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post #1 of 21 (permalink) Old 2006-12-10, 08:44 AM Thread Starter
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Telephone Service Review: Rogers Home Phone

The purpose of this thread is for Digital Home members to review and relay their experience with Rogers Home Phone

This is NOT a discussion thread so please limit yourself to one post which includes your review.

We welcome the input and opinions of all members whether they are good or bad, however, please note that this thread is NOT for rants. Whether you had a good or bad experience with this vendor we want to hear about it but in an OBJECTIVE manner.

If you post a rant or childish comments like, these guys "suck" or they're all a "bunch of idiots", then your comments will be considered trolling and your post will be deleted.

When you post, please try to include the following information:
  • What product or service you purchased.
  • Approximate timeframe you ordered the product
  • What location you dealt with if it’s a company with many stores or service locations
  • Your overall level of satisfaction
  • If you had a positive experience, please explain what made it such a positive experience.
  • If you had a negative experience, please read our guidelines below.

Guidelines for Posting Negative Reviews

The truth is no retailer or service provider is perfect and occasionally even the best companies can disappoint. Our experience is that good companies have problems but they typically make every reasonable effort to resolve problems.

If you had a problem and are posting a negative review, then please note what efforts you made to resolve the problem and the feedback you received. If you think the efforts to resolve the problem were NOT reasonable then please explain why. Saying you phoned up and talked to some idiot, suggests the problem may lie with the consumer and NOT the company!

No posting URLS or Directs to Competitors will be deleted

Posts containing URL's to competitors or posts saying gee you should have shopped at this retailer will be considered spam and deleted.

We want opinions, NOT sales pitches or spam!
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post #2 of 21 (permalink) Old 2007-02-04, 03:01 PM
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Will Be Dumping Rogers Home Phone and Wireless


I feel like a dope for having gotten into this -- but here goes.

I've been a Rogers Wireless customer since 1996. In the fall of 2005, I got a flyer about their Home Phone service, delivered with my Wireless invoice from Rogers. I called the sales number and had a long conversation with the rep, and took extensive notes. I confirmed the price -- bundling discounts, rebates and all, several times.

Imagine my disgust when the Home Phone invoices started arriving. The basic price was not what the rep told me, and confirmed at least twice -- according to my notes. There was no bundling discount at all.

Rogers response to a phone call in early 2006? Never heard of that Rogers Home Phone price; never heard of a bundling Wireless discount.

So now I feel like a real idiot -- having been played for a fool when promises were made verbally, and I did not ask for written confirmation.

Sez Rogers: too bad, sucker.

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post #3 of 21 (permalink) Old 2007-02-05, 01:14 PM
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I had an overall bad experience going with Rogers Home Phone (just so it's clear--the version where the call is made over the cable line, not the POTS version).

1) A multi-handset cordless phone that worked flawlessly with Bell POTS, could not make any outgoing calls with Rogers (I could answer an incoming call, some of the time. I had to make multiple calls back and forth between Customer Service and Tech Support, until finally someone admitted to me that my phone was not compatible with the service (despite 3) below), and that they actually had a list of incompatible phones that had my phone listed on it. They offered me a $50 credit; I had to buy a new phone which cost me $120.00. I managed to sell my old phone for about $70 after shipping costs etc on ebay. So despite the aggravation, time wasted, annoyance of having to switch phones, and their promise that any phone would work with their service, I don't even get any kind of reimbursement.

2) In Rogers voice mail, when it lists the time of the call and the phone number of the person leaving the message, all calls were from "An outside caller" (including people calling from Rogers' numbers).

3) When signing up for the service, I was assured that Rogers' service was equivalent to Bell's, that any phone would work with their service, that their service was as reliable, etc etc as Bell. Despite 1) and 2) above; and despite:

4) Numerous incidents when the service was down or not working properly.
a) Had a span of about 48 hours where the phone would not ring for incoming calls; people would call and on their end it would ring and ring and ring, but on our end we didn't hear anything.
b) When we first signed up, it took at least 48 hours to get our service working properly, even with our plain corded handset phone.
c) several instances where *98 to get to voice mail wouldn't work
d) several other instances where for hours at a time we couldn't make and/or receive calls.

All of this happened during a 4 month span from August 2006 to December 2006, at which point I switched back to Bell. Have experienced no problems since.

And before anyone thinks I have an axe to grind with Rogers: I was extremely happy going with them for Home Phone--I was saving about $12 a month, was able to bundle phone with my internet and cable, didn't have to deal with Bell anymore (had some issues with Bell Customer Service--but that's off-topic to this thread), etc. And I'm still with Rogers for cable television and internet, quite happily so. But their Home Phone service in no way compares to Bell, at least not by my experience.
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post #4 of 21 (permalink) Old 2008-02-16, 10:28 PM
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I've had the service for a month now and no issues whatsoever. It has worked flawlessly since the install. All of our cordless phones work with it. We make alot of long distance calls so the unlimited North America Plan is fantastic. Our bills are about $15-25 cheaper each month than with FCI, our old provider. I'm peeved about the $5.95 sytem access fee and it's not cheaper than Bell for local but they are cheaper for LD.
I recommend RHP. I am quite happy with the voice quality and the reliability (bear in mind, it's only been a month). It will be interesting to see how it does if there is a power outage.

Last edited by rrt2008; 2008-02-16 at 10:38 PM. Reason: added comments
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post #5 of 21 (permalink) Old 2008-03-26, 02:23 PM
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My Rogers Home phone story rant

Since I see a Rogers Rep in this post maybe he can offer some comments, I would advise anyone thinking of switching to Rogers Home Phone to avoid it like the plague, here is my experiance.

I have been with Rogers (cable , Cell(x2) internet, and web hosting) for over 10 years. I had a home phone account with Primus. Basic home phone unlimited LD in North America. I had been contacted by Rogers several times last summer to switch to their home phone service. I explained to several customer service reps that I was paying $29.99 / month with Primus, if they would match that I would switch, every time they said honestly that they could not, fine no problem. I'll stick with Primus, Why would I pay more for the same service.

I get a call a few month's before I am moving (Sept 07), I again explain to the rep my position. He asks me to hold, After going back and forth several times he finally comes back and says they can give me the service including LD for $32/Month, but I would receive additional discounts due to the other bundled services I have with Rogers which would bring it in line with my current pricing.
I sign up for when I move into my new Apt (Nov 1st).
Receive my first bill in Dec. Home Phone service = $49. WTF!!!
I call Rogers, There reply, no record of any pricing, it says I was given that price by the rep, and of course they have no records of who that was. So I am getting screwed.

I continue to call Rogers to try and rectify this to no avail, So I try to switch back to Primus, Guess what? I cant, Rogers FUBARS the phone line so Primus cannot take it back over. I can only switch to Bell. In complete Anger I call Rogers , They state that they don't do anything to the lines and Primus can take it over. I ask to have that sent to me in writing, I am promised it will be emailed to me by the end of the week. Of course no email ever comes.

I call back and ask for a supervisor, I am put through to a Darryl who cannot supply his last name or extension, I again ask for the email, I am assured I will have by the end of the week, again no email ever comes.

I call back, No Darryl exists or if he does no customer service has a clue how they would find him, It turns out that when you call Rogers you can connect to one of many call centers scattered across Canada. There customer service has absolutely no accountability to customers, or to Rogers for that fact, Reps can lie and lie and lie and you as a customer get screwed. You'll never find the person you talked to again, And Rogers apparently keeps no records of calls, or allows their CS reps access to put whatever they want into their reports anonymously.

I canceled all of my Rogers services, I am moving my phone back to Bell and will eventually switch over to Primus.

Does Rogers think that playing the pass the buck and shuffle game by providing anonymous customer service that allows their customers no follows ups of any kind to be a good way to treat customers?

I work in Tech Support, We have a creed we go by, Old and cheesy but speaks the truth.

Own the problem
Own the Customer

Lose the problem
Lose the Customer

It's just that simple...
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post #6 of 21 (permalink) Old 2008-07-30, 12:41 AM
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I had similar problems to kmoed.

I tried to switch out of rogers digital home phone back to landline, but it was a huge hassle. The rogers technician came to take back their modem and I asked them to restore the re-wiring they did to its original state ie. before I had rogers put up their digital line, but the technician kept arguing with me that its not their problem. I pointed out to him that how can it not be their problem, they replaced my wall jack with 2 jack output and rewired something and put a rogers logo on that outlet. Now, doesn't that mean or show proof that rogers tampered with my internal home wiring?? to me that is definite proof.

So now I have to call a bell technician to rewire it back so that it can work on normal landline. I'm totally dissatisfied by Rogers behaviour and the way they treat their customers. I know that in the coming days, I will switch out of their internet service, then their wireless service, and then their cable tv service.
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post #7 of 21 (permalink) Old 2009-07-19, 09:50 PM
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Rogers Home Service - DON'T DO IT

made the mistake of switching over to Rogers only to spend nearly 30 hours on the phone with them, $289 in cell charges, days off from work cause they said "a tech was coming out" on four various occasions, and nearly five months without a home phone. All cause I changed from one company to Rogers.
I complained to a friend of mine that works for Rogers, and she said I should have asked her first, because as an employee she receives a "special deal" on her home service, and they even cut her phone off for three weeks, and when she called to complain, they told her she was an employee so suck it up... She works in the cell phone division, and said Rogers home phone service should never have been offered as thier incapable of providing a home service that will work.. Please don't let your selves be sucked in and suffer the consequences as I did...
Over the four months I requested to speak with a: manager, supervisor, or the President of the company, all to which I was denied. I wasn't even allowed to speak to the same rep twice, thus having to repeate the same story each and every time I called... I finally found the "Office of the President" mailing address and sent a complete list of all correspondence to them, along with all email's, and I didn't hear back from them either....
Oh, don't let me forget they continued to BILL me monthly for phone service I didn't have!
I would love to find some talented person to write a song about all our complaints and have it put on utube as the fellow that the airline broke his guitar did. I'll offer cash to have it done....

Last edited by Dawn Milne; 2009-07-19 at 10:01 PM. Reason: Spelling errors, incomplete sentences and thoughts, spelling
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post #8 of 21 (permalink) Old 2009-07-26, 11:27 AM
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When I had the internet & home phone issues recently, I was able to escalate to the "Office of the President". Also, if you're not getting resolution from Rogers or other carriers, you can file a complaint with the CRTC or Commissioner for Complaints for Telecommunications Services, which will get the attention of the president's office.
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post #9 of 21 (permalink) Old 2009-07-26, 11:32 AM
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I took it with caution at the launch(RHP) realizing the cells that each family member has could back it up. To date I have never had an issue. I'm definitely paying less as well.

"I've sworn off agnosticism, which I now call cowardly atheism" James Cameron
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post #10 of 21 (permalink) Old 2009-07-26, 11:46 AM
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I'm also paying less and getting more. I find the phone service does work well and call quality appears better than on Bell. In fact, a friend recently commented on, even though she didn't know I had switched from Bell. One nice thing about VoIP is you don't have the long local loop, back to the CO, which can pick up noise.
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post #11 of 21 (permalink) Old 2009-11-15, 08:27 PM
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We have had RHP since January '08. We live in a former FCI broadband region so we have no access to Bell lines. The phone has had a few issues:

we could call out but we could not receive calls. It took Rogers 2 days to correct it and the one tech I spoke to on a non-recorded line stated they had no idea what went wrong.

About 4 or 5 times the phone modem resets itself and does not come back online.

Other than that, nothing serious. I still miss a good old twisted pair
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post #12 of 21 (permalink) Old 2011-01-18, 12:57 PM
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Bell to Rogers to Voip

Rogers called my home relentlessly for years trying to sway me from Bell. Finally, I gave in to them sometime in 2009. Their service was perfect, no issues, no complaints.

Rogers installed a little box to my internet, which led me research how it worked. This let me to discover the concept of VoiP services. I proceeded to try other VoiP service providers while using Rogers home phone simultaneously. Six months later, I decided to go with the other cheap VoiP providers.

I simply recommend that anyone looking for options give one of these low cost VoiP providers a try. I would never consider returning to Bell or Rogers even though VoiP is not perfect, it suffices for my needs (and the price is MUCH better).
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post #13 of 21 (permalink) Old 2011-02-21, 04:03 PM
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I have been using Rogers home phone for years. Never had any serious issues. Once or twice I had to unplug the box and plug back in to reboot it and get it working again.

My family uses RHP too. So the unlimited calling to each other pays off huge in the lack of LD charges.

I am not one to care about "Emergencies". I know the phone works 99.9% of the time. I am never going to worry about the .1% of the time its just silly. I have neighbors if something really bad happens and my phone doesn't work. Mind you, I grew up on a farm, and we had a party line back then.

Voice quality, I only seem to have issues when I call a call centre. Everything else always seems fine. Usually, I just cannot hear the speaker on the other end. I think this is a call centre issue and not a service issue.

Price is on par with bell. I got the service for the bundle discount, and again, the savings on the long distance since most of my family has Rogers Home Phone. I did the math one month, it was close to $20.00 in LD charges saved in comparison to Bell. Now I hear bell charges a monthly fee on top of that for LD if you don't have a plan.

Its a phone, does what it is supposed to. Never had to change the battery yet, and it worked fine during out last power outage.
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post #14 of 21 (permalink) Old 2011-07-16, 05:13 PM
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We have had Rogers home phone for 2 1/2 years. It works very well for us.

In the early spring I had a call from Rogers asking to come around to "change the battery". They arrived and did just that in the home phone modem. We were in the throes of baement remodelling at the time and it turned out that the modem had been unplugged for a few days and the battery was keeping everything alive. It is good to know they can detect stuff like that remotely.

As for costs , we seem to be grandfathered on the "starterpack" which gives us cheap european calling which we do. We don't care about cheap LD in Canada and the US.
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post #15 of 21 (permalink) Old 2011-07-18, 01:12 PM
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We have been on RHP for about two years now, and otehr than the initial install haven't hadd any problems. When the initial installer arrived he assured us that he would get everything working with our house alarm - he worked on the phone for over 3 hours, then left saying he didn't knwo what the problem was. After several hours of having the alarm keypad beep at us every half hour that the phone line wasn't working, I called the alarm company - their technician came out and fixed it right away for us! Rogers paid the bill, since their tech caused the problems.

I'm not too sure how it compares price-wise for us, but with the bundling we are probably paying less.
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