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Myself I don't mind the slightly industrial look of our Vent-A-Hood. It has nice clean lines. I cook more than my wife, at least when I'm not doing a major renovation project, so I get as much say as she does in kitchen matters but thankfully we agreed on this one. What appealed to us most was the simplicity of the design as it seemed more likely that it would come clean, and that we would clean it.

Our home was built in 1931 and prior to our kitchen reno had never had a working kitchen vent fan. When bought the place 16 years ago all I had time to do was paint it all inside and out before our first born came along.

The kitchen renovation prior to ours had the stove in a spot that could not be reasonably vented with one of those too common Broan models that vents back to your face, a nightmare to clean. It simply did not work for the purpose required and probably never did from day one, so grease ended up all over the walls and ceiling and particularly above the cabinets was a dusty greasy nightmare.

A kitchen that had originally appealed to us (except for the vent) eventually decayed and became grimy despite cleaning attempts so finally we pulled the plug and stripped it to the studs and rebuilt it right. The stove was moved to a more sensible location that allowed a straight-up large diameter duct and a proper hood. What a difference - the kitchen stays clean - and the layout works better too. This isn't a testimonial for our particular vent, just a nod to putting good venting into a kitchen.
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