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Our Sympatico e-mail accounts have been deleted!

I poster this in another thread but figured it should be part of this sticky.

WTF!!! My wife and I noticed we had stopped receiving e-mail to our BB's last Thursday (01-12-2012). We have two e-mail addresses eg. I got on my laptop to sign in from the Windows Live page.

I get the following message with either address.

Provide account information

Your current Windows Live ID is no longer valid. Please create a new ID to sign in to Windows Live services. If you have Windows Live Messenger contacts, they will automatically be transferred to your new Windows Live ID.

Verify your information

Windows Live ID:

Then an option to "Rename your Windows Live ID"

*New Windows Live ID: ___________ @

Submit / Cancel

I called Sympatico tech support and after 90 minutes on the phone with nothing resolved they said it was a problem between Bell/Microsoft. They took my number and said it should be fixed within 72 hours and that they'll call me back.

By Sunday afternoon, no word and still no e-mail. After another 60 minutes on the phone they said to call back Monday between 9-10 am and it should be resolved.

Called this morning, another 60 minutes on the phone and all I got out of them was that it's a Bell/Microsoft problem and should be fixed in 48 hours.

Here's the thing, every time you call they treat you like it's a brand new problem. Do they not keep notes on problems relating to a specific account?

Each time they've wanted me to download the Applet so they could "check" my computer. I kept telling them that it's not my computer. No e-mail to our BB's, unable to login from any computer and that includes the ones tech support are using.

It's been 4 days and they'd better get this sorted out soon. I can't afford to lose all of my e-mails. I switched from Outlook to Windows live to avoid this problem.

I've just about had it with Bell. Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrg!!!

Follow up!

Just got off the phone with Bell. They said MSN has deleted our e-mail accounts. All of our contacts, e-mails and saved e-mails have been deleted. They said sorry but it's not Bell's fault, it's MSN's. They put me through to their executive office but it went to voicemail.

We have upcoming flight and hotel confirmations and tons of other important information, not to mention our friends and family from around the world who will have no way to contact us. I've tried sending e-mails to ourselves and we don't even get a bounce back so anyone contacting us will just assume we're ignoring them.

They offered no other advice nor did they offer a solution like setting up new e-mail accounts. I don't even know if we can have the same addresses.

Just got a call back from Bell Executive office. They asked a couple questions and said someone will call me back in 48 hours.

I was having some problems with Outlook a few years ago and it was Bell that suggested I switch to Windows Live mail. "It's far better, more secure, you can access your mail from anywhere and you won't lose contacts or e-mails if your hard drive fails".

Follow up!

I should also mention that we called Bell to setup an e-mail address for our son. However it's and it has not been affected.

This is unbelievable!!! I am so pissed off!!!

Follow up!

Here's what happened. My wife looks after our Bell bill and she was late on a couple payments so they suspended our account. They received the full payment on Dec. 16th. and restored our account. My e-mail account was active the whole time.

For some reason for which they can't explain they deleted both our e-mail accounts on Jan. 12th. even though our bill was fully paid up. They said normally they should be able to reactivate our accounts but due to a "server error" they're unable to restore them. All of our current and saved e-mails along with all our contacts are gone for good.

Our bill was fully paid up Dec. 16th. They sent us a bill for the following month and then they permanently deleted our e-mail accounts on Jan. 12th. That's what you get for being with Bell for 10 years!

They said they can give us new e-mail addresses but we can't have the old ones back. Why the **** would we stay with Bell??? Give me one good reason???
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... and that's why you always back up anything that is important to you. Don't depend on someone else to secure your information.

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Well this one takes the cake. Last week I set up an appointment to have Fibe internet and fibe tv installed. When the tech arrived he informed me that Fibetv would not work as my building was not receiving a strong enough signal. He cancelled the order but I called Bell directly to be sure. They told me the Tv was order was cancelled but the internet was on hold.
They did however cancel the internet order and emailed me the confirmation. All this was done within 3 hours of the tech leaving.

Today I received in the mail a letter that I had to return the modem or be charged $75. i called Bell and was on hold for 20 min. They confirmed that I had nothing to return but because a tracking slip had been sent to me I may get billed. They put a note in my file and said to call if I get billed and they will process an adjustment.

What is wrong with this company? Charge me for something I was never given and then I am the one that must do another follow up. This is why they will not get my business.
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Just got the last bill.

We had our POTS service discontinued back in early January and rec'd a "final" bill that would have seen us pay for an extra full month even though the service had been arranged well in advance to be discontinued at the end of our previous billing period.

Called to complain that we shouldn't be expected to pay for that full month and the CS rep agreed and said we'd get an adjusted bill and not to worry.

A few days ago we got our "final" Bell bill and they had the nerve to include a late payment charge on the for the amount owing from Jan based on what the original bill was. Called CS and they offered to credit our next bill.

Didn't seem to understand that it was useless to credit our account cuz we no longer have servic3es with them.

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ok, my turn to whine....

My issues with Bell are very limited.

I will first confess I worked for Bell for 30 years before retiring, so I get a nice fat discount on all my services but there are always little nagging things.

We've never really had a billing problem. Any time I had an issue it was small and they fixed it.

My only REAL issue is the internet and Bell's advertising vs their delivery.

Being a rural customer I was grateful when they put in DSL in our area. Previously we only had 28.8 dial-up. (good grief..!!)

When the fliers came around touting Bell's DSL at a basic 2gb and an optional 6gb I thought yahoo... finally true high speed. Ok.. so it's not Fibe like you city folks but to us it was "high speed"..!

I ordered the new DSL and imagine my disappointment when I signed up for 6GB service to find I actually had 3.2GB service, and even at that it would be up and down like a toilet seat. After much whining to our friendly neighbourhood Tech. I find out someone in the Test Centre had us in the DSLAM at 7gb but the line's won't carry that speed, so it kept recycling. When they were done fixing what they could I was 3.2gb.

Why would I pay big busks for 3.2..????

In the end I had them drop it to 2gb el-cheapo service. I don't notice the difference in speed between 2 and 3.2 frankly and I save myself a bundle of money each month.

My issue is: why isn't Bell more honest? Why tell me "up to 6gb" when they know full well they can't deliver it? Why not have a middle of the road tier like maybe 4? Tiers at 2, 4 and 6 would make more sense.

Well, it's still better than 28.8 dial-up...

Oh, and I do have one other issue: using those off-shore Customer Service people that have never been able to help me with anything.

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Bell has been using "up to" for years. This is nothing new.
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Just a few questions for those of you using Bell. Have any of you had problems as of late getting logged into bell's website lately? Not having any problems getting to load up, but can't log into "My Bell". After entering the the username and password I always get a 401 error.

Talked to bell 4 times in the last 10 days and someone tells me the site must be down. Well it seems unreasonable to me for their site to be down for more than 10 days now. So I'm wondering if it's just a problem with my user name/ password or if everyone is having problems.
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Have just used My Bell without any problems.

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ED7789 thanks for letting me know this. I guess I have to get on the phone and call bell again and see why I can't get through.
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New tactic, illegal i think

Bell is greedy and is losing me as a customer. They tried to tell me my due date is the date when the bill prints. Its not, it prints on the 25th due the following month on the 12th. I pay on time every month without an issue and so their staff either doesnt know how to read dates and the bill that is printed or greed, regardless, going to a more honest company for 25 bucks cheaper. My due date is next week and accounts receivable called demanding to know why I havent paid by now, adding next months normal charges into the amount due. Bye Bell, wont miss the headache.
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The due date is definitely not the date that the bill is printed, but you realize all telephone providers bill one month in advance right?
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Payment is due immediately upon receipt. Interest starts accruing after the date printed on the bill.
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I recent upgraded to Bell's 50/10. Although I'm only get 45/10. Went to their web site and saw the 50/10 to check the details and according to the info more or less there's nothing wrong. It appears depending on far you are from the switching staion your download speed can be from 46 to 50 and upload speed 9-10.I get 10.

Then I saw 175/175 and the price I think it was $145(or something like that.)/month?

Then I went to rogers to see what their largest was. 260Mbps(I think) for $225/month!!


Thats CRAZY!!

Who in their right mind would pay for that just for internet(thats not including home phone,TV service or Cell.)

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Bell Canada makes unauthorized changes to services

Just wanted to make members here aware that they need to be constantly vigilant when dealing with Bell Canada. I have recently been subjected to unauthorized changes to my phone and internet services, overcharges on my bills, etc. to the point that I have had to completely cancel my home phone line and if things continue as they are, my internet service will be next to go.

Our family has/had been a loyal customer of Bell for over 2 decades and had enjoyed Sat TV, Internet, land line and cellular bundles for many years. I phoned Bell in mid-May after being fed up of being constantly over billed for service. I was on the Bell Fibe 15/10 plan (with 100G) which was clearly advertised at $49.95 after bundle discounts but was routinely being charged $56.95. I was also paying close to $70.00 monthly for POTS phone. After threatening to cancel home phone completely (did not tell them I've been using MagicJack for past couple months already) they talked me into staying on and offered to knock my phone down to Home Phone Lite for about $30 per month and would only charge me $53.95 for my Fibe 15/10 plan. Like an idiot, I said OK and received a confirmation email from Bell for the changes. Couple weeks go by and I log in to "My Bell" to check my services. My internet Fibe 15/10 with 100G was now showing only $53.95 BUT with only 60G! My land line service was at that time showing "home phone Lite" as they said. Fast forward to mid-June and I log in again because I know you can't trust Bell. I now see that my fibe 15/10 internet is the same 60G but now for u/k reason they have decided to tack on an extra 25G upgrade package and are charging me $5.00! Did I call and ask for this addition? No! My phone line which had been set at "Lite" has now also been ungraded to "Home Basic" at $42.95. I call Bell to ask why and how they can just decide to make unauthorized changes to my services without my consent. Like the arrogant SOBs they are, I receive a reply to effect "Well, you know, we do make errors from time to time, but we can fix it if you wish." At this point I was fed up with the Bell Canada "song & dance" routine and told them to cancel my phone service completely. Same phone # for 25 years!
Bell has set up a "dry-loop" for my internet service at no cost to me and with no disruption in internet service although I am still being charged $53.95 for the Fibe 15/10 with a meager 60G allotment. In a few weeks I will likely dump Bell internet also and go with ElectronicBox which offer the same speed and 150G for $32.95 (will have to buy or lease their modem) For now we're happy with MagicJack; voice quality is great and unlimited Canada wide long distance, all for $39.95 per year! Oh yes, and our Virgin Mobile cellulars are working great! Sorry all this was so long but needed to make people aware they need to watch their Bell services and bills closely.
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Have had bell fibe 5/1 since february. Lost phone service 3 times since the . The first time because water had got into the outside box & corroded the connections. The next two times rewiring for improved fibe service resulted in techs disconnecting my phone line.
Stuff happens what shocked me though was the explanation given me when the tech didnt show on saturday morning.Allegedy he called in to say I was not home as required and that he had phoned my cell twice with no result so closed the ticket.
I will spare everyone the saga of calls ensuing to straighten it out only pointing out that I was informed that the reason the original tech didnt show was he had a family emergency!
So the blame is dumped on me at first & they employ a bare faced liar in the field or if he was traduced a barefaced liar at the call centre.
At any rate new tech shows up & fixes issue in less than 5 min.Aside from the fact I had all Saturday wasted all well.
Dont understand why Bell employs some of the people they do.
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