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I provided a utility bill. I did mention "Imagine if everything becomes eBills". There are real issues if it happens and everything else depending on paper bills doesn't adapt. Healthcare was one thing. Car registration also required it. And new insurance coverage.

Sure it's not Telus' fault, but can you not see some justification to the resistance? We would've been in a pretty nasty situation if everything had been eBilling. They specifically said "no printed bills".
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Of course this is a cash grab!!!

I used to work for a company that printed credit card bills and it does NOT cost $2 per bill.

Also... do you believe that mail servers, firewalls, internet bandwith and IT staff are free? They don't just whip off the emails from a desktop PC somewhere.

Certainly an IT staff of administrators, managers, software, hardware, licenses, power, hosting, and security cost at least as much as a paper bill.

As for everybody having access to the internet... my mom lives in Belleville and can only get dial-up. So, while she has it, MOST of her neighbors do not. To suggest that these people have to buy a laptop and go to a library to get their bill is simply ludacris.

We would have to be ignorant to think that TELUS didn't think if discounting for e-bills instead, but the fact is that e-bills do not generate revenue.

The last thing I need is TELUS slipping their mistakes by me because my bill is in my inbox instead of in my hands.
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post #63 of 80 (permalink) Old 2010-08-30, 11:59 PM
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Telus Paper Bill fee

I don't care what additional charge Telus wants to dream up to add revenue. They are going broke sending me those valuable perks coupons with my bill.

My concern will continue to be that since Telus has added a new fee to my contract-the contract has changed and up for renewal.

For those of you that talk about bank statements charging-at least I have a choice generally can move to another option. With Telus my fee to break the contract is $280.00.

I have no concern with Telus adding a new fee at renewal time or as a new customer.

As a customer under a contract I have no protection to Telus new fees-this is wrong.

Filed a complaint with industry based complaints organization. (Not expecting much here.)

Awaiting the standard manager call back in 24-72 hours. I will take this to CEO's office.

Anyone looked into further escalation into this?(Changing consumer legislation, class action, etc..)
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I don't agree with Telus adding this charge to customers that are in an existing contract. However I have no problem with a company that wants to charge for a paper bill. I know they are not doing this to save paper, thus saving our forests, they are probably doing this for another source of revenue. The ultimate result will be less paper wasted, and this will help save our forests.

Telus should only be implementing this change for new customers and people that are not in a contract.
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post #65 of 80 (permalink) Old 2010-09-24, 12:44 PM Thread Starter
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Interesting thing I noticed when I logged into account today, there is a notice at the top of every page when I was in my account:

"Important notice: Due to paperless billing’s popularity, we’re delaying the $2/mo. paper bill charge until further notice so more clients can switch."

If it is so popular, then why the need to delay? I venture there was a large backlash from customers over this cash grab. I think there is more to the delay than it being popular.

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post #66 of 80 (permalink) Old 2010-09-24, 05:03 PM
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I won't get into the debate about the price of a mailed paper invoice or the trend to e-bills. I do have to question what kind of thinking is going on behind anyone who would argue a wireless invoice is proof of residence. A wireless bill proves only that someone who gave such and such an address is receiving wireless service and maybe paying for it, depending on the balance. Wireless services could be billed in Ontario for someone who has moved to or is living in another country or province and, as long as the bill is paid, the wireless provider would be none the wiser or care.

As for using other utility bills for services which are delivered to a fixed address, how does this help people who aren't named on such bills? Millions of Canadians don't pay property taxes or electricity or gas - they are called renters - but they still get health cards and such. Then there are the spouses and family members whose names do not appear on the household bills. Certainly there are far more reliable ways to prove where one lives than a bill from Telus mobility.
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post #67 of 80 (permalink) Old 2010-09-25, 01:02 PM Thread Starter
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This thread has nothing to do with proof of residence, it is about Telus wanting to charge $2 for a paper bill.
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post #68 of 80 (permalink) Old 2010-09-25, 01:14 PM
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Originally Posted by Altaman View Post
This thread has nothing to do with proof of residence, it is about Telus wanting to charge $2 for a paper bill.
Re-read the entire thread. It all relates to a larger topic if the trend continues.
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Telus makes a lot of sense-not. We cancelled their services back in July and switched to Shaw. When paying my last Telus bill I figured it out as best I could and we ended up with a $1.60 credit. A difference of 5 bucks is neither charged or credited so I can live with that.
But we have now received 3 statements in the mail telling us our account is closed and we have a credit of $1.60.
Do they want to save the trees?
I am frankly surprised they did not charge us 2 bucks for each statement they sent us telling us our account is closed.
I am sure we will receive a 4th as well in the not too distant future.
-On a side note my sister had big issues with Telus and lost her internet and TV for 4 days. During one of her many conversations trying to get the problem solved the person who had a poor grasp of the english language asked her what time zone she resided in.
Is Telus not just western Canada? Should the person on the phone not know what time zone Vancouver is in?
She has now switched to Shaw as well. I thought the whole thing was quite funny.
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post #70 of 80 (permalink) Old 2010-11-04, 09:54 AM
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I'd be interested to know if the frequency of late payments (And thus late payment fees) goes up when a provider switches to E-Billing.

I can only imagine it would, its much easier to forget to pay a bill when there isn't a group of invoices sitting around the house.

I'll probably cancel my telus ipad account if they try to charge me for an invoice, their web portal is just too painful to use and it costs me nothing to switch to another provider.
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post #71 of 80 (permalink) Old 2010-11-04, 10:08 AM
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Originally Posted by bigscreenbob View Post
Is Telus not just western Canada?
Nope. It's out here as well. I have mobile internet. Cell phones exist out here as well.

I just switched to internet billing to avoid the extra fee.
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post #72 of 80 (permalink) Old 2010-11-08, 11:18 PM
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will not be paying this telus GFY!
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post #73 of 80 (permalink) Old 2010-11-11, 11:56 AM
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I got that notice from them that they'll charge me $2 as a penalty for not going with their e-billing. Actually it's more than that since they'll probably add taxes to it as well. I called them, and I told them that this is unacceptable. But they don't seem to care. Just a cash grab. I understand offering a $2 discount for those who want to go paperless. But to penalize your clients for getting a bill in the mail is just nuts.

This has nothing to do with saving trees.

My contract with them will be ending soon, and I'm walking away. I've already located a provider that doesn't play these games.
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"I understand offering a $2 discount for those who want to go paperless."

Oh ya sure. Problem is your suggestion is to logical. Imagine, Awarding customers who go paperless with a discount while doing there part for the environment...

But this is just like the grocery stores. I buy groceries and they penalize me 5cents a bag. Instead of giving those who brought there own bags a discount of 5cents per bag..

why is it everything green has cost me more on top of what i was already paying?

What does my 5cents i pay every time for a plastic bad do to help the enviro? Im still using them?

Similarly what does 2$ a bill do for the enviro? Im still consuming paper... While they make money off of my anti-green habits.

Licenced HVAC TECH: "Without seeing your problem i can only offer suggestions, no warranty is included with my advice"
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post #75 of 80 (permalink) Old 2010-12-22, 11:33 AM
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As a somewhat amusing end to this tale. I ended up canceling my data plan with Telus, and they sent me a final bill showing that my balance was $0...and then added a $2 charge for sending me the bill

They cleared it when I called in, but it just rocks my world that that sort of sloppy implementation is out there still.
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