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Thanks i will look into those services.

apparently there is some hope for rooting new hardware revisions

but I can't really make sense of it all as a newb..
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Nook in Canada

Thanks for your comments regarding using a Nook in Canada - especially in the Vancouver area. I've heard that B&N are planning on making the Nook accessible in Canada in December this year. We'll see but meantime I'm curious whether anyone has had success at loading books directly with a Canadian address or if sideloading is the only option.
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Most of my purchases are from Kobo anyway so it's all sideload for me. Because I like to have copies of my purchases on a PC for archival/backup purposes, even my B&N content is sideloaded so I haven't really looked at My Books downloads to see.
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Smile Buying Nook to Use in Canada

Congratulations to the moderator for an excellent assist on using the Nook, it definitely appears to be the eReader of choice at the moment. I will be able to give you first hand feedback on use in Canada shortly but meanwhile here's some remarks and questiions.

My daughter lives in the USA and has a Nook, she loves it and downloads there from B&N no problem. She uses my Canadian Mastercard registered to my Canadian address but it still works to make purchase transactions, note she is a registered user with B&N using her US address.

She will be bringing her Nook home to Canada for the weekend, do you think she will still be able to download a an eBook from B&N while on my home wireless network in Canada? Or will the fact that my IP address is Canadian, "block" the purchase?

If not if we drove just over the US border to the B&N store or an US based wireless cafe I presume the B&N eBook download would work for sure there, correct?

Which 2-3 websites do you recommend to purchase eBooks for the Nook while on line in Canada and at a good price?

What does sideloading mean exactly? Do you mean to purchase and download an eBook to your desktop/laptop computer first, save it in a folder, then using a transfer USB cable, copy it into the Nook to read but you still have the original download on your computer?

I understand that in those situations the file is in a different location in the Nook than eBooks downloaded directly into the Nook, correct?

Can you describe in more detail what those additional Nook app features do to enhance the experience?

When you download an eBook to your computer first does this mean you could copy the same eBook file on your computer to 2 different Nooks like one for my daughter and one for myself to effectively share the book between two users? Hope you can answer these questions!
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They may indeed block the purchase if the book is geographically restricted to the US. Using a VPN service like AlwaysVPN or Hotspot Shield is one of dealing with that.

A download from a WiFi hotspot in the US would work fine.

I recommend Kobo very highly. It's a joint venture between an Chapters-Indigo, Borders, and a couple of other international booksellers. Indigo is the largest shareholder. I also recommend the Sony Reader store as well.

Sideloading is exactly what you suggest. Loading an epub or pdf file via USB connection. The book shows up on the Nook's "My Documents" function, not under "My Books".
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Hey folks, I just got a Nook sent to me by my mother-in-law who lives in the States. I haven't gone through the registration on the device so far, which appears to be the key to getting access to the B&N library to download content from there. Even without registering, with the wifi enabled, I do seem to be getting content showing up under "The Daily". So far I am just sideloading free downloadable content with Calibre via the USB cable, haven't tried purchasing books for it yet.

It is a version 1.4.1 reader, which apparently can still be softrooted (just with a slightly different procedure than was done with older firmware). I do want to try that at some point..

Anyway, I like it so far - I picked up a capacitative stylus from ebay as others here have suggested for use on the touch screen. It works not too bad and I will probably make use of it for typing in the web browser or whatnot, but for the sudoku game, my fingers work OK.
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I've read online elsewhere that you can indeed download contents from B & N directly to your Nook in Canada, as long as you register with a US address, any US address, and use the US address as your credit card billing address. Apparently they don't verify the billing address. You cannot download in any other country but apparently Canada is exempted from that restriction.

I take it the Nook you guys have been discussing is the original Nook using e-ink technology. Has anyone used the new Nook Color, which functions more like an iPad or Galaxie Tab, with an LCD screen? The downside is battery life more akin to that of a netbook, and inferior sunlight legibility. But it has a full color touch screen and a proper web browser, so you can use it for web-browsing, whereas on the orginal Nook web-browsing is a tedious, if not torturous endeavor. My thinking is as long as the battery is good for 8 or so hours, it should be workable. And as for sunlight legibility, how often would you read outdoors? But the advantage of the Nook Color is that you essentially get a poor man's iPad. Just wondering if anyone has had any direct experience with the Nook Color and could comment on it.
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Nook Working in Canada Just Fine

Even though the last question was asked 3 weeks ago and the OP might have given up I thought I would comment on my Nook experience. I live near the border and purchased a Pandigital Colour eReader from Koles over the weekend. It has a 7" LCD screen and I believe it's also called the Nook. I brought it back to my home in Canada and set it up on my WiFi network. The unit is running a closed Andriod system which is interesting because I have an Andriod phone from Sony which I also use as an eReader. The Nook is one of my wifes Christmas gifts but she is using it now. After the network connection was made I went to the B&N store and setup an account. I have an exsisting account with eBooks which I have purchased several books from so setting up the B&N account seemed straight forward. I put in my Canadian address CC # and I selected my first book for purchase. At this point I got some message that indicated I couldn't purchase the book because my account had a non-US address. Not sure why this didn't come up during the account creation and before I supplied and they confirmed my CC# but I was given the option to edit my account. I looked at my Koles receipt from Watertown NY which had the stores address so that's what I supplied and my download went through. Not sure about the legality of this but I just wanted to see if it would work. I loaded some other non-DRM epubs directly to the units eReader folder and they worked as well. I haven't tried loading any of my previous books that I have on my phone which I purchased from eBooks but eBooks will allow me to download them to a new device so I will give that a try as well. So with a small work around the Nook does work in Canada. You will have to decide if you are comfortable with the address work around. BTW my wife is really enjoying the eReader itself, its a nice size and the display while not being eInk but LCD is still very readable. Web browsing and email are nice bonuses and the price is certainly right.
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jcol, so the Pandigital Color is just a rebadged Nook Color? May I know how much you paid for it?

Regarding the US address that was required to register for purchase from B & N, was that for your credit card billing address, or your home address?

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B&N doesn't check credit card billing addresses when you purchase content. To download geographically restricted content, you need a US address on your account. No one checks if it's real
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Pandigital Novel eReader

GSMfan - I just realised based on your question that the device I purchased might not be a Nook which is too bad since I posted in a Nook thread, but I think it is very close. My device is a Pandigital Novel which is a 7 inch colour eReader running Andriod. It comes pre-configured with the B&N Book store appearing on the home screen as soon as you turn it on. When you go to the B&N store withit, it automatically goes to Books for Nook. It doesn't however look exactly like the pictures I found for the Nook on the B&N site. The two are identical in size and shape however the switch configuration on the side of the Nook appears to be slightly different then on mine. So I think they are both the same device with some minor cosmetic differences. I suspect the Nook is only available at B&N while the Pandigital is slightly more genaric and is sold at other stores. It certianly is preconfigured to go to the B&N book store so there clearly is a tie between the two devices. The specs on the Pandigital Novel which is for the White one (there is a black) are 1Gig internal memory, SD card slot, mini USB data port, WiFi, modified Andriod 2 OS. Touch screen, default Andriod Web Browers and email. Plays MPEG4 videos and has picture and music players. It's very close to being a tablet except you can't access the Andriod market to download apps without rooting it. I paid $169 - $20 - 15% Koles discount So total before tax was = $126 US. No duty at the boader when I declaired it.
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jcol, I think I've seen the Pandigital sold at Best Buy and/or Futureshop. $126 for an Android LCD tablet is pretty good, even though I think it doesn't have access to the Android App Market. Can't really go wrong at that price.
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I ended up getting the Nook wi-fi for my wife for Christmas. Spent a little bit of time today setting it up for her and playing around with it. Some observations and questions:

- it looks much more attractive in real life than in photos;
- you need to set up a B & N account online with a credit card and billing address, and then register the Nook from the device. I had thought the credit card and billing address was registered on the device via wi-fi;
- the on/off procedure is a little clunky, IMO, in that it takes a fairly long time to boot up and shut off. You would press the power button and wait...and it coming on? is it working? is it off, or in sleep mode? etc, etc. Maybe just takes time to get used to it.
- the interplay between the touch screen and the display will take a little getting used to, especially when browsing the web. I would not recommend this device if you need to browse the web a lot. The e-ink refreshening is just not conducive to web browsing.

- perhaps my biggest initial concern/disappointment...the display seems too dim. Perhaps I'm just too used to reading from a computer LCD screen. Is there a way to increase screen brightness? I couldn't find anything under Settings. I tried the auto adjustment on/off, but that didn't seem to make much difference.
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If you have the eInk black and white Nook, then there is no backlight. Think of it like a book. If you need more light, then turn on a light!
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Originally Posted by rsambuca View Post
If you have the eInk black and white Nook, then there is no backlight. Think of it like a book. If you need more light, then turn on a light!
Yes, that's true I guess. If not the brightness, then I wish the contrast could be increased.
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