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Opinions of Koodo? Considering a phone from this company

Sorry this is long!

I live in Winnipeg.

For the past one and half years I have been with Virgin Mobile. Prepaid phone I bought for around $60.00. Top up cards for $15 (good for one month). Usually by the end of the month I'm left with $7.00 because I only use the phone for emergencies or quick calls. Buy my new top up card, apply it before the old one expires, old minutes roll over. I've been happy with customer service (only called twice) but this is the second prepaid phone that is wearing out on me through VM.

I don't want a contract. I've heard horror stories of what it costs to cancel.

So I'm thinking of going with Koodo. I was at a mall kiosk the other day. One phone I looked at is the LG Optimum One (android) with Wifi. The phone costs $150. Either I can buy outright or put it on the Koodo tab.

I have a router at home. Besides for quick calls I'm thinking this phone would be handy for checking transit schedules, look up maps, phone numbers whether at home or in wifi spots like libraries etc.

I have read both good and bad about Koodo. Some people say they have horrible customer service (rude, not helpful) or over charged.

I decided to call customer service to ask about coverage in Manitoba. The guy I spoke to was quite nice and explaned this to me...

He said phones with SIM cards (Blackberry, Androids) use the HSPA network and at the moment only work in Winnipeg and Stonewall. In a years time they will be upgrading or building new towers near Brandon and Portage La Prairie for HSPA and eventually expanding. The CDMA coverage is across most of Manitoba, except far north, east of Pinefalls, Whiteshell cottage areas. The phones that work with CDMA network are ones without the SIM cards.

The plans seem decent at Koodo. I rarely text so adding an extra text plan is something I don't need. I was thinking of this... $20 a month for 100 min, includes Canada-wide calling (calls must be made and completed in Canada), up to 50 text messages including international texts (sent and received in Canada), Unlimited 7pm evenings and weekends. If I wanted a data plan I could add $5 a month for up to 5 MB, $10 for 6-100 MB. Apparently if you go over your alloted mb, they charge you the next bracket up instead of so many cents or dollars per mb. If I signed up for data I would likely be a light user for checking map, email, transit schedules while on the bus, in the mall etc.
Call waiting, conference calling and per second billing.

Call display is $6 per month,so is voice mail. Call display, voice mail and unlimited messaging (text and picture) for $10 a month. Call display is nice but probably could go with just voice mail.

Phones come with a 1 year warranty.

I was wondering if anyone else uses Koodo and what do you think of it? Customer service?

I would like to keep my monthly bill under $40 if possible.

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FWIW, koodo is owned by Telus and is there flanker brand. I think you will find that if you talk to people about the major brands you'll hear good and bad comments.

Avoiding a contract is a good idea. If Koodo has the plan that best fits your needs then I say go for it.
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Thank you for your help!

It makes sense. You hear good and bad things with the majority of companies. Nobody's perfect. So far I think Koodo fits my needs.

My brother lives in the Toronto area and isn't fond of Rogers. He will be going with someone else when his contract finishes (soon).My sister lives near Mission, BC. She signed up with Rogers not long ago and likes it. Go figure.

I definitely do not want a contract.
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FWIW, I had Virgin Mobile Pay as you Go for about 4 years and was quite happy with. I bought on $100 card that lasted a year and it was perfect. I never used all the minutes but for $100 a year, it was perfect.
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FWIW, I use a Rogers iPhone 3GS bought off kijiji and a SIM card from 7-11.
The 7-11 speakout service gives me unlimited 3G "browsing" service for $10/ month (actually 30 days), 25 cents/ min for calls and a monthly fee of just 99 cents for 911. I figure my bill for the year will be ~$175.00, ($11 x 12 = $132 and maybe I use about 180 minutes of talk for the whole year).
7-11 minutes are good for 365 days - and if you top up, they last another 365 days.

Before the iPhone and data plan, my $50 would last the whole year.

When it comes to humility, I am the greatest!
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I bought a Koodo phone (MOTO KRZR) for my Mom, because in Alberta, for good cell coverage, it's either TELUS (Bell) or Rogers (Fido). She needed it for doing a lot of long distance calling when my brother was in and out of the Cross Cancer Institute, so the $45 Canada-wide LD plan with 350 minutes and unlimited after 6pm worked. That was 2 years ago. Fast forward to today and the $20 Canada-wide plan (just introduced) with 50 texts, 100 minutes, and add-on caller disply means that bill is never over $30.

She's never had a complaint. Never once I had to call customer service, as I just pay the bill online. I bought the phone at Future Shop, it was activated there, and never a problem since.
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I just joined Koodo 2 months ago,after being with telus for 3 years,bought the optimus 1,very happy with the phone, I have the 25.00 plan,free calling canada wide after 5pm,and I added the 25.00 2gb data connect add-on,so far very happy with the plan.But I did call customer service twice,just 2 simple questions,and boy were they rude.So never again will I call them,just do everything selfserve,and will ask in the various forums if I ever need help with anything,lol..Other than that,its all good!
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Customer service is awful. Other than that, I'm with Koodo because I make a lot of long distance calls and it is the best option.
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My wife and I recently switched from Rogers to Koodo. We were on their $40/month family plan. This plan plan actually works out to $60/month (before tax) because of the SAF and 'Regulatory Recovery Fee' tacked on to each number. This didn't include any data.

We both work from home, and need only a small amount of voice / data per month. We wanted to get capable Android phones, including Wifi hotspot functionality, for the few times a month when we're out of town. To get all this on Rogers we'd need to spend over $100 /month ( tethering is only available on 1GB+ plans. )

I started shopping the carriers and sub-brands. Koodo had exactly what we needed. $15/month 50 minute voice plan and $5/month 5MB flex data plan. We don't need voicemail or caller ID, and appreciate not having to pay for it.

My wife's LG Optimus One was $150 on the TAB ( so basically free .. plus she got a $75 Visa gift card ), and my Nexus S was $200 +$150 on the TAB .. so $200 up front ( significantly less expensive than all other carriers, who have a no contract price around $500 ).

No SAF, no enhanced 911 charge ( in Ontario ), no other charges period. Plus, we get unlimited minutes between our two cell numbers. Most of our non out of town cell use is calling each other from the grocery store, etc. Since it's unlimited between us, and no LD charges, even when one of us is out of town calls are basically free ... no minutes required. 50 free outgoing SMS, and unlimited incoming. This works for keeping in touch with my Son, and an alternate to voicemail.

I had read several threads here, and watched my first bill closely. No surprises .. well, one surprise. My first eBill didn't include the $5 flex data add on, so I called. The friendly CSR said it was because we haven't used any data yet ( we setup our phones, apps, etc via WiFi ). I was worried that we'd have a higher pay per use rate for data, and she said no, if you don't use data in your billing period, you're not charged for the Flex plan. Use 1- 5MB, you'll be charged $5, 5-100MB $10, etc. Wow! THAT was something I didn't expect!

Something else I discovered after we signed up when looking at the self service page is that they have a referral program. If you refer someone, and they sign up, you both get $25 knocked off your TAB.

So, bottom line, our monthly combined cell bill will have dropped from $60/month to $35/month ( as my wife rarely will use data when out of town, and I simply check my mail ). While we have unusually low usage needs, and this isn't the norm, Koodo is the only carrier that offers a plan perfect for us. If we need more minutes / data, 35c/minute voice and the escalated data plan charges are reasonable. If we suddenly need lots of data ( tethering ) in a particular situation, we can bump up to the $25/2GB plan online .. it takes effect immediately. If we need to travel to the U.S. or Europe, local SIM's are what we will use.

I've had to contact customer service twice. The first time because of self service account creation problem, and the second time with a question about my first eBill ( as I mentioned above ). The first time the CSR was efficient and professional, but not particularly friendly. The second contact was efficient and 'gushingly' friendly ( think WestJet ). Both times the issues were resolved in a single call within a few minutes.

Anyway, so far, kudos to Koodo for having something for users like us, having a straight forward, accurate web site, no hidden fees, and delivering beyond what they advertise.

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I won a Optimus One during their launch week give away. They were never on my radar before that.

I have never had an issue with billing, service, connectivity and with the recent change to making all their calling plans canada wide, my wife will be moving her phone over once her Roger's commitment is done
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Considering the switch

Hi all,

After being with telus for 2.5 years I am considering going with Koodo instead.
It will be an all-round cheaper way to use my iPhone.

Currently I am on the 65$ flex plan with Caller ID and voicemail (+$10/mnth)
I use approx 1GB data per month which is included in my flex plan.

I see Koodo charges way less for the same stuff plus free long distance in canada (I use about 30 mins per month) the only thing I can't seem to find is how much they charge for 1GB of data..

The only hitch with me switching is that I've co-signed for my girlfriend who is locked in for 3 years. How could I switch to Koodo while keeping her plan intact. (I pay the bill, she pays me)
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Im with koodo. Getting sick of them. Constant billing (I get the odd ones that are 2 weeks apart). I used their website to pay my bill with a visa and a mastercard prepaid and it showed on my bank website that the payments were going through so i threw the cards away. Got a bill 2 weeks later for 142$ and they only recieved 1 payment which was from my bank account for 60$. They dont see my prepaid visa and master card payments. There billing is VERY confusing. Doesn't update until its to late. My bill is 54$ a month. Theres multiple other carriers that offer WAY better for half the price. And my experience with koodo the last 2 years has been very unsettling as the amount of calls that drop are stupid high. The call quality is horrible too, been through 3 different phones with them.
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If Koodo was really as bad as you say, why on Earth are you still with them? Even more so when you say multiple providers offer way better for half the price (yeah, sure - if you don't mind even worse coverage than it sounds like you're getting).

So much of this post just seems odd... And from someone with just 1 post, I'm highly skeptical. Bills every two weeks? Using both a prepaid Mastercard and prepaid Visa that you verified went through on your bank account (no bank offers both)? Making a payment on the Koodo site that doesn't immediately get processed to your account? Hmmmmmm......

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There was almost a four year gap in posts in this thread until today, which pretty well indicates that Canadians are not clamouring to complain here about Koodo en masse.
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