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Pretty damn good!

I caught the show on Saturday night and I'm quite frankly impressed! It had all the makings of a hit show (and note that I don't have to add 'Canadian' in that phrase) Granted, it did not have the big budget American feel to it, but it has a great story line, a great cast (the bikini shots certainly don't hurt) and it deals with real teen life. It does remind me a little of my own summers at the cottage - minus the hot girls in bikinis.

You could tell the water was a little cold, and based on the last post indicating that it was a cold Winnipeg summer, I'd hate to be the guy who jumped off the dock buck naked (shrinkage). I'm sure his fellow cast members had a few laughs at his expense.

I for one hope they pick this one up for a season or two - beats the hell out of Corner Gas and that damn Train 48 crap - how it survives is beyond me. Those are the shows that give Canadian content a bad name.

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