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I have traded my old (purchased) dct for the latest model, the 6412.
No charge at Cogeco Pen centre, St. Catharines.
Very happy with improved PQ, guide etc. I connect it to my TV via DVI.
Waiting for dual tuner activation this fall!!

I am experimenting with the firewire output. I plugged it from the 6412 into my Samsung SR T165, which in turn is connected to my JVC HM DH4000U recorder via firewire and to myTV, A Sony KE-42TS2U, via DVI. Picture and sound are getting through.
I was hoping to be able to record some programs, those i may want to keep or lend to friends on the JVC.

The JVC and the STB work fine together to record programs off air and playback. the firewire program on the STB allows for setting recording times etc.

But I can't figure out a way to record and playback anything from the cablebox.

Perhaps there is a firewire input on the cable box., but there seems to be no way to choose input sources.

I would also like to use the inputs on the front of the
6412 to play back from my digital camera.

There is a button at the bottom left of the 6412 remote marked "video source". It doesn't seem to do anything.

So my questions are:
Has anyone been able to activate this button, or any other method of using the front of the box video/audio inputs?

Anyone have any other ideas on how I can record HDTV from the 6412 and playback?

I would appreciate any advice. I'M going away for a few days so will respond later to any further questions,

Many thanks
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