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Yep, data recovery firms can do almost anything. The only problem is it can cost hundreds or thousands of $ depending on what you want recovered and the extent of the damage.

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UPDATE: Looks like there might be light to my predicament. I took the hard drive to work this morning and shared my pain with co-workers. One guy plugged the drive to his SATA-to-USB adapter and sure enough, he burnt the rubber off of his power cable.

One other co-worker overhead us chatting about it and googled stuff and found salvation in the form of a SEAGATE forum thread. http://forums.seagate.com/t5/Barracu...isk/td-p/27661

Please don't flame me for my live link, but it's worthy info for all of us. According to this thread, my SEAGE BARRACUDA 7200/10 drive carries two power diodes (TVS), one (or both of them) is currently short-circuited since they sit at the forefront of whatever will get damaged in the event of power mishandling. Everything discussed in this thread SEEMS TO apply to me. I'll take it for what it's worth.

I submitted this ray of hope to an ex-coworker who happens to be a surfacemount specialist. He tells me that he has no problem whatsoever in the diagnosis and/or replacement of TVS diode (his tone of voice indicates that he's rather familiar with this component). And so tomorrow Tuesday he's picking up the drive and will do what he can. Hopefully he'll succeed in powering up my drive, which I will then use to recover, then ghost, then throw away.

Someone on page 1 advised me to "Quit while you're ahead". I can't quit. I'm a stubburn and relentless old horse who never knew the meaning of knowing when to give up a bone or a rope for that matter. And so I'll keep hoping that he can make my motor spin. I would like you guys to spare a second and hope with me also because the sh*t on this drive is now going beyond the music. It's the entire drive of my personal computer that went away and I'm not ready to morn it. Not yet. Stay tuned, maybe not tomorrow or the next but I'll be back with an update.

And by the way, did I tell you that I had to empty my house over the weekend, and must return all stuff in it by next Sunday night. Do you think I have my mind set on moving twice in a week ... Not at all!!!

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Well, well. Hello again. For those curious about my ordeal, I put the drive in my PC just last night (May 11th). Before that, the HD had been sitting on my office desk while I was contemplating what to do about it.

After a friend of mine soldered new TVS diodes (two of them) on the drive, it was successfully revived (yeah!) and this allowed me to peruse through its deleted items using 8 different software. While doing all sorts of scans on it, the drive would fail simply because of the cheap wiring of the SATA adapter I'd use (four of them). I eventually settled for a device that encompassed both power and data connectors side-by-side on the converter box. Luckily enough, the spacing was right and made for a secure connection.

So that being said, I performed a deep analysis yesterday morning using Ontrack Easy Recovery 6.22 portable and this one gave me EXACTLY what I wanted: a perfect directory structure (with cryptic folder names but I can live with that). In the end, I was lucky enough to recuped absolutely every single file. The story gets very interesting when you consider how Windows deletes files and how I was able to patch everything up.

1. On the dreadful night of April 26th, when Windows asked that I confirmed my intention to delete such a large chunk, it started by deleting the oldest files of the topmost folder in my Jukebox directory structure. This folder was called 50s-60s Gold. In effect, it deleted 2000 files dated back to November of 2010. For some reason, I had performed a complete disk overhaul during that month and had imported all my music back onto the drive which reset Windows "Date Created" and "Date Modified" counters to that month.

2. When I realized what I was doing, I stopped and Windows suspended the deletion with 800 of the most recent files from that first folder accounted for in a hidden folder known as "LOSTFILES".

3. Many other folders (with all files accounted for) were visible in an area known as $RECYCLEBIN.

4. Some 8540 files remained visible on my hard drive since I had stopped before complete deletion could take place.

5. Recall that I have a backup dated September of 2010. This will allow me to pick the 2000 files I am missing from the 50s-60s Gold off of that backup !!! Yeah! So basically, the break in the "space-time continum" only spans several weeks between September and November 2010 for a single folder. Very little harm there.

Now where am I going with this? Someone here suggested that I should forget about recovered files because they may not be contiguous. True enough, once I had recovered, I randomnly clicked Yes - Long Distance Runaround and was treated with the middle of a latin salsa tune. WTF? Clicked a few more, and it turns out, some are corrupted, many aren't.

But at least, deletion was totally recursive, the "Date Modified" for each file is exactly as it was (Date Created of course was reset to the moment files were put back into the recovery directory). This means that while some files are DOA, I can account for all activities performed during november 2010 onward which is the best I could hope for.

I have since acquired two Hitachi 3 TB Touron externals. These little silent beauties should keep me going for a while until I figure out how to deal with the DOA files.

End of story (fiouf). I get out of this in relatively one piece but boy did I sweat over the prospect...

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Glad to here you were able to get most of the data back.

I have a suggestion that may help someone else in your situation after the board failed. Take the full model number from the drive and look on ebay for the same. Doesn't matter if the heads on the other drive have failed as all you need is the board. The board can then be moved from the ebay drive to the dead drive.

I have had music disappear from my drive once. It was almost all the Artists in folders that started with 'A'.. I didn't delete from my external though. I can't be sure, but I think it was an iTunes issue when it started importing my music it always failed with an error in the a's. Even though it wasn't supposed to - I think itunes tried moving the music from my external to the OS drive which was only a 30 GB partition (Why do I need a large windows partition when I only use it for things like putting music on my ipod, and backing up my blackberry the rest of the time I'm in Linux). Anways I didn't notice the missing music issue till several months after I deleted the files from the windows partition and updated the windows partition to W7.
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If you're still missing some files google Pandora Recovery (free) or Winundelete ($50 US).
I've had good results with both.
When installing these, try to install onto another hard-drive, a networked drive, or USB stick.
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I don't want to preach but the first rule of using Windows is never leave anything you rather not lose on the C: partition. Windows constantly read and write to C: so deleted files are a pain to recover.

The Second rule of using Windows is get yourself a Linux LiveCD or Live USB Stick you don't need to fork out cash to recover a deleted files. You just need three command lines.

"sudo fdisk –l" to identify the C: partition most of the time when dealing with a Windows computer in a Linux Live CD/USB recovery situation it /dev/sda1

"sudo ntfsundelete /dev/sda1" To list all the recoverable files.

"sudo ntfsundelete /dev/sda1 –u –m *.jpg" or whatever files extension your files are in your case *.mp3" Now sit back and wait because at 30000 songs this might take a while. Also in a situation of large deleted files for your target (Where you want to send the copies) you should use an external drive with the -d command followed by the path of that drive. A typical recovery command for a big folder of mp3 would look a lot like bellow
sudo ntfsundelete /dev/sda1 –u –m *.mp3 -d /media/Your USB drive name

The beauty of using a Linux bootable CD or USB stick to recover deleted files from Windows is that you don't have to pull the drive out and don't risk damaging it. The same Linux live CD can be used to recover files off a borked Windows who simply does not boot anymore.

The third general rule of using computers no matter the OS every moving part eventually break and Hard Drive have moving parts! (Except for SSD) So backup, backup and backup.
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Don't you worry my friend. I'm all backed up now. And as for Windows writing to disk constantly is enough of a pain but despite the fact that I didn't have a recent backup, the recovery I was able to perform (with Ontrack portable) brought back EVERYTHING I had added to my collection since November of 2010 for which I DO have a back up.

As I posted earlier, I had a complete dump of my Jukebox folder from November of '10. I do however have SO MUCH work listening to and recovering corrupted which, at the very lieast, are identifiable of only by name!

Have a nice weekend all.

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Originally Posted by JugglingReferee View Post
WHat about it???
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Recuva is free from the developers of CCleaner. Recuva was one of eight apps I tried before I settled on Ontrack (Thanks to whoever gave me that tip... you know who you are). Recuva prooved reliable enough but Ontrack was far better than others at displaying lost files in their original folders. You may recall this requirement was the motivation behind my very first post!!!

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