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Switching from Bell to Rogers phone today

So today will be the day I switch from Bell, with which I pay $55/month for some reason and all I get is unlimited local calls...

(and I just got interrupted by a phone call from Primus. They knew my name and knew that I collected Air Miles ... argh, so annoying).

to Rogers home phone ... no wait, rogers home phone is POTS and the more expensive one, correct? I'll be switching to Cable Telephony, think the name Rogers gives it is Rogers Internet Phone Service. I get unlimited local calls + 6 features for $19.99 + everything else =~ $26.00. I was thinking of going with broadband telephony for a while, because of the price and the features, but I hear the quality is unreliable.

The downside with cable telephony (and broadband as well) is that now I won't have any use for my fax, and when I want to receive or send a fax from now on, i'll have to find another way of doing it. I don't use the fax that often (maybe send 20 pages a year and receive 5), but this is actually the only reason that has held me back in making a decision, and still making me hesitate to call Rogers. Big bummer.

On the plus side, I'll be saving $30 a month and getting 6 extra features. Had Bell called me and told me they had something called Home Phone Choice which is exactly like my current Bell plan but with a long distance plan for the price of $36, I would've considered it. But screw them, those thieves.
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you sure the $19.99 isn't just promotional for a limited time?
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Why is there not a 'quote' button?

Yes, I'm sure. Check for yourself: Rogers

I have to make a correction. Bell's Home Phone Choice of $34.95 does NOT include a long distance plan. It's just unlimited local calls.
Every time I go to that website and try to search for a $45 plan with only 2 features and I don't find one (which is how much I'm paying right now), I get pissed. I wish I could call them and tell them to cough up all the money they've stolen from me.
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You are wrong.

That Rogers service is their Broadband (VOIP) service and NOT their cable telephony offering. The cable telephony offering is far more expensive.

Finally no one has stolen anything from you and your reference to Bell as thieves is libelous. If you don't like Bell's (or any other service providers) service, then you are welcome to criticize them in an intelligent and objective manner but don't come on the site spouting off on how they are thieves and you have been robbed. Its inflammatory and not truthful and in future will be considered trolling.
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I love the asterisk note in that Rogers link. It says

*Accounts will be charged applicable taxes and a monthly System Access Fee of $4.95.

There is a hyperlink in "System Access Fee" wrhich leads to a FAQ entry that states:

The one-time activation fee is charged to help cover the costs associated with the ongoing operation, maintenance and upgrading of the Rogers network. The fee is not required by nor collected for the federal government or any of its agencies. The fee is billed in advance each month, and will appear twice on your first invoice. One is for the month in advance and the second is a prorated fee from your activation date to the end of your first billing period.

Basically it just sounds like a wrong link (even though "System Access Fee" is what the FAQ entry calls it). However, even within that description, it calls it a "one-time activation fee" that is "billed in advance each month".

Now I am as confused as their CSRs.

P.S. There is a quote check-box but you have to click it, then click "Go Advanced".
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I'm pretty sure made a reply to Hugh saying that his calls for objectivity are facetious, since it's my own personal experience and I'm not making a universal claim. Was it removed?

And I also wrote about how I've been paying $55 a month for the past 5 years with BELL for a basic plan (unlimited local calls, call waiting and call display), and this might've been the right price 5 years ago, but I doubt it was in the past 2 years, especially after Bell introduced Home Phone Choice for $34.95 which includes 5 calling features and unlimited local calls. The difference that I've paid for this basic plan is why I feel that Bell has taken away money that should not be theirs. If BELL was a decent company, they would've notified me of their new plans and the cheaper rates.

Now if that's such a crazy claim, please remove my post.
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Rogers offers a "home phone" service which is the former Sprint POTS. It requires use of the Bell line from your dwelling to the CO. There is some form of Bell quota/limit on that, and when I went to sign up it was not availalbe at the time.

Cable home phone service was availalbe however. You get a cable telephony modem (that what the box says) that is attached to the cable input, usually in the same location as the Internet service, and to your existing phone jack at that location. All other jacks work as before without anything additional. I don't have a fax, but if yours attaches to the phone jack as most do it should continue to work.

Pricing is:
Standard plan 29.95
System Access fee 4.50
voice mail 4.00
Total before taxes and discount =38.45
That includes call display feature. There may be other features included that I don't use. Long distance is $0.05/miniute anytime. I believe there is free long distance to any other Rogers phone in Canada, but I don't get any benefit from that.

Now the complicated part: depending on how many other Rogers services you have (internet, Cable TV, cell phone) you get a bundle discount of 5-15% applied to each of the services. So if you already had internet and cable TV for example, and you added home phone, you would get a 10% bundle discount applied to all three. Sort of ;-(. The discount in case of Home Phone only applies to the base Standard Plan. It is not applied to the Access Fee or separately priced options.

Clear?? :-)
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Yes, thank you, clear! I was looking to switch to Rogers Internet PHone Service, which i guess as Hugh mentioned is there VOIP service and much cheaper. The cable home phone you mentioned, if I was to go with that, I'll just go with Bell and their home phone choice. ALmost the same price + 5 extra features.
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If BELL was a decent company, they would've notified me of their new plans and the cheaper rates.
The Bell Home Phone Choice is relatively new plan and has only been available since approximately the March time frame.
Advertisements in the paper, on the internet, via emails and in through billing inserts would have notified you to the possiblity of changing your service to the Home Phone Choice service. You were also alerted via your earlier thread in this forum (from approximately 2 months ago) that you could change your cost for service even while you considered whether you wished to stay will Bell or not.

You decided not to.

Hugh is correct when he stated that Bell has stolen nothing from you.

Nem, who thinks if he didn't like the price of something, he would actively inquire if there was a better price

The preceding post and all opinions expressed are solely those of the poster and do not reflect the opinions of any other person or business
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I don't recall being notified of Bell's HPC until, as you stated, 2 months ago, and I haven't done anything in 2 months because I was away.

well looks like I'll be going with Bell Home Phone Choice after all, since I'm not getting much on my Rogers Internet Phone Service vs. Bell research (most people compare Rogers POTS or cable telephony with Bell, little is said of Rogers Internet PHone Service). Plus, I get to keep my fax.
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A friend is less than impressed with his Rogers VOIP service (He can hear ok, but the other end say they have a choppy connection)
He has had issues while downloading and making a phone call at the same time
He says he has regular high speed, so I didn't think the fact that he was downloading at the same time as making a phone call he would have issues, but when he goes offline, he says everything is ok
He is in an older neighborhood, and has booked a service call to check it out, as he works from home sometimes
He's hoping to get it sorted, as he has already gone through the trouble of changing providers
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hmmm, do you know when they're coming to take a look at his connection?
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Incidentally, fax works fine on most VoIP. Try it.

I've even used dialup Internet on my cable company-provided VoIP. (My cablemodem was down, and the VoIP system here in Regina uses a different network so it was still working.)
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I talked to the friend with VOIP issues, and he said they sent a service tech out, and he some connectors, signal levels, etc...
He then told him that he would need High Speed, not the High Speed Light version he was using
He upgraded, and hasn't had any issues since...
I'm wondering if it was an intermittent issue, seeing as I have read in this thread, that VOIP works even on dialup
Would High Speed Light be fast enough, if he was downloading a big file, and using his phone?
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Since VOIP services use the public internet there may be some degradation of services if you are using the interent (at top speed) while trying to have a conversation on the phone. If you have a faster service with higher speed capabilities you would not have as much impact when having a conversation. Or you could get Shaw (if available) which never touches the public internet but rather goes on their own managed broadband connection back to the source.

Designated Shaw Employee representative for Cable & Digital Cable for Digital Home Forums.
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