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Bell Internet and Phone Complaint and Rant Thread

I just spent over an hour on the phone with Bell trying to get my billing situation sorted out.

For years we've had Cell (x2), Phone, Internet, TV with Bell on separate bills. Some time after they sent out the last set of bills, they combined everything onto one bill without notifying us.

All the services were paid to the appropriate accounts but Bell combined them all onto our most recent TV bill before the payments were received. Net net is the balance that should have been $112 was $591. When I called, they did re-assure me that the monies from the other accounts would be transferred to the new account at the end of 2 months (they claim money can only be transferred after 2 full billing periods!!).

I told them this was i) unacceptable and ii) I wanted my bills returned to the way they were. Since the agent I was trying to speak with said this was impossible to do I had to speak with her manager. The manager seems to have done what needed doing to restore things to the way they should be.

Thankfully, eventually all our services will be moved away from this idiotic company. I canceled some of our services last month and I think that may have triggered the billing consolidation. I hope I don't have to experience this joy every time I cancel something... I also had to get some bogus long distance cancellation charge reversed.
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This exact thing happened to my father, who then eventually cancelled everything because of it. This was also like 10-15 years ago, when there also was no benefit to bundling services, shouldn't it be cheaper now anyway?

Also; right now, I know that if I sent money to my Bell TV account # instead of my One Bill #, the money still went to the One Bill account anyway.

So, you would rather have 5 seperate bills vs 1? You still get full details with either version. What about the bundling discount? If you weren't getting it, thats atleast $20 less.

Maybe there were mistakes or some idiot goofed up huge, and maybe they shouldn't have done anything without your consent. Then again, you ignored your new bill account # and continued to pay your services off seperately.

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Maybe there were mistakes or some idiot goofed up huge, and maybe they shouldn't have done anything without your consent. Then again, you ignored your new bill account # and continued to pay your services off seperately.
I didn't ignore anything. I paid the bills to the account numbers that were on the invoices!!! There is no "new" account number, everything was combined to an existing account AFTER the bills were sent out but BEFORE they processed my payments from the original accounts.
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Sorry, I have to rant a little, this isn't so much a combining issue but an incompetence issue with all things Bell.

I was looking to reduce my phone and internet costs, I spent a whole hour talking to someone in South America to a nice person who helped me reduce my bill about $25. He then told me he was transferring me to someone to complete the transaction. Nice lady comes on the line as asks me how she can help? I find out that the new person knows nothing about what I just spent over an hour doing. Thankfully she was an actual Cust. Loyalty Agent and proceeded to reduce my total bill from $130 down to $78 with a lot more long distance and an extra 5 gig a month on top of the 60 I already negotiated a couple years ago on a 25 gig plan. Great, an hour and a half on the phone but worth the effort.

I check my bill online for this month and it's actually $147 now! I called and went straight to the Loyalty dept. and they give me some song and dance about it being a partial billing issue and not to worry, wait for the hard copy all should be well. I got that today and the same thing. Back on the phone and I after arguing with an regular agent and him giving me all sort of excuses I force him to get me through to Loyalty again. Thankfully I got someone capable and she tells me that they've over charged me for features I don't have, and that half the changes that were done never actually were applied to my account. I then get transfered to another agent to get my free modem sent to me and the new agent asks me if I was told about the shipping fee. I told her there's no shipping fee and suddenly there's no shipping fee. So 3 hours of elevated blood pressure and I my bill went from $130 to $82 with more services and substantially more long distance without the back door network charges. I have never done any changes with Bell that didn't take more than one call to get things right.

Sorry for the long wind

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huge rant on Primus and now bell!!!!!!!

This is a long story and as of tonight it still has not ended.

I was solicited by Rogers about 4 years ago to switch my phone lines at my office to their service. Price was good and we could bundle with internet and cellphones....all good although the dumbies constantly listed my roll over line on the internet as my phone number.....

Ok this February we get a letter from Rogers that they no longer will service analog phone lines and will be switching our provider to Primus. Invoicing will remain the same and there would be no service interuptions.....

March 22 the changeover was to occur but with seamless changeover the only thing we should have noticed was a bill from Primus and not Rogers...

March 23...all 3 lines are down for 2 days. Incredible waits on hold finally get them back up...
1 week later, fax line goes down for a day and only again a long wait on hold with Primus results in the phone line being up 24 hours later. No explanation is given...

First invoice from Primus arrives. It is exactly the same price as Rogers less our bundled discount. Invoice from Rogers is received for the same price...
Invoice from bell comes for double the price.

Get on the phone and straighten out with Rogers...Get on phone with Bell and listen to a load of .. that only 2 of our lines went to Primus and the fax line now belongs to Bell. I fax them my Primus invoice and everyone is confused, except me. Switched numerous times from service rep to service rep until I finally get one that seems to investigate and sees that Rogers released that one line 2 weeks late and Primus did not pick it up.

I sat and listened to this crap and have spent endless hours trying to straighten this out.

Get a call from Bell about may 15th telling me to disregard the invoices (they sent 2 more since then) and everything is fine with billing.

May 20th - 2 phone lines go down only fax line workable for outgoing, cant get incoming, customers are emailing me wondering if I was shut down.
Spent more time on hold with Primus, get no answers. Service tech coming by days end. 4:00 service rep shows up goes to phone lines in the back shop and says there is no signal....duhhh. Says he will go to the box a block away and investigate. Comes back 30 minutes later and tells me the problem is that my lines were cancelled!!! By who I ask, and he says my secretaries name. I said if this was true then why would a service tech be sent out for something they knew, and could I hear the recorded call that they inform me of for accuracy and training purposes.... No go....
Next morning still no phone lines and a tech from Primus arrives ( a Bell guy ) and says he is there to re hook up line 2 (the roll over line). I say what about my main line...he says he only has an order for line 2.

I swear this is all true.... He gets the line working and then later main line mysteriously starts working. I call Primus and want answers and then decide to to write to customer care...ha ha what a joke. No answer yet.
Now the guy who came to tell us our mainline was working also informed me that it was a Bell line. I ran to get the invoice and showed him all 3 lines on Primuses bill and he was confused.

OK enough is enough and I call Bell and inquire what the cost is to come back to them and they have good rates and I say good take them over and I commit to a 3 year deal. They tell me it can take up to 5 business days to switch and naturally no service interuption..... Last Friday...No main number again but roll over working and fax line working. I absolutley lose it and call Bell, and once again I am stuck in this loop of deception and lies. They cant seem to find my contract for service..that they recorded for the 3 year contract. I demand to speak to a supervisor and am informed one will call me back on my cell phone.....never happened. Called later in the day and asked when the lines would be back up and again they say by 5 o clock. It is Friday and I leave the office at 7pm phone lines still down.

Come in today, Monday. Phone line still dead.... back on the phone I go and talk to service and they say they will be up by 5pm. I asked why they were not up by 5 on Friday like they said and was told I was talking to repair now and not sales. I laughed and told they guy, by no means was it his fault but Bell and the rest of them are the shoddiest run companies I have ever dealt with.
4 oclock rolls by and I call repair again and this guy from Montreal again puts me on hold and then comes back and tells me that someone will be there by 7pm. I said, 5 oclock is what I was told and he said that then the best they could do was 6pm.... I was at work until 6:45 and no one showed up.

I wonder if my phone line will be working tomorrow morning.

I know many of you will be shaking thir heads and wondering how I kept my cool through all this and honestly I didn't and I lost it on a few of these so called customer service reps, I also wrote a scathing e-mail to Primus customer care.

With Bell I cant seem to climb the ladder to find anyone who will really help me....

Lastly I forgot to mention that I received a demand for payment from bell for my fax line dating back a month ago with a threat of it going to collection...
I spent an additional hour today trying to deal with a service operator from the carribean who again put me on continual hold and nothing was resolved and then I said can you see who the provider is on that line, and she says Primooose Canada, yea she never heard of that company I guess and I said so if primus is the carrier why would I pay this invoice... she said her supervisor would call me on my cell phone soon. That was 10 this morning and I never heard back

whats left for me to do?

I need phones at work and I have gotten screwed by 3 biggies.

I am completely fed up
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Contact the CCTS. Contact your local news station "consumer protection" reporter. This incompetence needs to be outted right now.

You might consider legal action for the damages you've suffered. Talk to a lawyer.
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Bell called me while with rogers and promissed me an all in 130$ deal 6 months prior to moving into my new home.. Feeling it was too good to be true, i called back 2 times early after agreeing to the service and had it confirmed. within about 6$ of the original quote.

Install date comes and my first bill came and i have never seen a bill under 180$... I fought with them many time over it and got reduced to 140$ for a few months but its back up again. There confusing use of credits to reduce montlhy costs is part of the issue. They have some that last 6 months and 12months yet your agreeing to a 3 year term(even after you say you wont take a 3year contract they sign u up on one anyway).. They say just call back in 6-12 months and they will re apply new credits. yayada... its a PITA..

Im near the end of my commitment and ill be going to tek##### for phone and internet very shortly. I wont agree to any bell retention offers this time around.

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Question bell grr

i have had bell here 6 times since May 14, 2011 and you know what I am still hearing Clicking, static, beeping, it disconnects on its own.

I have been looking it up it states tapping, Now What i can't understand is why they can't figure this out.. I advised them to come here and pull all the old lnes out and replace with new all they told me it depends on the tech. Like hell. It should have been fixed after the 2nd and 3rd time, it should have never got to the 6th.. when you get wire care becareful I think this is how they reel you in..

I wish it would all stop and when you tell them that when your neighbour is out and sees you and says" shes out and then it starts beeping or any of the others, it is frustrating, exscpecially when it hangs up on your mother more then once. I have talked to the st thomas police all they did was brush it off... But when i got advice from 2 other police services they stated an investigation should have been started it is a serious matter.. I just know anymore.. So I have suspeneded my account and i want to terminate it. I have decided to go to Rogers, hopefull they will figure it out, all my other services are rogers. then the neighbour upstairs listenes wheni come in side i hear a loud click click and then major echoing, and my phones are 4 months old and have an echo mode in them ... well you tell me what you all think. I know it is something that invades my privacy alot.
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So i wonder if there is a reported in regards to phone issues, maybe i should contact the
and I see no matter if rogers or bell they string
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Bell Fibe & Internet Combos are Not Deals

I'd like to let it be known that you don't save with combo packages. I have recently signed up for Fibe12 and Bell Phone, and I didn't receive no discount for 6 - 12 months, nothing I immediately had to pay the full price. When divided in half I'm spending more for Phone then I had before Bell Internet for a grand total of over $70 a month. I love how Bell shows you the bill total before taxes. I'm paying $10 in taxes, and I'm not blaming the HST because it would happen regardless, I'd be OK with paying $65 at the most, although there would always be room for further reduction. It's becoming where you either have internet or food or eat less, which many should do.
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Well if its more expensive than alternatives, then why not switch?
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Bell owns all of the competitors networking as in TekSavvy. If Bell wants to pull a fast one they screw over TekSavvy and in the end you pay for it, which defeats the purpose of switching from Bell in the end even if you get 2 yrs of service from the competition you may end up going back. It could happen, unless there is a ruling from the CRTC that truely gives competition the edge without no loop holes then I may consider but that door doesn't look like it's opening soon.
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Well, it's bye bye Bell Internet for our household.

Called to cancel that the other day (phone will be next). Their retentions department actually tried to make me feel guilty about leaving them for a lower cost competitor! They said I shouldn't cancel because I never gave them the opportunity to match or beat the competitors rates. The woman actually went so far as to say that I owed them that!!!

I said after 10 years of over paying for internet services with them I owed them $0 and if I was a valued customer they should have been proactive and offered me a better deal. Once I told her if anyone owed someone something it was they who owed me she said she would have to put me on hold for a while to get the account cancelled.

Still with them for the obligatory 30 days.
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Added charges

So I had a Bell internet account with no phone line, so a 'virtual' number.

I had the service put on hold for one mth in Dec while I was on Xmas break. After that, I had a subletter in my apt, who paid internet for 4 mths while I was on a military deployment. For some reason, Bell charged for 2 internet lines after reinstating the hold, and the subletter didn't clue in and just paid it.

Upon returning to Canada, I realized my bill was way to high and proceeded to try and reclaim the overpaid money.

After arguing with an agent for a good 5 min that I indeed did only have 1 internet line, I was told I would get my money refunded in 4 weeks, AND that there was a charge missing from my bill infact.

Due to this 'virtual' number, apparently I'm to pay a $10.00/mth "High speed network charge" for not actually having phone service. Even though this wasn't on the last 6 mths worth of bills I've received from Bell.

My question is, is the company allowed to, at will, add additional charges to ones bill midway through a contract period without ones consent?
Even if the charge is not bogus, what's to stop them from adding anther few false and made up charges?

If Bell "forgot" to charge that for the last 6 mths from the beginning of my service, isn't that their fault?

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Cancelled my landline

Not a complete rant....

At our house we're trying to do more with less which has meant reviewing what services we consume and trying to determine if we can save some $ by downgrading things or cancelling.

Recently I reviewed my phone bill which is currently hovering around $70 per month. I figured that if I chopped my LD plan and my call answer service I'd be paying about $30 less per month and I really just wanted a basic line with callerID to use as an emergency back-up. While not a lot of money it irks me to pay for something I never use so I called Ma Bell to see what my options were.

After doing the math they quoted me $40 per month and said that in Jan the rates would be going up $2. I don't have any other services with them so there's nothing they can really offer me in the way of bundles.

After some spirited haggling I just decided to call it quits with Bell and do the dry loop for my home DSL. Cancellation date is 07 Jan.

I've been a Bell customer for almost 30 years and have stayed with them because they have always provided good value for the money and if issues arose they dealt with them quickly. I'm sort of sorry to be losing their service but if their options were more reasonable then I'd probably have stayed.

My rant would be that even though I've cancelled my service, somehow it's my responsibility to call them on the 7th if they haven't cut me off by 4pm. WTF makes that my problem??
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