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post #346 of 398 (permalink) Old 2012-03-22, 06:56 AM
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Originally Posted by raptureboi View Post
Thought that I would share that on my online account, the "Your account includes unlimited usage" message is now gone.....

It now says: Included: N/A

On another note, got my Rocket Hub lined up better and got my best results yet:


What "signal strength" and "Quality Ec/Io' do you have to get such wonderful performance with your hub.

I tried one (in the Peterborough Ontario area) and got dismal performance... so returned it. (went with a small local wireless ISP)

Here were my results: @ 6:30 AM
Signal Strength -68 ("high" strength indication)
Ec/Io -9.5

Speed Dn 820 Kbps
Speed up 600 Kbps
ping 135 ms

Sad performance... for early morning.
Later, at "drive-time", the system was unuseable. Had ping's up to 5000 ms! on ocassion, but typically 2 seconds when cellular traffic was high.

Let me know what your signal quality was like. Perhaps I can determine if teh issue was signal strength or tower loading.

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Here were my results: @ 6:30 AM
Signal Strength -68 ("high" strength indication)
Ec/Io -9.5
As I stated earlier in this thread, it's not the signal strength that matters so much as the Quality (Ec/Io) of the signal. If you have multiple towers in your area you can have a high signal but much of it is noise. This can be very deceiving as it appears you should have great DL speed but you don't. Signal quality determines your speed.

In my case, with towers all around me in line of sight, I get better DL speeds from a tower with a lower signal strength but higher quality. For instance, in recent antenna tests I connected to a tower antenna with Signal strengths from -70 to -63 (High) and Ec/Io from -5 to -4. Dl speeds were around 5.5 mbs. Later I connected to another antenna (different freq) on the same tower. Signal strength was -85 to -70 (Medium) but the Ec/Io was -4 to -2. Dl speeds were 6.1 to 6.4 mbs. Much better.

Other users I have been in contact with say the same thing - signal quality is the limiting factor in DL speeds. A directional antenna can improve signal quality by rejecting all the extra signal that just shows up as noise.
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Can someone let me know how my connection looks? I have high signal. Ping is good, better than Bell was. Online gaming is no problem (but I have strict NAT despite putting the PS3 in the DMZ and opening ports). Occasional connection drops that stops pages from loading on the computers, but gaming isn't effected.

I'm at K4B 1R3. Looks like halfway between two towers. How do I get it to stay on one using the stock antenna?

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post #349 of 398 (permalink) Old 2012-03-23, 12:28 AM
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@HamGuy, Here are my stats from the Hub:

I'm waiting to pickup my Wilson Yagi from The Source (had it on sale till today). That should narrow my signal even further. I find that the 850mhz transmitter gives me slightly less signal, but faster speeds, so i try to get onto that as much as possible. It also connected to 1900 often on the same tower. I hope the antenna will help in this regard.

Status > 3G network

System mode: HSPA
HSPA band: HSPA850
HSPA channel: 1037
MM (CS) state: IDLE
Signal Strength: -79 (dBm)

Signal level(RSSI) 13
Quality(Ec/Io) -5.5 dB
Network Registration Status registered
Network Name ROGERS
Country Code 302
Network Code 720
Cell ID 001174D2
Primary Scrambling Code (PSC) 0043 (REF)
Data Session Status Connected

HSUPA Category 6
HSDPA Category 8
Received Signal Code Power(RSCP) -85 dBm
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post #350 of 398 (permalink) Old 2012-03-24, 12:16 AM
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Well, you get well ovr 1 Mb with an Ec/Io of -5.5 so... reports of noise & other signals affecting speed seem well founded.
On the other hand, that does not explain pings of 1 to 2 seconds... that is simply ... in my feeble mind... simply an overlloaded tower.
Some data loss cannot delay a signal by that long... even with an Ec/I/o of -9.5 as I had... I suspect.

I may never know the real reason for the bad perfomrance. I meant to take the hub & laptop on a road trip in the car to the base of the tower, but never got around to that. I wanted to see if the speed and error rate would improve. My loss - being a techy I like to know why, but since I found an alternateive to the hub, I am not interested is making it work now... just interested in why it did not work well.

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Please someone tell me if this is possible.

I want to tell this Rocket Hub NOT to connect to 1900mhz. Just 850mhz. I have a Wilson external antenna but its just not getting the message. The signal is 1000% stronger on the 850 cell but it keeps reverting to the 1900.
The antenna is for 700-2700mhz.

Anybody know if this is possible?
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By The way everyone.

I got my first invoice today, and I will charged the full $160 for maximum overage. Thats $60 for the plan, and $100 in max overage. Watch your bills, I better get started on the fighting!

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Well, how much data did you use?
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post #354 of 398 (permalink) Old 2012-03-30, 10:08 PM
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They told me that month 1 was unlimited (they give this to all new wireless data clients) on 2 different calls. So I used 137GB (normal for me with Netflix and online TV).
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I finally called in to Rogers today for a fairly lengthy conversation.

- The rep agreed they should not have charged the $35 activation fee, so I got a credit for that.

- I mentioned that it showed "Unlimited" for my account on Rogers site.
- Just to be clear, the rep told me I didn't have "Unlimited", so it's not something that everyone got for the first 2 months, even though some people on here were told they were getting it.
- The rep confirmed that the "Unlimited" showing online was a known issue to them, but because of the flex plan, it's not actually something they can fix. It'll probably always show Unlimited.
So we just have to keep an eye on the actual amount.
- I stated that 1) it should have been made clear when we set up the Rocket Hub that online it might show "Unlimited", especially coming from the non-tracked Portable Internet, and that 2) someone else I'd spoken to (on here) had been told by Rogers that Rocket Hubs generally have 2 months unlimited at the start anyway.
- I was on hold for a bit and the rep checked and said that yeah, it is common for Rocket Hub users to get a 2 month unlimited promo and that even though they don't have the 2 months unlimited as a current promo, they were able to apply it going back to the start of this billing cycle (March 5th for me, so I have it 'till May 5th).

- I did still get dinged at a higher pro-rated charge for the first 7 days (Feb 27 to March 4), because I used a lot of data right off the bat. However, I was able to get a $15 credit off that $37.20, which helped a bit.
- The rep also said that with data devices, they always start charging you from the day they ship (Feb 27 for me) rather than the day you actually receive it (Feb 29 for me). I don't really agree with this, but it is the way it is, I guess.

- Raptureboi, I have a feeling you should have no problem getting that "2 months unlimited" sorted out, considering you were actually specifically told about it (for the first month at least).
However, I'm sure it will take a decently long call.
And of course, now I'm wondering if I'll have to call back after my next bill to make sure what I thought I just got sorted out was actually sorted out.

- I also asked about getting my Rogers e-mail address back. Easy enough for them to do, but they have to fill out a fairly long form (with you on hold), and it'll take 24-48 hours.

TLDR Summary:

If you call in (I called the 1-866-558-1031 number and got a CSR who was able to deal with this stuff right away):
- They should credit the $35 Activation Fee.
- You can probably get the 2-month Unlimited Promo applied to your account by mentioning
1) the lack of any initial explanation that when you check your usage, it could show you have "Unlimited" online
2) you've heard it's generally a promo Rocket Hubs have anyway, and
3) other folks who were migrated from Portable to the Rocket Hub like you got it.
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I want to tell this Rocket Hub NOT to connect to 1900mhz. Just 850mhz.
Can't be done. This version of the Netcomm router has disabled frequency setting, even using Telnet CLI commands. It switches bands like that because it feels the signal quality is better on the 1900 mhz band and you should get a better DL speed.

Cell congestion can also cause a switch as it will offload you to another lesser used frequency to reduce the number of users at the other frequency.

The antenna doesn't matter either. I have frequency switching occurring even when using an antenna with a narrow range (specific 850 mhz or 1900 mhz antennas). The Netcomms have such poor engineering that you can get a pretty good signal from just the cable with no antenna attached. That's not supposed to happen. Even filters on the cable won't stop it.

Check the DL speed at both frequencies and see if there is a difference. It may surprise you.
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My latest result. Been consistent like this for a few days now. The Wilson antenna has been helpful in narrowing it down to this particular 1900mhz antenna that seems to have excellent ping and speeds.

Going to put it up on the peak of the roof in a few days and see how that goes!

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35$ activation fee

I followed the suggested procedure from FuriousK (3 posts above ...)
called the 1-866 number provided and was promptly refunded the 35$ activation fee.

Took less than 5 minutes in all!

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just another customer ripped off by Bell

Hi everyone. I enjoyed reading the stories of everyone else having the same problem as me. There were some ideas that gave me hope but after following up on them I'm still no better. Anyways here's my story.

I live in Carlsbad Springs just outside of Ottawa, Ontario. I've had Bell wimax 2Mbps unlimited download $50 per month for 4 1/2 years now. I paid for the Motorola equipment that was around $400 bucks. I had a great connection consistent 5 LEDs.

I got the letter last month explaining the service was going to be discontinued in the middle of April 2012. They offered me a crappy replacement plan 7.2 Mbps (actually 2Mbps) 3GB per month for $56 dollars per month or 5GB per month for $67.

They said I could try it on a trial basis for 2 weeks. I received the turbo hub 3weeks later with a contract to be signed and returned. Setup was simple about 10 minutes. I tested some downloaded and got no more than 2Mbps. I downloaded 157MB over the course of 10-20min.

I called Bell up with the intention of cancelling the demo service and returning it. I was told no problem to cancel but there would be a $220 dollar fee for the 157MB usage! I was fit to be tied to put it lightly!
I was told that since I went over the 50MB demo limit that I would have to pay. I told them that I never read anything like that, nor was I informed of such rules, nor did I sign any contract. Well I tell you Bell was sticking to their guns and they were adamant about me paying!

I discovered that there was no one overseeing what I would consider a project to migrate rural wimax users to a new 4G system. The Bell division servicing wimax had no communication with the cellular division of Bell. I was being dealt with as though I was a new Bell customer.

At this point I was so upset that I wanted to cancel by Bell land line. I was told by the land line division that if I cancelled my phone service the cellular division would not even hear about it. I told the guy "Well that’s even a better reason to cancel my services with Bell since the company is so disorganized." The guy decided he would attempt to create a pin hole through the 10 foot wide wall that separates the Bell land line division and the Cell division to try and work out the matter. Well it worked they decided to cancel the service without any charges!

So then I reached out to Xplorenet and had them visit for a line of sight test for their wimax. Closest tower is 12KM away but the trees are too high. My only option with them is Satellite but I find it too expensive for what you get. Latency I've heard is 600ms to 800ms, $70 + per month $250 activation fee.

Then I got reading this forum and read all about how Rogers is taking care of their wimax rural users by offering them with 10GB -30GB plans. I tried calling the number listed in an earlier post and Rogers wouldn't offer me that plan saying it expired at the end of march and that it was only for Rogers customers.

I sent a complaint to the CRTC, I plan on sending an email to the President of Bell as well as my MP. I don't expect much but if we just lie down then surely nothing will change.
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post #360 of 398 (permalink) Old 2012-04-04, 09:49 PM
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I found this site and filed a complaint with them as well.
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