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That was a very good rant!
We manage to avoid the dread telemarketers by only answering incoming numbers we recognize. Not having a widespread set of family, friends and acquaintances this is not too difficult.

To add to the Bell rant. When are they going to get rid of the seemingly random need for the initial '1' in front of some numbers in the same area code. I know it used to be necessary in those far off days of electro-mechanical phone switches, but now? My cellphone manages to deal with it.

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With 10 digit dialing the initial 1 is not needed. I suspect it's required to remind the caller that it is long distance and may incur extra charges. Since Bell gouges it's customers for long distance calls, that's probably a good thing.

Which brings me to my rant. The beginning of the end for Bell with me was the constant gouging. Bell always gouged its customers but at least a basic land line was reasonable and necessary (before cell service was widely available.) If anything extra, like long distance, was required you were gouged but at least it could be avoided. (Letters were very popular.)

Slowly, the gouging escalated. Even though costs for everything in the communications sector fall year after year, Bell keeps raising its rates. Even a basic phone is now over $41/mo but that's not the end of it. You get gouged for extra fees that are not divulged until the first bill arrives. Bell just keeps inflating the prices for popular services. Call display is the most notable example. Costs to provide call display are minimal but they keep increasing the price to gouge customers for what many believe is a necessary feature. Then there are long distance charges. Both the basic rates and long distance plans are outrageously priced considering what it costs to provide the service. And what's the "network charge." There's a fraudulent fee if I ever saw one. The $6.00/mo long distance plan I was sold actually cost $9.00 when the network charge was added, despite the fact the salesperson lied when he said there were no extra fees. The same thing happens with internet, wireless phone and TV. Popular features are layered on top of high priced, less popular features that most don't want or need. Want an Apple or Samsung phone? Sorry, that's only available with our most expensive plan. Want that channel you really like? Sorry, it's only available in our most expensive package. The only things you can be sure of with Bell is that prices will go up and deals don't last long. Then there was the time they tried to double my internet price because they lowered to caps to an arbitrarily low figure. I switched the next day and haven't gone back.

Even worse are Bell's sales tactics. Their salespeople lie about charges, lie about service specs and even lie about what service is being offered. I had a salesperson show up at the door and made what sounded like an incredible offer for a Fibe bundle. It turned out that what he claimed was Fibe TV was really satellite, the 50Mbps internet was really 5Mbps ADSL and (after six months) the phone was twice the price of what we already had. It doesn't end there. Think you have a sweetheart grandfathered plan? It won't last long. Bell unilaterally changes features and makes you upgrade to higher priced services to keep the same service. They doubled the per minute rate and call display price for my phone plan and removed the monthly carry over. That made the service next to unusable as I could only make 8 minutes of calls per month. As expected, the price for a usable plan was 50% higher.

I'm proud to announce that as of late last year, we are a 100% Bell free household. That means no more unexpected charges on services, no more unreasonable price increases, no more unilateral removal of features, no more unreasonable charges for things like call display or long distance, no more lies and, best of all, no more gouging.
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Originally Posted by ExDilbert
I'm proud to announce that as of late last year, we are a 100% Bell free household. That means no more unexpected charges on services, no more unreasonable price increases, no more unilateral removal of features, no more unreasonable charges for things like call display or long distance, no more lies and, best of all, no more gouging.
Yeah, the network charge drives me a bit nuts for sure. For months that I haven't used long distance and then I need to make a single long distance call, I'll use my SpeakOut cell phone so that I won't incur the silly network charge.

I keep my Bell Home Phone to qualify for the 3 services discount that gets me a $20 Fibe PVR for no cost. It seems worth it, although some months I wonder if I get more telemarketers than actual personal calls.

But sure, I could be a 100% Bell free household and I wouldn't have Fibe TV, which I really like. I wouldn't have Bell internet, which works just great and supplies far greater bandwidth than advertised, and I wouldn't have hard wired Bell phone that works regardless if the power is on or not.

Can you match that with your new situation?

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We are already a Bell free household.
Doesn't stop them from sending pretty girls around to try to sell me their services and the last one was very attractive indeed.

Back to Bell phone services. About 30 (before cell phones) years ago The Economist suggested that if phone service was priced on a fixed amount to make a connection with everything else after that free the worlds phone companies would be even more profitable as their billing processes would be so much simpler. Of course in NA this would involve a charge, perhaps tiny, per local call which might be politically difficult...and then along came cell service!

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I can reasonably say yes. The TV features and equipment aren't quite as good as Bell's but good enough right now and there are other things that compensate. We have legacy POTS phone for almost half the price as Bell charges with a free long distance plan and no bogus network fee. The price has only gone up once in the past 10 years and that's because we made a service change. Internet is half the price of the comparable Bell plan and is rock solid. The price is locked in for another 4 years. Bell's retail prices are bogus. They could sell their products for half the price but don't because there is no real competition. In any event, the question is moot because Bell has chosen not to wire our area of the city for any fibre supported services like high speed internet and TV. When I did have Bell services, they treated me so badly it's unlikely I will go back.
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I'm a rogers free home and am so happy I got ride of them. Like timlocke, instead of Bell I get Rogers. Not representatives from Bell, but tones of Rogers junk mail.

I'm not saying Bell's totally excellent they too have some issues but not as bad as Rogers(in my case).

For the price I pay for my mothers ethnic services $45 for 12 channels, I would be paying $40 for only 4 channels which 8 of the channels Rogers doesn't evemn carry.

I like Bell Fibe TV and am hsappy with their service.

I'm not sure how Bell treats all their customers but in my case I really don't have any major issues with them and have mostly been treated well by them. According to a CSR I spoke to before I asked about a "Prefered Customer Calling card I got in the mail. According to the CSR I'm on a VIP/Preferred customer listed in which if I have any issues I call the number on the card and I get bumped to the top of the waiting list on hold for customer service.And I seem to always get good deals ontop of my bundles when the deals expire.

Now grant you I'm paying for 4 services and basically paying almost $5,000 a year for those services, while that has anything to do with it I'm not sure?

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That has a lot to do with it. Bell likes people who don't mind paying a lot for services. In fact, they insist on it. For me, it was an extra $3 or $5 per month every few months for basically the same service. They also kept changing their pricing structures to make it impossible to save money by trimming services. Trying to stay on a budget with Bell is like trying to stay on a diet in a fast food restaurant. It's almost impossible because they keep sneaking in extra fat and supersizing portions in ways that defeat customers' goals.
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Notice in current bill for increases effective April 1st 2018:

$2 increase for Home Phone
$1 increase for Long Distance International Package
10% increase for long distance rates (for calls made outside an international package)
$5 Internet Service. (ouch!!)

And.... The current rate of inflation is..........?


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