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FibreOP speed increases in 2012?

I am betting on speed increases for all the tiers in the coming months. I have no definitive information on this but here goes my logic. Eastlink in Halifax just released a 200 Mbps download (10 Mbps upload) and a 80 Mbps download (8 Mbps upload) service today. Eastlink is Aliants biggest competitor and Halifax is ground zero. This is clearly in response to the 170/30 and 70/30 FibreOP speeds. I know for a fact the reason Aliant came out with the 170 service is because at the time cable were bonding 4 channels for a maximum bandwidth to a node in a neighbourhood of 160 Mbps and their max speed offering at the time was 100 Mbps (62.5% of available bandwidth). Clearly they now have bonded 8 channels for a max of 320 Mbps per node for the 200 Mbps (62.5% of available bandwidth). Since FibreOP has way more bandwidth to play with they can easily increase speeds as they want to keep marketing the fastest internet. I spoke with a contact today and pressed her and she said to "wait and see our response". Now of course 30/30 is more than enough for most people but it is all about bragging rights, and we as consumers benefit. So as it stands right now Eastlink is 20/1, 40/2, 80/8, 200/10 - Aliant 15/15, 30/30, 70/30 and 170/30.
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It makes sense that this "arms race" would continue until the current generation of technology is maxed out. As someone who lives between two FibreOp areas and cannot get it, I am glad that Eastlink has kicked up the pace of thier package expansion. We have just recently switched back to Eastlink TV after years with Bell Satellite. The whole home PVR is nice but not as smooth as I might have thought and the guide is still less than amazing on HD tv's. I would love to have the 80/8 package but it makes no sense for me as a customer to upgrade my speed to a package that enforces a 250gb/month cap. It makes great sense from thier perspective as a provider to have this but it's a non starter for many I think.

Thanks for the update on the speed tiers. I received an Eastlink e-mail about CBC on demand content this week but nothing on this.
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but really... who needs all that upload speed? unless you run a server, the upstream isn't that important
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You'd be wrong in that statement. Upstream is becoming more and more important because the way we use the internet and what we use it for is changing. Sending photos? videos? files? The end result no matter the upload speed is the same, the file is sent, but obviously we are an impatient people and higher upload speed means quicker sending. How about backing up your files offsite? Everyone should back up their files *somehow* and the upload that FibreOP provides makes it easier, cheaper, and more feasible to do it over the internet. Sharing files before computers and mobiles and other things? Well, Dropbox. How does Dropbox work? Same as offsite backup really and with good upload the amount of time to synchronize even the largest files becomes minimal and it naturally becomes part of your process without imposing a large wait. Want to watch your TV remotely? Grab a Slingbox and with good bandwidth at both sides you can watch it in gorgeous HD anywhere.

Services that utilize your upload may not have been popular or even existed in the past but just because of that does not mean upload is not important in this day and age.
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IMO once FibreOP blows past Eastlink's speeds (assumption) and matches the HD content (which will happen this year) then they will have by far the best of everything. Eastlink whole home pvr is second rate and they cap their top 3 teirs of internet, which by the way makes no sense. Who in their right mind would leave the 20/1 service uncapped to move to the others with the exact same caps. Yeah I would gladly pay $249.99 for 200 Mbps and hit my cap in 3 hours of downloading lol.
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Anybody who does work with their computer appreciates that upload speed, as do people uploading to Youtube, photo albums, etc.

Hell, even torrents benefit a lot from it.
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As a photographer, I love my fibreop upload speeds, uploading gigs of photos to client proofing portfolio's. As for the speed increase, I think aliant will increase their un-advertised 170/30 profile to something faster than eastlinks so they can say they are the fastest but I don't see them changing the 15/15, 30/30 or 70/30.
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Yeah, the upload has been great for uploading HD home movies. It used to take me 45 minutes to upload a large file to Vimeo. Now it takes me 2 or 3 minutes.

It'll be interesting to see how Aliant reacts to Eastlink.
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The Question is, would they really have to? I mean look Eastlink may be able to offer higher speeds all they want so people who crave speeds make the switch but in the end what's the point FibreOP has no caps.. and Eastlink offers 250 GB caps on pretty well all their plans, it just is a bit hard to fathom any logical reason to switch to a company for a bit faster speed incentive, and than get dinged on extra usage than to stay with FibreOP and have a slight slower speed, and still be able to download as much content as one needs.

Let alone not many Canadian ISPS even offer upload speeds as Fast as Bell Aliant FibreOP, although now Bell of course offers Fibe but all their plans still have caps.

Frankly I think Aliant should take advice from Novus and take alook at their offerings by comparison Novus Is just the Greater Vancouver metro area, but their speeds are pretty nice and bandwidth caps quite reasonable:

FibrNet Packages
FibrNet 25
25 Mbps
Download Speed: 25 Mbps
Upload Speed: 10 Mbps
Data Transfer: 250 GB

*Bundled price, Standalone price $37.50 32.50 /mth*

FibrNet 50
50 Mbps
Download Speed: 50 Mbps
Upload Speed: 10 Mbps
Data Transfer: 500 GB

*Bundled price, Standalone price $67.95 60.95 /mth*

FibrNet 100
100 Mbps
Download Speed: 100 Mbps
Upload Speed: 10 Mbps
Data Transfer: 750 GB

*Bundled price, Standalone price $82.95 73.95 /mth*

FibrNet 300
300 Mbps
Download Speed: 300 Mbps
Upload Speed: 15 Mbps
Data Transfer: 1 TB

*Bundled price, Standalone price $112.95
**Subject to audit of building wiring
102.95 /mth*

( source urL: )

Consider this the whole Vancouver area is pretty well all of the population of the Atlantic Provinces (if not more) and they only provide service to a select area, the pricing alone is quite nice, considering Both Aliant and Eastlink want around $250 dollars/month for their fastest offerings.

Also one other point if they also really wanted to join the speed wars, why didn't they ever bother to match or beat Rogers increase from 70 to 75 Mbps when FibreOP increased their speeds a year ago considering Rogers at the time was their primary competitor as really FibreOP was just expanding in more areas than.

But hopefully they do something in the end to match speeds or at least make them more competitive in the end
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They don't have to match Rogers at the high end, because in the high end market Rogers isn't real competition anyway. Their low caps and throttling of traffic stack up so badly against FibreOp that anybody seriously looking at the expensive plans is only going to have one choice.
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I would argue that even in the low end Rogers isn't an option because of the things mentioned, but that's just a personal view. People who try to pull the "well screw you I'll just go to Rogers" card amuse me. They are stepping backwards... so very very far.
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How ironic I just found this article.
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This is the Verizon dudes response to cable mentioned in the above article.

Verizon Laughs Off DOCSIS 3.0
Picks on the technology's shared nature, upstream limitations...
by Karl Bode Friday 30-Jan-2009 tags: prices · Fiber · competition · business · hardware · bandwidth · cable · networking · net-neutrality · Comcast · Verizon FiOS · Charter
Tipped by AVonGauss See Profile
The recent love letters to DOCSIS 3.0, and this week's announcement by Charter that they'd be offering 60Mbps DOCSIS 3.0 cable in St. Louis has apparently made Verizon grumpy. The telco yesterday took a shot at DOCSIS 3.0 over at their policy blog. Verizon complains that comparisons between their FTTH FiOS service and DOCSIS 3.0 "ignore some key facts," namely that DOCSIS 3.0 architecture is shared, and that sometimes hundreds of customers reside on the same node. Says Verizon's Eric Rabe:

To fix this problem, cablecos face big capital costs to deploy more fiber to put nodes closer to customers. FiOS Internet doesn't have that problem. First, our downstream pipe is about 15 times the size of cable's: 2.4 Gigabits per second for FiOS;160 Megabits per second for DOCSIS using four channels. That FiOS capacity is shared by no more than 32 customers, compared to 125 to as many as 500 on some cable systems. Perhaps worse as new uses of the Internet develop, cable has limited upstream capacity. Already today Verizon FiOS delivers up to 20 Mbps upstream compared, for example, to Charter's reported top speed of 5 Mbps.
Of course, the "big capital costs" facing cable operators to upgrade to DOCSIS 3.0 are nothing compared to the cost Verizon has faced in replacing last mile copper with fiber optic cable. The relatively inexpensive costs of upgrading to DOCSIS 3.0 are why many cable companies are taking their sweet time in getting it deployed. Rabe is right that Verizon's upstream capacity remains their most distinct advantage at the moment.

Verizon's also (so far) not throttling, de-prioritizing or capping protocols or connections and have told me they have no immediate plans to do so. Verizon has also stated they aren't participating in the RIAA's plans to boot heavy P2P users, meaning their engineers aren't particularly concerned with capacity strain. Of course to the average consumer, the choice between DOCSIS 3.0 and FiOS will ultimately come down to price.
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Originally Posted by file View Post
I would argue that even in the low end Rogers isn't an option because of the things mentioned, but that's just a personal view. People who try to pull the "well screw you I'll just go to Rogers" card amuse me. They are stepping backwards... so very very far.
If you're in the know, yes. But in my experience the people who value having a very high speed connection are the ones more likely to know about these things.

People who just want cheap "high speed internet" are (again in my experience) less likely to know what traffic shaping is or why it's bad, or what a cap is until they go over it. Rogers can compete in the "High Speed Light" market because of that, and because at the low end they're competing with DSL instead of FibreOp.
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I saw the new pricing schemes and speed tiers that Eastlink had to offer today and I had a good chuckle.

As far as I can tell the 40/80/200 plans all have caps of 250GB with $1/gig in overages. Last time I called and asked if there was any cap on the overage fees and was told she wasn't aware there was any.

In all honesty as much as it would be nice for Aliant to kick it up a notch to beat out Eastlink, their current offerings still blow Eastlink out of the water. Eastlinks motto should be limited internet at unlimited prices.

All things being serious though, a lot of people simply switched not because of the advertised numbers but just because they wanted working internet. I wanted to switch for most of 2011 and was left with internet/phone/tv services that died when it got above 12C outside.

Spent the better part of last year on the phone (when it worked) trying to get them to track down the problem. This problem affected everyone in on 4 different streets and they never did track the problem down, let alone issue one cent in discounts for lack of service. Now a lot of those customers are switching over just to get reliable service.

Had some fun figuring out how long it would take to blow through your 250GB cap on their 200 Megabit service. Came out to under 3 hours
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