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Bell Fibe vs. Rogers Cable as ISP - your opinion


I used to be a Bell DSL customer 3 years ago, but the service was unreliable due to my home telephone copper lines. Moved to Rogers and in the past few months, service is horrible in the evenings, to the point that I don't have internet access at all. I heard this is common with Rogers in downtown Toronto.

Is there anyone who has moved from Rogers cable internet to Bell Fibe with similar problems as mine? Cost is not an issue for me as long as I have reliable internet service. Anyone who has also moved to Bell Five TV from Rogers? How is it.

Any comments - good or bad - are greatly appreciated.

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I use Rogers at home and have had some involvement with them at work. I have never used any ADSL at home, but often had to deal with Bell in my work. I'd much rather have Rogers. My cable Internet access tends to work well, with very few problems. This compares with Bell ADSL at work failing frequently. Then we get to the support, where Rogers is much better than Bell.

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ramiror, when you get Fibe internet, your line will be changed from ADSL to VDSL2+ and rerouted to a local fibre-optic node within a km of your home, which will reduce the length of the copper line and eliminate the reliability problems you were having.

If you get Fibe TV, the physical line speed will typically be 35 Mbps to handle TV and you can choose either 15 or 25 Mbps download (upload is 10 with both). You may also be able to get 50/10 depending on your location. Bell has brought back unlimited bandwidth for $10/month if you have TV, internet and phone (either landline or cell).

If you search the Bell Fibe TV forum for "Rogers", you will see lots of people that have switched to Bell and are happy with their decision.
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thank you for help
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Ramiror: Use what we say with a grain of salt. Just ask any of the first people over in the HD PVR thread what they think of Rogers support when they released their updated firmware. I have never had an issue with Rogers internet, period, but I also have one of their highest speed tiers. That being said, I am seriously considering switching to Bell for TV and Internet, if the 50/10 speed is available at my location. I have had enough with Rogers for their cable mess. Everyone has different experiences. My main reasons for disliking Rogers are purely because they are last to the show when it comes to internet and tv offerings.

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I had been with Rogers for a number of years but moved over to Fibe when it became available in our neighbourhood a couple of years ago. First of all, the TV experience is a significant improvement over Rogers. The first thing we noticed was that the resolution seemed a fair bit better. We've got top end Panasonic VT series plasmas and we noticed the difference immediately. Second, the whole Guide/Menu/VOD is also significantly better than what Rogers had (at the time - I'm not sure where they stand now). Fibe allows you to customize your guide so you only see the channels in the guide that you want (whether you subscribe to them or not). Third, check what Fibe internet speed is available in your area. A lot of areas are 50/10. Ours is not so I'm getting 25/7. This is one area that I feel that Rogers has the edge. Bell home telephone is fine but we thought the Rogers digital phone sounded clearer.

In any event we've generally been happy with our switch to Fibe. The most significant improvement is the TV experience of Fibe vs Rogers.

Otherwise both offerings are a good with Rogers having an edge in internet speed and phone clarity. I hope this helps.
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Be very careful about Bell's promise to deliver top internet speed with Fibe. I live in the west-end of Toronto and the best speed Bell could deliver was 6 mbps even though every CSR assured me my area was designated for the max available. After almost two years and numerous technicians later, every tech said the same thing i.e. that the switch box on my street was completely inadequate to deliver more and until Bell completely changed the infrastructure nothing would improve.

I switched to Techsavvy cable and the speed improved to the 20 mbps plan purchased. I still have Bell TV but without Fibe of course.
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That's very interesting. Our 25/7 Fibe Internet actually achieves those speeds (although it drops to 16/7 if the TV's are on). However, like WFG, Bell had to change our "Card" at the box in our neighbourhood to make sure we could achieve this. It sure seems like the Bell fibre optic network rollout is a work in progress.
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I switched from Shaw to Bell Fibe, and immediately switched back to Shaw. I signed up for the 25M package for internet, but when I had the tech run speed tests, the fastest I got was 15M. He tried to explain that the drop was because I had my router and computer turned on! He also said that when we turn on our TVs we will get a further reduction. I had 50 M service on Shaw, and my speed tests were in the area of 46-48M regardless of what I had running at the time. I was without telephone service for two days as well. Bell's adds state no loss in speed regardless of the circumstances, and that the fiber goes to your house. Both are not true. Their system still runs over the telephone lines.
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Wink I switched from Rogers to Bell and....

I switched about 2 years ago. I live in Ottawa. I had Rogers 8Mb service when I switched, which worked fairly well. The cable modem would periodically reset itself which was annoying because my home wifi name would go back to the default name, and settings would need to be reset. I did it the first 3 times it reset itself (over the course of a year), and then the next time it happened, just went with default.

When I switched to Bell, I went 25/10 Fibe. I switched because the package with Bell was only 4 dollars more for 25 Mbit speeds, plus I already had 2 Bell phone lines into the house so I would get a bundled discount (a measly 4 bucks). I have tested the speed multiple times, it is what is advertised. The connection does drop more than the Rogers connection ever did, but not very often. I would say I get a hiccup once every 2 weeks or so, and the modem always resets itself after no more than a 5-minute outage. It does keep all customizations though, so it is a minor annoyance. I don't have TV service, just a good old antenna on the roof so the outages don't affect my TV habits in the least.

Am now looking around again. Bell arbitrarily increased the cost of my Fiber by $3 a month, and also the cost of my dual-phone line package by $2.50. 5.50 a month is not enough to break the bank, but is annoying enough that it warrants pricing out the competition.

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I use Rogers Express at a nonprofit where I help out, and, recently I switched from Teksavvy 5 MBps DSL to Bell Fibe when I got Fibe TV at home. I'm on the 15/10 Fibe internet. On Rogers Express, downloads are about 800-900 kB/sec. On my old DSL they were around 550. On Fibe they're about 1.8 MB/sec, about 3 times regular DSL. I don't have upload figures on Rogers, but on my old DSL upload was about 50 kB/sec and on Fibe it's over 10 times as fast. This is the biggest gain I've seen.
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I've been on Rogers in the Toronto area for about a year - the mid-tier plan.

In the evening the connection is so slow we can't watch low-res video.

Recently, we've taken to tethering the computers to my wife's 3G (not LTE) Android phone in the evening. Then the same sites work perfectly.

It's sad that 3G cellular is so much better then broadband cable, and it's not a good solution - she has the 6GB plan but we are still scared about going over since the overage charge is so big.

It's also sad because I've tended to think that Robellus have poor C/S, very high prices, and some pretty nasty practices, but at least they have good technology...
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It's sad that 3G cellular is so much better then broadband cable,
This discussion is very odd. In previous Rogers threads, and in my experience, Rogers provides their customers with exactly the upload and download speeds they pay for (excepting perhaps the fastest service) because that may occasionally have a bottleneck at peak times.

With Speed Boost, the downloads for the first few seconds even exceeds the paid for rate. If you're not getting the speed you pay for from Rogers, then there is something wrong at your location, or you're not connected directly to the modem with a cable. Or perhaps the modem is not properly provisioned, which simply requires a call to Rogers.

Almost all complaints on this forum regarding broadband speed have been due to wireless connections and router issues. Not the speed at the modem from Rogers. People on Lite, Express, Extreme or Extreme Plus almost always get what they pay for because the system has to be able to handle the "Ultimate" package which is many times faster.

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wfg ::::theres no possible way you could be only getting 6mb thru bell and by switching to techsavvy your getting 20 mb techsavvy gets there internet thru bell techsavvy is Bells 3rd party company where techsavvy uses the Bell line to provide you with the internet hence the term DRYLOOP
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Edcanuck when you had the tech run a speedtest what site did he use to run a speedtest and was he connected wi-fi or directly to the mdm? that tech who showed up to do your install was probably not an experienced tech, there could be alot of issues when it comes to speedtest as i am a tech and when customers ask to do a speedtest i use my meter and my meter is 100% accurate because it's also testing the integrity of the line if there are issues with the line the result of the speedtest will be affected,

as far as fiber going to the house Bell has stopped running copper in new subdivisions and is all fiber optic eventuall with Bells new 7330 system its only a matter of time well be able to provide you with a mirrored speed 50mb/50mb download/upload the highest speed we can offer if fiber optic is in the new subdivision are all mirrored starting at 25mb to 50mb all the way to 125mb even thought the fiber can have a max attainable of 1.2g im not sure if Bell will ever offer a 1g download speed but if offered expect to pay a huge amount as that is just insane speed
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