep a record so I can charge them with trespassing when they return.

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I understand what you are saying and I asked the guy why their so aggressive to get into my house and he said he just had a big area to cover in a short amount of time and was sorry. I understand him too, he was just tring to make a living. I signed up and read the aggrement and my lawyer friend read it as well. He said that every company has a contract but your not locked in to it in this case because the 15 years is just refering to the contract being ended after the 15 year life of the tank. I was with Direct after being with Reliance and none of them maintained my tank so I did switch. I had to ask myself if these new tanks came out 2 years ago and I'm renting why don't I have one? Why didn't Direct give me one if their cleaner water and more effieciant. Why didn't they come and drain out my tank. National is a Canadian company so I'm gonna just stick with them. Plus i get 2 months free, saves me 50 bucks. If I'm renting it why not have the service too. I found that the other companies are just renting and don't care about my water so I will stick with National. I'm born and raised Canadian and don't care to be with an American or British company. Anyway the guy I spoke to was a very nice guy and I got a brand new water heater. Works perfectly. I and at least I won't have to pay for parts. Direct tried to change my vents for over $300. National is doing it for free. Stay with the other companies if you want to and I know why people are cautious but I'm comfortable with National. Go Canada. by the way if you want a new cleaner water tank this guy was very nice person. Call 1-877-673-5373 and use his Id and get a new tank. It's 7030-1209. He's a good guy Your renting anyway might as well get a new one if the others don't do it.
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Questions for you..

What was your rent before you switched?
What is your rent now?
How efficient was the old tank?
How efficient is the new tank?
How dirty was the old tank?(did they show you those limed up pictures from 20 year old tanks found in rural areas with hard water?)

Did you know DE will rent the venting if your not up to spending the 300$?
Did you know DE would have probably replaced the tank for free even though it still had usefull life in order to keep your business?

A free tank is cool and all. Im just wonder if at the end of the day your going to save any money?

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Originally Posted by idfinder View Post
Call 1-877-673-5373 and use his Id and get a new tank. It's 7030-1209. He's a good guy Your renting anyway might as well get a new one if the others don't do it.
So Mr. National Water Heater salesperson # 7030-1209, how many sales do you think you're going to get from this site by writing such a wonderfully biased and inaccurate post.

Will you at least come back and double your posting count by telling us how unsuccessful you were, or are you going to be like TruthHurts, the last National salesperson to try and BS us?

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Just had someone from Reliance come to our door last night. Sad to say, I bought into his line, and agreed to a water heater replacement for this Saturday.

Called Direct Energy today, and found that quite a bit of what we were told last night was not accurate.

Called the salesperson from Reliance and canceled everything. It might have been tempting, but having his misrepresent the situation makes me unwilling to deal with them at all.

Kind of had a funny feeling - should have trusted my instincts!
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National Scam DE Scam

Yesterday my wife got scammed by national. I wish that my watch dog was still alive, he would not get past her. We canceled the contract right away. Called Enbridge to block any billing from national too. This next part is for you Direct E tech scammers. 2 years a go my high E furnace burned out the fan bearings. Using my F insurance.The DE tech came by quickly and looked at my unit and red tagged it saying heat exchanger was cracked. I did not believe him . Called again and they sent another guy, and he says the same thing ,showed me a water line on the HE on his camera(techs in cahotes). I get my own guy to put in a new furnace. So I tear down my old unit . Can`t find any cracks. I beat on the exchanger with a weilding pick hammer, no metal spreading. I take the old unit to the Co. that red tagged it . Call the manager out to look . (long story short he gives me $1500. towards a new furnace) Seems these so called techs are too lazy to change bearings or trying to sell furnaces(easier). Thanks for letting me vent Jim
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National Home Services

Had a visit from this company on the weekend and like the others they were quite misleading with their offer. While they did deny affilitation with Endbridge and Direct Energy they did promote the "fact" their units were much more energy efficient. Our unit is only 3 years old and I doubt there have been any significant advancements in that time that would warrant my paying a higher monthly rate. I also noted they have a clause in their agreement allowing them to increase the rate by up to 3.5% per year. In all my years dealing with Direct Energy I have never experienced an increase in my rental rate other than when an older tank was replaced.

Now, it would seem that I am "promoting" Direct Energy and believe me, this is certainly not the case. Just today my hot water tank discontinued working. When I checked the pilot was out. As such, I attempted to relight the pilot 3 times but it would not stay on. As soon as I turned the valve to on the whole thing shut down within about 15 seconds.

I contacted Direct Energy and they advised the earliest appointment they could give me is tomorrow!!! What are we supposed to do until then for hot water??? I explained there was someone home today but not tomorrow however they booked the appointment for tomorrow anyway???? Guess they will have to rebook because no one will be here. Customer service sure isn't what it used to be.

I am now looking for a new supplier who offers 24 hour service much like many of the heating and cooling contractors out there. Too bad they don't rent water heaters as well.

Any suggestions for a new provider? I live in the Niagara Region between Hamilton and St. Catharines.
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Originally Posted by rfielder View Post
Just had someone from Reliance
Do not buy from Reliance!! When we purchased our newly built house in 2003, it came with a water tank lease from Oz (later renamed to Reliance). You can only lease from them. When we sold the house, it took two years of fighting and threats of legal action to get them to stop billing us and bill the new home owners instead despite all the paper proofs I provided.
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My rental water heater from DE failed a few years ago, and they gave me an appointment of 2 or 3 days. I kicked and screamed, talked to the manager and convinced him that there are hundreds of contractors in GTA. Finally he conceded and booked me for next day.

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My response would be, "Fix it before the water gets cold or my next call will be to remove it from the premises." Simple as that. I'm not paying a premium for bad service. It's surprising what high markup companies such as water heater rental companies will do to keep a customer.

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Guess I got lucky when my water heater crapped out a couple of years ago: A crew came and replaced it with three hours of my initial call to DE.
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Response time will vary depending on the time of year and the work load.

If you hire enough guys for the worst week of the year you are forced to lay off when things slow down. This leads to bottom of the barrel technicians as the good ones would find work elsewhere. IT is a tuff balancing act. Luckily im just one of the soldiers.. Its the same for most HVAC companies.

Kicking and screaming never hurts.

Licenced HVAC TECH: "Without seeing your problem i can only offer suggestions, no warranty is included with my advice"
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