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Rogers Modems

Been a life long member with Rogers

Currently have there EXPRESS Internet service, with there "Standard Modem" connected to a Linksys Wireless G Router, to give me internet service around the house, with the help of Powerline networking to some rooms and some devices using wireless.

Devices connected:
Main Desktop PC
Secondary PC
iPhone 4

Would i noticed a performance increase if I swapped the "Basic Modem" to one of the following?
1) Wireless G Gateway
2) Wireless N Gateway (I know this only works well if you have "N" capability with your network cards etc.

Is it worth the "up charge" on the rentals for these units, Or would I be better off upgrading my package from Express to Extreme? instead....or do both....

Price increases really thro a wrench into things now anyways.

Any info greatly appreciated.

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I went from express to extreme. Changed from a super reliable Motorola modem and my own Linksys wrt54G to a Cisco 3825 "home gateway" with wireless N and 4 gigabit Ethernet ports. I used the cisco for a few days then put it into bridge mode and bought a new dlink router with wireless n.

Extreme IS faster than Express so that's a good thing. I am not convinced that the cisco is all that good a modem but I don't think that Rogers supports a proper stand alone DOCSIS 3 modem. I don't know why... money must be in there somewhere.

I suspect that if you just upgrade to your 1) or 2) choices that you might get the SMC gateway which everyone has said is a poor piece of gear or the cisco 3825 running as a DOCSIS II modem.

Does Teksavvy offer service over Rogers cable in your area? That might be the best option.
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The SMC modem is hell. Do not use the Rogers software to install your modem. Do it yourself, and access the firmware from a web browser and set up your wireless, port forwarding, etc needs on your own. It takes some time, but you will eventually get it up and running well. My household LAN can transfer between 300-1000 Gigs a month, usually with no real connection problems, or freezes. A lot of this is streaming in the 20+ MB/s range. Wireless is bridged with another router on the 02nd floor to allow seamless transition from one router to another. No major wireless signal issue, but I find the SMC actually has better coverage in my house than three other Linksys ones I have tried bridging with it.

Don't expect a nice user interface. Its crap. Network logs and stats are also crap. It is basically an overpriced switch. One problem I did have for months, which Rogers was useless fixing, but SMC was very helpful and I think fixed it, as it has not happened in some time, is having multiple TX1000 and TX100 connections all working at the same time. Sometimes, there would minor or major packet loss, other times, the network would just freeze up and a reboot of modem was needed.

Do your research on your other switches and routers. See if there are any complaints etc. Some seem to work with no issue, others need minor tweaks etc. It does the job, but buying this thing is just a rip off price.
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I have Extreme with the older DCS 2 Modem. I know I need DCS 3 Modem.(to get the faster speeds)
I also have it hooked up to a D-Link router.

Its wired not wireless(don't need this)

If I where to get the DCS 3 modem, would I only need to just unplug the powe cord, cable and cable going to the router exchange the DCS 2 to DCS 3 and just hook up back the cable, power cord and the cord to the router and just use the computer again? like before.
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Originally Posted by MCIBUS View Post
If I where to get the DCS 3 modem, would I only need to just unplug the powe cord, cable and cable going to the router exchange the DCS 2 to DCS 3 and just hook up back the cable, power cord and the cord to the router and just use the computer again? like before.
If you want to keep using your own router, you'll have to phone Rogers tech support and ask them to put the DOCSIS 3.0 modem in bridge mode. That's what I did and that took only a few minutes. I did try using the SMC router at first, but it didn't take me long to realize I was dealing with crap. I have not had any problems with it - I think the complaints are usually about its router "capability" (or "incapability") as opposed to just the modem part.
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Well I got a call from retention the other day, and they are offering me the upgrade to the Wireless N Gateway, from my existing Standard Modem (webstar Scientific Atlanta) + my Linksys Wireless G Router, free of charge for a YEAR. No annual rental fees.

Should I jump on this?

Will I notice faster speeds with the new Hardware? My current setup has been flawless and fine, but i do pay rental for the Standard Modem, this way I would be saving the money on that. Plus getting Wireless N.

I currently am on the "EXPRESS" plan, and am also thinking about upgrading to the "EXTREME" plan if I go with this new Hardware from Rogers.

Your Thoughts?
Any info greatly appreciated.....

Are these all-in-one Modem/Routers from Rogers any good? I believe that they will be needed if I choose to go with the "Nextbox 2.0 in the future correct.
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I just upgraded to from the Moto Docsis 2.0 to the Cisco Docsis 3.0 gateway

Express customers with a Docsis 3.0 modem will also be upgraded to 18mbps as of March 8th as well, that was the reason why I upgraded.

The connection on the D3 is slightly faster, I can get about 15mbps without speedboost on my express package, I would normally get exactly 13mbps on the old Moto one. In addition, the Moto D2 was more prone to congestion from what I've observed so far. During the evening, the Moto would fluctuate between 9-13 mbps, whereas the Cisco D3 is consistent around 15mbps.

I hear the routers in these units are crappy, but so far I haven't had any issues. Keep in mind however, the only devices in my home that use wifi are tablets and smartphones. If you have multiple computers or media centre hookups where you're streaming large files across the network that might pose an issue. Also, I hear the range on this is pretty garbage, but I can't attest to that as my house isn't particularly large.

Also, the D3 modems are not required for Nextbox itself. It is advertised with most of the nextbox bundles because new customers who sign up for express or higher are required to take the D3 gateway.
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In reply to an earlier message ... you can login to the DPC3825 web interface and put the device into bridge mode yourself; you do not need to call Rogers.

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I have the Motorola Surfboard modem:

Software Version: SB5101N-
Hardware Version: 1 was showing 19-24mbps speeds, which is a great improvement from the 12mbps/1mbps plan I was on... my modem is docsis 2.0, do I need to (forced to be) upgraded to a docsis 3.0 modem?
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The results you get with is inaccurate as it factors in the speedboost. The new 18mbps plan will net you about 30mbps on with speedboost. Docsis 3.0 is required.
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My setup is very similar to wozman and yyzlhr, (Express, Moto D2 modem, offered D3 and extra 10Gb data transfer free). I picked up the Cisco DPC3825 today, plugged it in, put it into bridge mode, rebooted with my Linksys WRT54GS now hooked up as a WAP, and everything works far!
Now Im wondering what happens if I wire my desktop, printer, & Linksys through the Cisco via ethernet, and usb my ExHd to it. I guess my thinking is that the desktop would be able to take advantage of the D3 without going though the Linksys.

Update: No go with my wired experiment, I assume by putting the DCP3825 into bridge mode takes its access point capabilites away.
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lucretius, would you mind explaining how this is done wrt bridging the DPC3825 through the web interface and putting it into bridge mode?

I currently have the Moto D2 and will be switching to the D3 modem this afternoon.

Thanks for your help.

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First, set your router's (not the DPC3825) IP to (I had used the "2" a long time ago so as to avoid problems with other devices I used to own.) Subnet mask is the default (which allows a 256 [0 to 255] address space).

Then you can hook up the DPC3825 to your router (I use port 1 on DPC3825 to WAN port on router).

DO NOT USE THE SOFTWARE ON THE ROGERS USB KEY TO CONNECT! Otherwise, this will change the password.

You login to the web interface of the DPC3825 via:
or (this may be the only address that works once in bridge mode)

If you cannot connect to the DPC3825 when it is attached to your router, then you will have to connect the DPC3825 directly to your computer (initially).

You log in to the DPC3825 via:

id = cusadmin
password = password

(you can change this)

When logged in:

Under the Administration tab, there is an option to set the WORKING MODE to Bridge Mode or Router Mode (Router Mode is the default).

However, before setting it to Bridge Mode, there are a few things you should do first (while logged in to thee DPC3825):

- turn off wireless on the DPC3825

- turn off the firewall on the DPC3825 -- use the firewall on your router. However, leave the do not respond to pings "On".

- decide if the DPC3825 or your router will provide the IPs for your LAN. If the latter, you can turn off DHCP on the DPC3825 -- however, I had a bit of a problem getting an IP from Rogers when I did this, so I left the DHCP of the DPC3825 "on" but restricted it to giving out exactly one IP (i.e. to my router). You may not have this problem with your router. In any case, you could always turn off the DHCP in the router and turn it on for the DPC3825. If you leave the DHCP "on" in the DPC3825, then do not forget to set the lease time to "0".

Of course, you have to save settings and let the DPC3825 reboot.

Also, you can take the DPC3825 out of bridge mode by connecting to the device via, logging in and going to the Administration tab again to set it to Router Mode.

Hope this helps.


Sony KV-34XBR800 TV/Cisco 8642HD PVR/Sony BDP-S5000ES blu-ray player/Harmony 700 Advanced Universal Remote

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This thread has been very helpful, I want to upgrade my modem from D2 to D3 (I have Express) and put it in bridge mode since I already have a wireless N router.

Given this is there any reason to buy the "N" router from Rogers at $199? I assume I should get the "G" for $99 since I'm not using the wireless anyway? Are there any other differences between the 2 modems? I'll send a note to Rogers Tech as well but I trust you guys more than them :-)

Thanks for any help.
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Check out the last few pages of the following thread on the D3 modems. Note that the N is $149. I purchased it to avoid obsolescence and didn't hear great things about the G.

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