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Unhappy Purchase Shaw Xtreme-I Highspeed Internet and get speedy!

That's right! You too can enjoy the thrill of Shaw Xtreme-I Highspeed Internet rated at 10Mbps download with UP TO 1Mbps download and as an added no cost bonus, Shaw communications will give you Powerboost! This yields an added 5Mbps download RUSH for the first 10Mb of any file!

Wait... Let us show you some examples of what we can offer.

#1 Become closely acquainted with our polite technical support based out of Kelowna, BC Canada! Or our overflow in Vancouver, BC...

"uhh... have you restarted your computer? Oh... Let me check something... uhh... try unplugging your modem, Oh you've done that 36 times and that's our only advice... Ok wait 20 seconds please......... Your modem doesn't appear to want to talk to me... (I wonder why???). Let me have a technician invade your house at 9AM for the 40th time please. He'll unlock the magic box, unplug the cable line, check it's line levels and then call us to have us fix it. Oh! Ya... umm there are outages in your area, we have no ETA of when you'll have internet again. Yes sir, we are aware this happens on a bi-weekly basis, Thank you for choosing Shaw."

#2 You can enjoy speedy Highspeed with Shaw Xtreme-I Highspeed! Let's see some real life examples!

Canada to Canada!

Enjoy the luxury of being able to upload faster than you download! Want to show your pictures to Grandma? No Problem! Just wait for your browser to load and you are set!

Canada to World Wide!

Do you like to play Online games? Well now... with Shaw Xtreme-I you have the opportunity to play tic tac toe all over the world! (With PowerBoost enabled)

With speeds like ours... Dial up providers can NOT compete! However, the moment you get frustrated... we do show our capacity and give you what you pay for on a random fleeting basis. Please see below!

Canada to USA!

This is our way of saying "Are you happy now?" here at Shaw!

Being Canada's #1 internet service provider is a big job! In the USA we have to provide "competitive" services ranging up to 100Mbps/10Mbps for public based internet to meet world standards... In Canada Rogers Cable Solutions and Shaw Communications have business territories so we don't need to worry about all that equal opportunity hullabaloo. We can provide you, our customer, with the same great services that third world countries have come to love! Welcome to Canada!

For the low price of $42.50 per month our Shaw Xtreme-I internet can be brought into your home with all the above added benefits, this includes our exclusive feature of PowerBoost! Free of charge for $2.50 a month (with an included bundle service of Shaw Phone/TV at an additional fee). If you would just like internet, we hope you are using Star Choice for your television option, however our internet will be at the low rate of $50 a month with no contract to worry about! (contracts hold legal binds on our service standards).

Thank you for being forced to use Shaw! No other internet provider can compare to our speed!

Now to be serious for a moment... I don't like Telus either... they are just as awful if not worse than Shaw... binding you into a long term contract with sub-standard internet and horrible customer service. What I am mad at is the fact we are so behind the rest of the world it's laughable in our country of plenty. I don't like the fact everyone is buffaloed by these silly advertising ploys when I have seen what others have and pay the same or less than we are being charged. We have NO CHOICE no matter what they say, Canada is stuck with what we have... there will be no change, if you want better move or own a business and pay through the nose. It's not right, not fair, in some places monopoly's are against the law even with loophole agreements. I am tired of this awful fallacy that we are experiencing the elite internet in the world and how our providers treat us. I know more about internet than most people, I know more about Shaw than most people and I am angry that nothing has changed even when so many voices have screamed for it. I wish not to write libel so if anything above is wrong please do correct it, however... an expressed public opinion is not a bad thing to have.

Thanks for the read guys, hope it was enjoyable.

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I am getting great download speeds from my Shaw Extreme-1 connection. When using the same speed test you did, I get anywhere form 1200 kb/s to 2200 kb/s, depending on the time of day I run it.
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No problems with Xtreme-I here in NE Calgary - I often see download speeds on that speedtest site between 9mbps and 17mbps, and uploads close to 900kbps.

To Calgary:

To Brandon, Ontario:

To Washington DC:

I'd check to make sure there's no spyware on your PC, and that you are running any P2P/Torrenting software when running these tests.
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I've seen similar performance issues with firewall setup/firmware problems as well.

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This would be mine, here in Calgary.

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well, I have no software firewall, my firmware is up to date for my router, my connection is straight through. The issue of speed is not the major issue... it's that they claim we are getting superior performance as compared to the global standard. If you ask people in other countries to show you their speeds you'll notice a drastic change in services, how their connection is dedicated and the claim on their rated speed is accurate. No one can have "perfect" internet due to many factors however, getting what you pay for is very important.

I should also mention, cities like Calgary and Vancouver are running on Fiber optic lines and their connections are handled differently than those areas outside of the fiber route. 1 fiber line can handle up to 5000+ users of a dedicated node without having issues. Those running off copper lines are much less "better off" than people in larger cities.

In my case, we have microwave towers supporting our internet service, basically giant wireless internet feed reaching a receiver that distributes the internet to our area. We have the most outages in all of the Shaw locations and our internet is sporadic at best for maintaining a proper service. Also, believe it or not, I have one of the best connections and line levels to my modem in my area, the internet running to my home is superior compared to others in my city lol... yet I'm complaining... is there something wrong with me, or the service? I believe if you were to experience my position for a year you'd have the same attitude as I do.

It's not just Shaw either, all Canadian providers have the same issues that only appear here - in Canada -, when you look at the same services being provided to our neighbors from the same companies under different names, whether it be an outfit leasing the service from Shaw or one of the others, or it being a company like Shaw providing for the states you'll see the same trend... the internet given to the neighbors is superior to ours because they have competition to worry about.

I have to mention, my internet is not "bad" when it's running properly I am a happy camper but it's those words above "when it's running properly" that need to be addressed... otherwise don't try to claim greatness on a throne made of straw. It just doesn't work.
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well, I have no software firewall, my firmware is up to date for my router, my connection is straight through.
So could this issue be with your router? Have you tried to connect directly to the Shaw modem to see if you get the same speeds?
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Yes the speeds remain the same and the posted speeds quoted above are not my average. I do maintain a reasonable average, I think people are missing what I'm trying to say here lol... but I appreciate the offer of help .

= D E V =
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Maybe someone put an outhouse on top of the Shaw Node. A little bit o' water in the junction is a bad thing.

But Speedtest.net servers are so widely ranging in speeds. If a server can't supply the bandwidth for peak testing or even off peak testing, DON"T offer it to the masses.

Try http://www.testmy.net/speedtest/download_speedtest.php and one of the larger tests. Very reliable and on a major junction on the Internet.
Upload testing may not start due to software firewall rules.
The 50MB test should be close to accurate for your speeds. I am on 6Mbps on Telus and need to use the 12MB test for accuracy.
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Alternate, thats a nice test site... one for the bookmarks

I did the 100mb download and here are my results on Shaw Xtreme

:::.. Download Stats ..:::
Download Connection is:: 10877 Kbps about 10.9 Mbps (tested with 102391 kB)
Download Speed is:: 1328 kB/s
Tested From:: http://testmy.net/ (Main)
Test Time:: 2009/01/09 - 7:04pm
Bottom Line:: 190X faster than 56K
1MB Download in 0.77 sec
Tested from a 102391 kB file and took 77.118 seconds to complete
Download Diagnosis:: Awesome! 20% + : 201.39 % faster than the average for host (shawcable.net)
D-Validation Link:: http://testmy.net/stats/id-CZ4PKRAJE
User Agent:: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 6.0; en-US; rv:; .NET CLR 3.0; ffco7) Gecko/20080404 Firefox/ [!]
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I don't think anyone's missing your point. You believe that internet performance in Canada is compromised by a lack of competition based on your view that the US has a more competitive marketplace leading to better performing services.

That's, unfortunately, an incomplete analysis. The US is 10x our population in a significantly smaller geographic area. The economies of scale that a west coast US based provider can generate in Washington and Oregon takes all four western Canadian provinces to match. The geographic spread and number of metropolitan hubs involved in Canada lead to much higher infrastructure costs per capita. That means higher capital costs that would mean significantly higher service costs without the economies of scale enjoyed by Shaw and Telus.

Further, what doesn't seem accounted for is that the US competitive model in the telecom sector is proving unsustainable. One just has to witness the consolidation amongst providers (look at the cell sector: Nextel, Cingular, and Alltel are major US national providers that have disappeared in the last three years ... not counting all the regional providers that have been swallowed (Dobson, Suncom, Embarq, Centennial, etc)). The US cable sector is also seeing similar consolidation. Since 2000 MediaOne, Century, Lenfest, Adelphia, InterMedia, and Harron are among those who have been bought out. Cox, Charter, and Cablevision are thought to be next. By the end of this decade there will likely be less competition in the US marketplace than in Canada and while services will differ, Canada will generally enjoy better pricing (we typically have always enjoyed better pricing than the US notwithstanding the higher levels of competition).

Generally speaking, Canadians get pretty good value from our BDU's. On balance, there is nothing to suggest that the US model provides better consumer value even if you're right and a certain sliver of internet performance is better. Not sure I actually agree, but even if true, it doesn't mean competition would have that effect here. Likely, it would simply lead to higher prices for the same, or worse, services.
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Thanks for an excellent post JohnnyCanuck! Nice amount of supporting background as well, I definitely appreciate your insight into all of this and also those of you who replied with helpful ideas on internet speed is appreciated as well .

I'll get back to make a reply soon.


= D E V =
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I live in SE Edmonton and here's my results (And of course, I'm currently subscribing Shaw Extreme-I

Calgary server(appears as recommended server):

I don't know why, but most times, on Calgary server, for example, speed test results 3000kbps for download and on Vancouver server, for example, speed test result is 12000kbps.

Vancouver server(usually primary server when speed testing)

-- Just saying but in Korea, 100mbps(download) internet is like 20000won - approx. $20 cdn. That is very cheap. With that price, you'll probably get 256kbps "hi-speed" internet in Canada.
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And speedtest you did "Canada to Canada" server seems quite far... You should probably speed test on recommended server. Distance says 1800mi.
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I love my Shaw Extreme-I connection...this was take behind three firewalls and multiple other security applications on my wireless laptop...

(You should see the speeds my desktop gets )

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