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Its actually pretty easy to use if your just using books purchsed from Kobo and sycned via the Kobo Desktop Application. I purchased one for my mom, and sycned it with my Kobo Account so she can read the books I have already purchased. I thought it was simple enough for her to figure out, although I'll probably be the one putting books on it for her. I added some books via ADE also .. viewing of PDF Books isn't that great though, because you can't adjust the font (if you do, it goes too big for the screen, and you have to scroll). Hopefully they improve that with future software updates.
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Hey all,
I purchased one for my wife for Mother's Day hoping she'll get with the tech (bit of a technophobe). She reads a fair amount and between her, my daughter and myself, we gather quite a collection of books.
Anyways, I had 5 books that I thought she would like. Loaded up calibre as the books were pdfs, converted them and uploaded the five to Kobo as epubs.

Worked like a charm with the exception that the font size cannot be changed. I guess it's from the original format being pdfs?

Tried to see all of the books on the Kobo with the Kobo app but, only saw the "5". I'll try again tonight - I don't think I explored all of the functionality of the software.

So far, I think it's a pretty good unit and looks like it will do the job quite well.
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post #18 of 92 (permalink) Old 2010-05-11, 09:11 AM
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I anyone else noticing that the battery life is far from the 14 days advertised? I charged my Kobo on Sunday afternoon and the little indicator showed fully charged. Now it's Tuesday morning and even though i've probably only read for a total of two to three hours over the past couple of days, it's showing just over half charged. At this rate, it will be out of juice by Friday! We're heading away on a vacation, and I had thought I'd be able to charge it and fill it with books for the trip, but now I'm not so sure.
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Also I am getting very frustrated with the blue button to flip pages. It seems like it works about half the time on the first push. If you touch it too near the centre (and it's only small!) you get that other pop-up that shows the battery indicator and other stuff, and then you have to remove that. And if you get annoyed (who, me?) that it didn't change pages, and then try again, it might work, or you might flip through two pages. I'm trying to figure out of there's a magic spot to touch, but so far I haven't found it.
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Same issue with the battery but so far have only tested through 1 charge. I read on another forum you may get a lot closer to the advertised length of charge if you just leave it on the whole time. Turning it on and off may use up a lot of the juice.
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Got mine yesterday...

Got the white one at my local Cole's. A check of the chapters website shows the stock doesn't last. they're selling very well.

Spent a few hours last night playing with ADE and Calibre. For me the easiest thing to do was to convert in Calibre and move to ADE. MAnaging the kobo from ADE was pretty easy but I'll play with Calibre more in the next few days.

I was impressd by the initial quality of the device but I would like better instructions and a manual included in the software that comes with the ereader.

The kobo desktop software is not user fiendly/intuitive and that is apparently on the list for upgrading soon as is a fix for the font bug that plagues the unit.

I'm still hoping to get an iPad for heavier reading etc but this device will fill a niche. It won't replace my book collection but hopefully will augment it somewhat.
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I anyone else noticing that the battery life is far from the 14 days advertised?
Agreed. A week is more like it, maybe less with heavy usage.
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post #23 of 92 (permalink) Old 2010-06-03, 01:03 PM
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I'm getting two weeks, around 1500 page turns. Not a lot of reading, I am still on my first book. I power down at the end of each session (book cover showing) and seldom connect to my computer other than charging.

That being said, I am used to numerous devices we own being charged each night so I am fine with the Kobo battery life.
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post #24 of 92 (permalink) Old 2010-06-05, 11:37 AM
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Syncing frustrations

Hi all,

Had my Kobo eReader for a couple of weeks. I love the device - I forget that it's not a book once I'm into a story!

No problems loading/reading books I've bought through Kobo books. However, I'm having issues reading the ePub books available through my library. I can read them in Adobe Digital Editions on my computer, but I cannot seem to get them to be viewable on the eReader device. I've tried Calibre, which has been great for allowing me to add PDF files to the eReader, but still no luck with the books downloaded from the library.

Any advice? I'm using the kludgy Kobo desktop software on a Mac (running Snow Leopard), updated the ADE software today (and don't see any differences), and the most recent version of Calibre.
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post #25 of 92 (permalink) Old 2010-06-06, 10:07 AM
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Good news!

After scouring this and other message boards, I figured that there must be something really wrong with my Adobe Digital Editions installation/configuration. I think my issues may have come up because I was using this software before I got my Kobo.

Anyhow, I had to not only uninstall ADE, but remove the digital editions .plist files in my Library/Preferences folder. (I mention this in case any other Mac users run into this problem.) When I reinstalled after that, it detected the Kobo and allowed me to authorize it. I was able to then add the library ebooks over (they're PDF files, show up under "Documents").

So yes, I can read library ebooks on my device! Yay!
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post #26 of 92 (permalink) Old 2010-06-06, 04:37 PM
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I can confirm what triffids says: they Kobo works just fine with library epubs and pdfs. The trick I found on the Mac is to always connect the Kobo before opening ADE.

The one issue I've found is that with most library epubs, the font scaling doesn't work. Hopefully that will be fixed in the next (first) firmware update. Until then the work around is to open up the epub in a zip program (such as Winzip or IZarc) and find and delete the css file. Then you will be able to change the font sizes on library books.
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post #27 of 92 (permalink) Old 2010-06-07, 07:33 AM
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font issue....

Another work around for the font issue is to use a neat little fixer that a guy on mobileread.com developed. Here's a link to the discussion on font size there.


I've used both othe bulk and single use tool and both work very well.
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post #28 of 92 (permalink) Old 2010-06-09, 08:24 PM
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I tried a downloadable library book and it would work on ADE on the desktop but not on the Kobo. When I called Kobo, they said it was because of the 14-day limit and that Kobo wouldn't load a file with that time restriction. They also said there would be a software upgrade to fix it. Of course they also sid they'd soon have a software fix so that we could delete some of the preloaded stuff.

The battery is really annoying. I'm getting about two to three days -- they said it was supposed to be 8000 page turns and even though I'm a fast reader, I'm nowhere near that. And also they said I'd have to send it for service and it would be about two to three weeks all told for turnaround. So I'll limp along with the weak battery until I've finished reading all the books I've purchased.
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I've most certainly transferred books with the 14 day limit.
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More weirdness

Hi folks,

More Kobo eReader weirdness!

I ran into problems after trying to load an epub I purchased from Kobo books. I tried load the file onto my Kobo eReader, but after transfer (via Adobe Digital Editions on my Mac) the device froze on the "Please wait while your Kobo eReader processes new content". The progress bar did not advance beyond about 15%. A reset via a paperclip in the back was required. I tried again, had a similar freeze, but the new book finally appeared in the eReader library after the reset. Every time I plugged in my Kobo eReader afterwards, I had problems after ejecting the device with the same freezing and reset required. Kobo support suggested I'd need to return the device, which I'm not thrilled about.

It's outside the 30-day return period, so I figured I'd just cope for a little while (carrying a paper clip at all times!) while I visited my parents. My mom has a Kobo eReader, too. I tried hooking up my eReader with her ADE (on a PC, running Vista) to see if I still had problems after hooking up to another computer. This time, after ejecting, my device operated normally (without need for paper-clip reset).

Unfortunately ... we also tried hooking up my mother's device with my computer. Now *she* has the problems I had (and hooking it up with her own PC hasn't fixed them the way it seemed to fix mine). I'm feeling pretty awful about this!

So ... is there something wrong with my ADE? My computer? Anyone else have anything similar to this happen? Advice?
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