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Originally Posted by Gary320 View Post
Anyone know where we can check our internet usage??

Also, does anyone suggest using another router.. or is the bell modem strong enough?
Personally I've noticed my speed go from 20-40.. I have Fibe 50. So far, I've been no where close to full 50.
You can check your internet usage here:

According to a CR agent, it takes a few weeks before you are able to access this function.

As far as I know the sagemcom (aka connection hub) is the modem/router they use for Fibe 50.

I had posted in another forum that I had achieved 50 mbps on speedtests while recording 3 hd & 1 sd streams simultaneously. I have been checking every couple days to make sure it is consistent. I noticed on Saturday that all TV streams were indeed effecting my download speed. After rebooting the modem, all was back to normal. So I would try that if I were you.

Also, I do notice varying results depending on the server you choose for the speed test. I would suggest trying different servers and/or different sites (videotron, bell etc.)
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By rebooting, do you mean the usual plug/unplug.. or resetting by pressing the button underneath.

I used speed tests to verify the speeds, but I would notice a decline in speed while browsing..
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I rebooted the modem using the reboot (or reset, I don't remember) option in the router settings (enter the IP address in a web browser).

But I'm pretty sure unplugging the modem/router for 30 seconds should have the same effect.

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post #154 of 399 (permalink) Old 2012-04-30, 08:00 PM
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With a cable plugged in, I get 30-40 mbps (yet I have Fibe 50?.. shouldnt I get 50?)

But with wifi it goes from 30-20.. sometimes even less..

Time to call Bell to ask whats up.
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post #155 of 399 (permalink) Old 2012-04-30, 08:51 PM
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Oddly enough, using, I get a speed of 40-43 wireless and 51 wired.. Tech told me that isn't a great reference because it is judging on a DSL connection and not Fiber Optic.

Also suggested that I delete all my cache/cookies.. etc (should have done this to start with).. and do seem to get a bit more steady connection. Will have to judge my connection the next few days.

Pretty great Tech guy though. CSR is pretty awful, but the tech people have been pretty intelligent and helpful. Have had to deal with two of them the past day (one for a receiver issue) and I've had my problems resolved and understood the issues.
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when doing speed tests with your fibetv....

make sure your testing on a wired ethernet connection. Make sure your the only one using the internet in the house at the time. Safe bet is to turn off all other wired/wireless devices in the house.

Make sure the computer your using doesn't have any other network programs runnings, ie peer-to-peer software running (hint look in your system tray for those).

You want to make sure your flash client or java client is healthy and that goes for your computer in general:

ProTip..... speedtest sites shouldn't really have jerky needle movements. if your on and that needle is jumping from 1 mbps to 5 mbps to 35 mbps in jerky choppy movements, or you start your speedtest and it just sits there and does nothing, then all of a sudden the needle spikes to 70mbps when your only on a Fibe16 account..... use another computer as the one your on has issues.

I haven't been able to find a speedtest site that reliably shows me speeds of greater that 50mbps. If anyone knows of one, please post a link.

if on VDSL FTTN:
first make sure the streams have had a chance to swap over to multicast. anywhere from 15 seconds to a minute usually. unfortunately there is no way for the end user to tell.

Again, FTTH shouldn't have an internet speed reduction when watching TV.
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I cancelled after 6 hours and a good fight

I cancelled Bell Fibe TV (kept Internet and Phone Fibe) just after 6 hours when I realized Bell fooled around with packaging.

Most infuriating was the fact that I live in Quebec city and I lost Montreal TVA and Radio-Canada head stations. I ended up with retention department (after around 4 hours on the phone) and explained my case since they did not believe my assertions but sadly enough this is true.

If you live in a remote city where you have local stations (the case for SRC and TVA in Quebec city) you automatically lose other stations from that province.

I told them this blackout (I call this censorship) was ridiculous since I could pick-up those stations locally over the air with small indoor antenna. But to no avail.

I told retention that I then wanted to cancel my Fibe TV service and wanted to keep my existing Bell ExpressVu service. They objected to that saying I could NOT return on my decision. I told them my ExpressVu service was NEVER cancelled and then and only then they agreed to keep my ExpressVu service alive.

Of other worthy mentioning, Bell Fibe replaces the head stations on ExpressVu such as PBS from WGBH Boston and other american networks with cheap rebroadcasters along the border. Quite a difference between local affiliates that do not buy many of the head office programs and receiving directly the PBS head station from Boston !!!! Same for ABC, NBC and CBS stations that are all replaced by cheap Platsburgh or Vermont alternatives.

Matter of fact, they seem to copy the exact Videotron channel lineup !!!

What a bummer !
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Good to know. I will stick with Satellite.
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post #159 of 399 (permalink) Old 2012-05-03, 07:44 PM
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I believe the reason Fibe TV provides Plattsburgh and Buffalo is that it is licensed by the CRTC the same way as Videotron or Rogers and these are considered local services.
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Had my install done on Friday 04-MAY-2012 here on the Hamilton Mountain; had to to delay it a week as I was away for a week of of golf :-)
Install was pretty straight forward; 1 PVR and one STB; switching from Bell Satellite TV after 20 or so years :-)
Coax runs were reused; installer just had to install new ends.

Installer was not aware that with Bell FIbe 16+, we should be seeing 25 Mb/s with all TV's off, and around 16 Mb/s with them on; our testing showed that this was the case; I filled him in !! :-)

Pretty impressed with the system; boxes are smaller than I thought....pretty cool system overall. Just playing around with good !

HD picture quality seems to be at least as good as the Bell Satellite TV; I am impressed....doesn't take much ;-)

Appreciating the Portuguese channels that I could never get on satellite

Missing the call display I had on Bell Satellite TV...but no biggy !! :-)

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So far so good but ...

1. The remote is a pain, especially the button under the 0 which I always confuse for the 0.
2. The delay when entering a channel from the remote is ridiculous ... if you take a half second too long you have to restart.
3. I really miss the time display on the Illico PVR.
4. Everything works well then all of a sudden everything gets to be real slow ... Internet times out, sound cuts in and out on TV, guess they're ironing out some glitches locally. Will wait a while but my patience is running thin.

Bottom line is we'll see in September when Videotron Illico 2 (or next gen) comes out and what kind of deal they offer me. So far Fibe has nice TV quality abd channel selection but I have the feeling I am being used as a beta tester.
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I have had no issues with the remote. But I do have issues when I change channel, the audio takes about 2-3 seconds to come in after the video.

I do get your idea of "Beta testers" though.. I kinda agree with it at times.
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rogers vs fibe

I just switched from Rogers to Fibe TV.

so if you are with Rogers and still considering Fibe consider this:
I got better PQ, more HD channels and a lower price;
not to mention free(and waaaay better) PVR, Apps and HD guide.
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post #164 of 399 (permalink) Old 2012-05-12, 07:21 PM
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so Red River
Does this mean you are happy with Bell Fibe TV? and you highly recommend it?
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post #165 of 399 (permalink) Old 2012-05-12, 08:06 PM
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Originally Posted by upsdriver View Post
so Red River
Does this mean you are happy with Bell Fibe TV? and you highly recommend it?
yes and yes
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fibe tv , review , rogers , toronto

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