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I can probably shed some light on Tiger Direct since I used to work for them in one of their stores. The people there work their butts off trying to give good customer service but the problem is that the corporates above them are a bunch of morons. They're not even businesspeople, they're politicians. The sales staff have a quota on how many "extended warranties" they must sell and also, they are required to sell some stupid virus software called CA. CA isn't necessarily bad but people don't want it because they know that there are much better (and cheaper) alternatives out there like AVG and Avast. If a salesperson doesn't meet these "screw the customer" sales quotas, they're fired. Also, when I worked there, I was shocked at how their inventory was all Intel and nVidia. Knowing what I know (at the time) I easily sold people AMD CPUs and after harping at my managers to get the ATi Radeon HD 4870 in, I sold 30 of them in 2 weeks. It was easy to convince people that the HD 4870 was a great buy when it performed as well or better than the GTX 260 despite costing $150 less. The Phenom II X4 940 was another easy sell to someone looking at a Q9400 because it was over $100 cheaper and performed more or less at the same level as well. TD seems to think that people don't shop around so they fill their stores with items that maximize profits rather than keep them competitive with other retailers, then blame (and fire) their employees for having low sales numbers. For the record, I was not fired from there, I quit to go to school. I personally don't shop there very much anymore and if I do, I go to the store and pick out what I want without asking for help from anyone. I'm much more satisfied buying from NCIX or CanadaComputers than I ever was with TigerDirect. The last thing I bought there was my laptop which I bought because it was a phenomenal deal. CanadaComputers and NCIX both had the same deal but they were out of stock. In the past, I had purchased two refurbished laptops from them and they were both defective. I then decided to buy a new laptop from them (eMachines E620-5885) and it was great for the 3 years I had it. It died because I did something stupid, not because it lacked quality. My current laptop (Acer Aspire 5560-sb401) was on sale for $499 and it was a great deal but as I said, NCIX and CanadaComputers both had the same deal. TD's website is mostly useless if you live near a store because the stores only carry the more expensive crap unlike Canada Computers which has almost no "online-only" items and their site also shows you which of their locations have stock. TD does no such thing so I tend to not buy stuff there as I like to do online research to help me decide what is available and what the best deal is. The only place I order from that is online-only is newegg because their customer service and prices both dramatically exceed Tiger Direct. With CanadaComputers (my first choice), NCIX (my second choice) and newegg (third choice just because they have no stores), there is very little reason for me to go to Tiger Direct these days.
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