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c/p from CM3020PROB

Bell's basic service includes basic HD channels.
Vidéotron charges 3$ more for HD access, but you can receive basic channels in HD for free over the air using an antenna. What a rip-off ! (Yes, if you subscribe ONLY to basic service, you MUST pay HD fees, otherwise it's "not authorized").

Bell basic service includes american networks.
Vidéotron makes you pay extra for Vermont american networks, either in a package or à la carte. But they get them for free, paying absolutely nothing to the stations, AND you get those channels simsubbed almost all the time by canadian networks, reducing even further their value.

À la carte packages
Bell: 15 channels for 15$, 20 channels for 19$, 30 channels for 24$. Something like that.
Vidéotron: 15$ for 23$, 20 channels 26$, 30 channels 32$.

The Movie Network
Bell: 13$ includes their 4 HD versions, Mpix, and superstations.
Vidéotron: 16$, includes 2 HD versions. Period. Mpix is extra, Superstations is extra without HD versions.

When breaking down the numbers for each specialty from the CRTC database, you find out that each specialty costs in average between 40 and 48 cents per subscriber per month, sport channels costs (around 1$) more but were counted. The Movie Network gets 8.87$.

If a cheap car costs $10 000 to build at the factory, does it get a price tag everywhere for $22 000, the car dealer making a 120% profit?
That's what Vidéotron does actually. they don't program the channels, they don't deal with acquisitions, production, advertisements, etc., they just take a signal and deliver it back to you. How come they get the bigger cut? That's sickening.
Thanks CM, that is what I have been trying to tell peolple here.The only downside to Bell is that they are more limited in the channels that you can choose from in the a la carte options.

But if all your favourite channels are there in the Bell choices like TSN,RDS etc. RDS2 is not an extra either, then Bell is way cheaper then Videotron.

And what bugs me is Quebecor wants us to pay for his Hockey arena but has no problem dishing out 500 million. Actually over payed for their mobile spectrum to block off competition and another 500 million to set up their cell towers.That's One Billion dollars but not a cent for an arena. And he won't pay taxes on it like the average joe because it is a public arena. But Molson Built their own arena and pays taxes on it just like everyone.

So that's my beef with Quebecor and Peladeau.He wants everything for nothing.
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