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Here's the thing. Back in 2001, Rogers in Ontario decided to offer the maximum channels they can so they can compete against Bell satellite. They upgraded most parts of their network to 1 GHz, compressed 3 HD channels per QAM, deployed SDV, and kept the 60+ analog channels offer all along.

Vidéotron decided to compete against Bell for french HD channels. And they did: Groupe TVA launches specialties while Vidéotron keeps the exclusive carriage.

Keeping full HD channels bitrate was a smart decision, but there was just poor planning. They knew for years that HD offer and demand will increase at exponential rate, video-on-demand usage will increase, internet speeds will increase as well. Bringing fiber closer to the neighborhood and a 1 GHz network was something they should have done a while ago. Instead, they thought that the removal of analog channels, paired with SDV, would magically solve their problems. They were wrong.

So, here we are today. Bell and Vidéotron are in a marketing contest on who have the fastest internet. One flips a switch, the other upgrades a small area only to demonstrate they technically can. And that's about it. Videotron does not compete for the highest overall high-definition offer, as well as standard definition ethnic channels.

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