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2018 Winter Olympics

CBC/Radio-Canada will provide comprehensive coverage to Canadians from February 9Ė25, 2018. Here are some old press releases:



During PyeongChang 2018, TLN will provide Canadians access to one game per day from the menís or womenís ice hockey tournament in two languages (Italian and Spanish) as well as daily encore broadcasts in prime time and daily highlights from the Olympic Games. TLNís coverage from PyeongChang 2018 will begin Saturday, Feb. 10 at 7 a.m. ET with coverage of the womenís hockey game featuring Switzerland vs. South Korea and will culminate with the menís gold medal match on Saturday, Feb. 24 at 11 p.m. ET.

Olympic Winter Games PyeongChang 2018 - CBC Media Centre

CBC's Olympics site: CBC Sports - Olympics
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Coverage of the Winter Olympics will be made available in the 4K Higher Dynamic Range Format. The transmissions from PyeongChang, South Korea are being made available by Olympic Broadcasting Services (OBS) and Japanís NHK and has immediately been picked up by the US broadcaster NBC, which will offer the pictures to customers of its Comcast Xfinity service. (Source)

Note that Comcast owns NBC, the US broadcaster for the 2018 Olympics.

NBC's coverage of the XXIII Olympic Winter Games begins in primetime on Thursday, Feb. 8, at 8 p.m. ET - one night before Opening Ceremony coverage on Friday, Feb. 9 - and continues until the Closing Ceremony on Sunday, Feb. 25. For the first time for a Winter Games, NBC will present Olympic primetime coverage live across all time zones. (Source)

I haven't been able to find any info for 4K Olympics in Canada.
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Just some additional sources available in Canada:

-Bell/Rogers also has Olympic coverage "sublet" from CBC. I don't see any coverage on OTA yet, however, expect it to be similar to previous games with RSN and TSN carrying coverage. Not sure if Omni will be included as TLN has some foreign language rights and nothing is showing up on my guide for Omni.

-Global will have some figure skating, re-broadcast of NBC's coverage, prior to the games of Olympic greats.

-CBC's website will have extensive coverage of all sports, not just those shown on CBC, live and on replay. Previous Olympics these have been "World Feeds" with various English commentary (mostly BBC last summer games) or no commentary at all.

-NBC will have extensive tape-delayed coverage, as usual.

-SRC/ICI will have French coverage available across Canada, on OTA, various cable channels, and online.

-For those with various FTA, C-Band, or KU-Band dishes, many of the foreign language channels do have rights - not sure how many will be broadcasting the games on their FTA/Sat channels - however, last Olympics many events could be found.
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Originally Posted by Dr.Dave View Post
I haven't been able to find any info for 4K Olympics in Canada.
They are still testing the 3D portion of the 2012 Summer Olympics!!!

Yet another technology which I have but can't use on the Olympics feed in Canada. I'm passing the Hologram Displays when they come out. CBC will still be adjusting to the new colors established in the first year color TV came out!!! LOL
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According to published schedules by TSN and SportsNet so far, not a single minute will be in 4K. I'm not aware of CBC's 4K channel so ...
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I remember Bell Satellite one year had 6 or so Olympic channels without announcers...just direct feeds from different venues...that was awesome.

Too bad it was a one-off.
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Yes - when CTV had the rights for Vancouver, London, etc. Bell Satellite had a bunch of channels with just the international feed with no announcers. Was a great service.

I know that CBC has some of this on their website from the Rio games, but some of the channels had British or "International English Feed" announcers.

I'd love it if more sports had a no-announcer option. I like hearing the natural noises, and don't need commentators messing up, making stupid comments, or making jokes throughout a contest.

Half the announcers CBC uses don't even watch the sport they are covering before they show up at the Olympics - the swimming announcers in Rio were a good example of very bad announcing and giving bad results.
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Originally Posted by Inglewood View Post
I'd love it if more sports had a no-announcer option.
If you have an AVR and proper DD5.1 input signal, the announcer is often in the centre channel only, which could be turned down in the AVR's settings, or unplugged completely.
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I don't know if any live broadcasts will be 4K in Canada. In 2016 several providers carried delayed 4k versions of some events on their VOD service, so keep your eye out for those if you're really keen on 4K. I think the opening and closing ceremonies were available in 4K.


A primetime broadcast of the Opening Ceremony will air on CBC at 9 p.m. ET (6 p.m. PT) on February 9, and it will be available on-demand as well at cbc.ca/olympics that day.

All in all, CBC will broadcast 21 hours of Olympic Games programming daily, keeping the early bird, the night owl, and everyone in between, up-to-date on what’s happening in Pyeongchang, South Korea.

In addition, broadcast partners TSN and Sportsnet will once again expand the volume of live event coverage available each day, giving Canadians multiple options as to what to watch on TV, while TLN provides the option of watching select hockey games in Italian and Spanish.

7 p.m. – 2 a.m. ET (4 – 11 p.m. PT) Olympic Games Primetime – LIVE
2–6 a.m. ET (11 p.m. – 3 a.m. PT) Olympic Games Overnight – LIVE
6 a.m. – 12 p.m. ET (3–9 a.m. PT) Olympic Games Morning – LIVE
12–1 p.m. ET (9–10 a.m. PT) Olympic Games Hockey – LIVE
3–5 p.m. ET (12–2 p.m. PT) Olympic Games Afternoon
5-6 p.m. ET (2–3 p.m. PT) Olympic Games Hockey (encore broadcast)

EDIT: see the press release for details on the CBC Olympics app, the VR app, radio, social media etc.

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The Opening Ceremonies seemed to have a lot of commercials inserted today.

I know they've had commercials before but this seemed like hap hazard insertions on CBC...breaking away while they were still talking.

Although it was the same on TSN watching the mixed curling...horrible production.
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It's unfortunate the amount of commercials that CBC squeezed in. You would think that a national public broadcaster could occasionally go commercial free for big events!

The other issue with CBC's coverage is that they are using the international feed, squeezing in there own content, and then trying to squeeze in commercial breaks. All of this content is competing with each other and will always lead to weird cut-aways. The figure skating last night was frustrating me with the commentators constantly having to show their faces, and making really obvious comments. Just stay quiet during the competition, and make comments during the replay/analysis after the skater is done!

At least we are getting the show live - just read an article in the Buffalo News urging Americans to watch CBC's coverage of the Olympics instead of the tape-delayed and heavily edited NBC coverage.

Olympic coverage is always poor in Canada - you would think by now that each sport would have expert commentators that actually follow or competed in the sport, that could provide international commentary. I don't know why we have to ship every hockey reporter from the CBC, TSN, and Sportsnet to cover sports they never watch. And by sharing commentary teams amongst all English-language broadcasts, all networks could save some money...
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Yesterdays CBC coverage of the Opening Ceremonies was the worst ever. Time and time again commentators have to be reminded that television is a visual medium and continual overtalk is not necessary. Who is not at the games is the big question...so many commentators and observers in both official languages and some with accents that make their comments pointless. For the first time we turned the program off and watched Netflix. Perhaps it will get better if one could find a decent schedule to find out what is playing. One other item...in this age of harassment allegations not sure how appropriate comments regarding the bare chested athlete should have been made by someone to Rosie...just saying!
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Originally Posted by jacjames View Post
Perhaps it will get better if one could find a decent schedule to find out what is playing.
I turned on CBC and it was showing Short Track Skating which matches the web site:


It then switched to hockey on schedule. I don't know if it's always accurate, but it worked for me. You can also download the app from my previous post (I haven't tried it.)
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Is anyone here aware of what we missed during those CBC commercial breaks? I tuned into NBC just before midnight last night and they were showing their recording of the Opening Ceremonies. Remember that musical number that followed after the torch was lit? (those guys in red?) If you didn't watch the production on NBC you missed nearly half of the act because of the CBC jumping to a commercial break. What we all missed here in Canada was a spectacular fire dance that literally set the field on fire. It looked spectacular on my TV and was a fitting climax to the evening. By the time the CBC came back it was over. All we saw was a bit of fireworks and you could hear the stadium announcers telling their audience that the show was over and now please go home (in three languages).

Two other problems with the broadcast. No one explained the marching order for the countries was based on the Korean alphabet which explained why Canada didn't enter until quite late in the proceedings. This is the kind of little piece trivia that helps to enrich the broadcast. Saint Peter always had a pile of such tidbits on tap. Rosie the Riveter didn't.

The hosts also didn't notice the change to the oath taking procedure (always a hoot when you hear the judges swear that they will be honest and fair). Instead of having the oath repeated three times, once for the athletes, once for the judges and once for the coaches, the Korean organizers had each representative say the first few lines and then had the athlete rep. read the rest of the oath on behalf of all three. It's much quicker way of handling this duty and I'll bet that it becomes a standard at future games.

There was however one thing the CBC did that I did like. One of my complaints about the parade of the athletes over the years had been that we didn't see the whole parade because the CBC had always inserted banal interviews of the "hi mom, hi dad" variety with members of the Canadian team. They still did those predictable interviews yesterday but instead of cutting away from the parade, the CBC put the interviews in a small insert frame at the bottom of the screen while continuing to show the parade on most of the rest of the screen. That earns them at least one extra star but overall the CBC coverage of the Opening was hardly their best effort.
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Probably the CBC site has the sked but also they're doing a nice thing they ring a little bell and that means you look in the upper right of the screen and it says whats on all the stations now or coming up soon.

We almost fell off the couch tonite b'cuz NBC showed some stuff live! But now they aren't but CBC is. We love Cdn TV!
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