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Port Forwarding issues on New Fibreop with Actiontec

So long story short, went from Utra to Fibreop yesterday. Said goodbye to the speedstream modem and powered off my linksys N router with dd-wrt and about 15 port forward rules in it.

Fast forward to last night. Found the port forwarding mess that is built into the actiontec. Started to add port forward rules but they don't seem to be working. For example I have a web gui for my utorrent. I want to forward port 'A' to the listening port 'B' on my host. I put in the following:

1. Set the lan port and ip information:
Starting port: B
Ending port: B
Protocol: TCP
LAN ip address: 192.168.2.x (my host)

2. Set the remote port and ip information:
Starting port: A
Ending port: A
Remote IP: <blank>

the problem is this doesn't work at all after saved. I put a duplicate in for UDP just in case and nothing. Rebooted actiontec and nothing.

I also have an ftp server and blog that i host and after i put 21 in for the ftp host all that it tries to connect to is the router for (firmware ftp it says when connected) and not my ftp server message.

RDP didn't work either since i don't want to open the default rdp port to the public i use the A to B situation and it doesn't work either.

So port forwarding doesn't seem to work, 21 and 80 seem to be used by the actiontec and i can't bypass that and from what i read 22 is blocked too and i use that on another sftp server i have. I can drop my dd-wrt linksys into the dmz as i am reading, disable the wifi on the actiontec and hopefully it will play nice but from what i read there is pain involved in needing to reboot the linksys due to the ip lease, etc. I just really would like to have port forwarding work properly.


Oh and once i close and/or timeout from the webgui actiontec admin page, i can't ever get back in unless i reboot the router. It just gives me a blank screen in firefox after i log in (yes the login page works but doesn't redirect). Chrome shows an error of no data returned.

Thanks in advance
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I have no answer for you.

All I can say is, the Actiontec has so many bugs, it is painful. It will work ok if the default settings are all you require. Anything beyond the defaults, problems will show up.

You will notice, many of us have replaced the Actiontec with our own routers and many others would like to do the same.
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Maybe they would be willing to exchange for the 2Wire unit they were previously using. Mine has worked flawlessly.
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Would love to replace it if i can figure out how to do that properly with the dd-wrt firmware on a w150 linksys.
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post #5 of 18 (permalink) Old 2011-12-13, 12:26 PM
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I replaced mine with an Intel Atom running Linux but if your not into this stuff then the work file is doing here;
Replace Actiontec router with Asus RT-N56U, etc.
is your best hope.
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post #6 of 18 (permalink) Old 2011-12-13, 12:46 PM
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As mentioned in that thread if you do choose to use the RT-N56U please tell me how it works for you. I'm very interested in fixing any problems that creep up and making it as easy as possible for people to use it.
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as a fyi, you can't test your external IP from within your lan. I use a phone on 3g or VPN into work to test if my services are working. And power cycle the modem after you've setup the forwarding rules. And while you're at it, setup up a reminder to power cycle the modem weekly because of a bug.

Originally Posted by Telephonjak
Lastly, if you mess with the DMZ settings at all (pretty sure it's not specific settings in the DMZ menu) it will lose connection with the ONT (fibre converter box, white box, black trim) every 6 days, 22 hrs and 17 mins. It's also a known issue with no current workaround.
Waiting to see what file can come up with to remove that POS Actiontec router on setups that use coax.
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post #8 of 18 (permalink) Old 2011-12-13, 06:49 PM
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Although not the best router, I do have several ports forwarded which have all been working great since I've set them up (UltraVNC, Tonido, WoL)
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post #9 of 18 (permalink) Old 2011-12-14, 09:34 AM Thread Starter
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Thanks all for the good advice. Tried my dd-wrt linksys and just could not get a wan ip from aliant. Had to power cycle the action tec about 10 times as i kept losing the config admin screen (just would go blank randomly and couldn't log back in) so i'd have to power cycle to get it back again.

As habs or someone confirmed i couldn't use my external ip to test internally any more like i could with ultra (facepalm) and the forwarding rules are now working. probably were before but my stupidity won over.

Now if i can just get the admin screen issue fixed.
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The actiontec issues all seem like firmware stuff. I wonder if they're working on a revision.
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Don't feel bad. I had an Aliant tech come to house and change the router. Thinking it was a bad router.
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post #12 of 18 (permalink) Old 2011-12-16, 09:36 AM
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Hey there Primus...

Port Forwarding:
I have set up port forwards no problem.. and simply left the "remote" settings blank. You state you entered a remote port but no remote IP... this may break the rule internal to the RG... not sure. When you configure the remote part of the rule, I think you are telling the Actiontec to only allow downstream traffic from those source IP & ports (the source IP and ports from the computer out on the Internet trying to access your home network). Since many applications use random source ports, you are probably just asking for trouble when you fill in the remote settings (even if you leave the remote IP blank)... try again leaving the remote settings blank. FYI - tcp port 80 port forwarding works fine for me. Also, SSH works if I use a different port than 22 on my SSH server... it is probably a good security measure to avoid the standard port #22 anyway.

The Actiontec dhcp server doesn't always assign the same LAN IPs after the Actiontec is rebooted. This makes port forwarding rules a bit frustrating since the LAN IP could change, breaking your rule. As a work around I have statically assigned IPs to devices in my home that require port forwarding rules... the RG uses and the dhcp pool starts at Therefore I assume .2-.9 are free for static IP use. This way your rules will always work after an RG power cycle. Maintaining a consistent LAN IP reservation in the dhcp server would be a nice feature.. hopefully in a future firmware.

Advanced DMZ:
I too have seen the Adv DMZ issue described by Telephonjak. I switched to DMZ Hosting and haven't had the HSI lockup issue surface after several months. DMZ hosting uses NAT in the Actiontec and if you have a 3rd party router behind the Actiontec, that will result in a double nat which could cause problems for some applications but would work fine for others. If you can't handle double NAT and have a 3rd party RG, then you can use Adv DMZ and manually power cycle every 6 days. Again, it would be nice to have that fixed in a future firmware.

Broken UI:
It is peculiar that you can log into the UI but then the UI breaks. I haven't seen this myself and wonder if it is a browser issue. I am old school and pretty well stick to IE and haven't seen the issue. Have you tried on more than one computer? Perhaps factory reset the Actiontec by pressing and holding the button (don't just press and release). Any chance one of your port forwarding rules is in backwards and has as the source or remote IP? grasping at straws here...

Kindly let us know how you make out.
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IF your not using fibreop for TV.
I only use it for internet.

Why not put the actiontech into bridge mode in the wan menu. Then plug in your router Lan port on action tech to wan port on router. The router should pull an IP (standard ethernet). Works for me.
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post #14 of 18 (permalink) Old 2012-02-13, 08:09 PM Thread Starter
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Sorry, I think I'm done with the actiontec and just now want to use it as a bridge. I saw you mention to just go and enable bridge in the wan menu but exactly how do I do that. I didn't see a bridge option like in my dd-wrt linksys. Pretty sure I have my dd-wrt all set up to go again, just need to disable this actiontec router and use it as a gateway right?

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Hello everyone,

I've been searching for information for several days and have tried many times to set up port forwarding. I just had Bell FibreOp installed and I'm trying to optimize things. I'm not computer savvy, and this is my first attempt at port forwarding, but I keep getting error messages, and it seems like I'm not doing something right.

Would it at all be possible for someone to explain in laymen terms how to set up port forwarding for Utorrent. I'm at my wits end and I just don't/can't get it to work, but it appears though some of you have....

Like I said, I'm a real newbie, so if you do explain, go easy on me...I'm really new to this, and also, if you did take the time, I'd be eternally grateful for you generosity...
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