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post #76 of 335 (permalink) Old 2007-10-24, 06:12 PM
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Jamis1979 If you plan to do a significant amount of computering with the TV as the monitor, then I would say to go for LCD.

Also check out, HDTV Frequently Asked Questions: Please read this before posting in the forum

Further discussion regarding your choice in TV should be in a separate thread though, not this one which is discussing the merits of Plasma over LCD.

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jamis1979, have a look at my post #28 in this thread.
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post #78 of 335 (permalink) Old 2007-10-27, 10:22 PM
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In other words otown47, you don't have a clue how to answer my question but you feel the desire to add another useless post to this thread. Moderator 57, you have given me a personal opinion which is kind, however, I am looking for some more meat and potatoes in regards to research material than a simple opinion.

My question is directly related to the topic of this thread as I am not asking about peticular models, I am asking about Plasma vs LCD and that is what this thread is about. When I feel satisfied I have recieved a decent amount of info on the subject...I'll happily go discuss my choice in TV models in another thread.

I appologize if I seem a little on edge here...I just felt like I was getting blown off. After all the back and forth discussion on every other little issue with Plasma vs LCD...I was hoping to hear a little bit in regards to the question I asked. At least that way I'd know what factors to research.
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post #79 of 335 (permalink) Old 2007-10-29, 12:39 PM
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Jamis1979 if you want to connect your PC to your TV then definitely get a unit that supports 1080p. My current LCD tv is only 1366x768 (720p) and websites look horrible on it, although downloaded videos look okay considering that they are downloaded.

As for gaming, it is known that plasma handle highspeed motion better than LCD. Just pick up a copy of the Nov 2007 issue of Home Theatre Magazine and they measure resolution loss from various 1080p displays. All flat panels and current rear projection lose some resolution with motion. Plasmas just lose less than the other techs.

Some examples are Panasonic 50PZ700 (plasma): 1080 static resolution, 880 motion, Samsung 5084 (plasma), 1080 static, 840 motion, compared to Sony 46W3000 (LCD 60Hz): 1000 static, 580 motion, Sharp 52D92 (LCD 120Hz): 1080 static, 600 motion

You mentioned it your self in your original post that burn-in isn't an issue as long as your smart about it. As for price, Pana just introduced a new more affordable 1080p plasma, the PZ77 series. 42" MSRP is 2199 and 50" MSRP is 2999, I'm sure these can be had for less if you shop around.

Hope this actually helps.
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post #80 of 335 (permalink) Old 2007-10-29, 12:53 PM
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Indeed it is a good help. Thank you.

If I was to browse the internet on a 1080p plasma television, would the words and images be just as clear and readable as if I was to get an LCD television? I think this is my main concern at this point.

Havings said that I really think that PQ is the most important factor here among the other factors presented and I really am leaning towards getting a plasma television over and LCD.
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post #81 of 335 (permalink) Old 2007-10-29, 05:38 PM
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LCD have surpassed Plasma but in the 50" plus category (which includes many here) 83% are still plasma. Source: NPD this week
Hugh, that share percentage must be ignoring 46" and 52" LCD panels sold in the marketplace, and focussing on the 50" screen size only. 50" being a 'common' Plasma size, not shared with many LCD manufacturers, I wouldn't be surprised if the Plasma share would be 83%.

But when you expand the range from 46" - 52", I can't believe that in the 46" - 52" size range, that Plasma commands an 83% share of the marketplace.

I guess I'm looking for some clarification on what you wrote. It seems to me, that discussing share in a size range, would be more fair, than focussing on one size only.

I could say for example that LCD commands a 90% share at 40". What does that really mean if it's ignoring the fact that Plasma sets are 42". Catch my drift here....

So, I'm just that 50" only share, or does it include LCD TV's at 46" and 52"?
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post #82 of 335 (permalink) Old 2007-10-29, 06:01 PM
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It said 50" plus, not 50" exactly. The statistic doesn't surprise me.

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post #83 of 335 (permalink) Old 2007-10-30, 12:11 AM
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Thanks 57.

I didn't catch the 50 plus. I read it as 50" only by mistake. I'm not sure how I missed it, as it was pretty clear.....but it was an honest oversight.

Considering that there are 50, 55, and 60" Plasma panels being sold and few LCD's beyond 52", the share would obviously be weighted towards Plasma.
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post #84 of 335 (permalink) Old 2007-10-30, 09:25 AM
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Assuming you have set the resolution correct on your PC, there isn't any reason why text on a website will be any less readable on a 1080p plasma vs 1080p LCD.
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post #85 of 335 (permalink) Old 2007-11-04, 10:58 PM
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In that case it will come down to price vs PQ for me.
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post #86 of 335 (permalink) Old 2007-11-15, 02:37 PM
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I am leaning towards plasma, but my biggest concern is glare. This next TV is going to be in a bright living room with lots of windows (and daylight during the day) and possibly some lamps around the room at night.
Are there any anti-glare solutions for plasmas out there?
And it might be slightly off-topic, but why do the plasma manufacturers use the reflective glass instead of something similar to LCD's non-reflective surface?
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post #87 of 335 (permalink) Old 2007-11-15, 02:41 PM
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Some of the newer plasma models come with an anti-glare coating. I believe the "77" Panasonic is one, but I could be wrong - going from memory. Edit - My memory is good, see:

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All the new Panny plasma's have the new anti-glare glass. Very nice. I have the older Panny plasma and the difference is night and day. Go to the store and see for yourself, you will be suprised.
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LCD does not need to enclose gases inside.

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post #90 of 335 (permalink) Old 2007-11-18, 09:59 PM
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Stuck deciding b/w plasma w/anti-glare and LCD

hi there,

I'm a first time flat panel buyer myself, and have been debating whether to get LCD or plasma. Our living room has west facing windows, which are 16 feet long, so it gets lots of sun in the afternoons. We don't have great curtains, so reducing the light would not be possible.

So I guess we have two problems: 1) glare and 2) bright room in general. Based on that, I'd heard LCD is the way to go because of the glare and bright conditions. I understand that plasmas however, offer much better pictures. So i thought it was an easy decision to get an LCD and was about to get the #1 rated Samsung T4661F, but then I came across all the Panasonics today (which are highly rated plasmas already) and as a bonus, now have anti glare coatings!

So now what do I do? Are these new Panasonics comparable to LCD's and I should now base my decision purely on how the picture quality is?

I'm trying to figure out if brightness of the room and glare are in fact the same issue which both would be resolved with these Pannys, or separate. ie if I don't have a glare problem if I get the Panny, if it would still be better to get an LCD b/c the room will be bright. I thought it was common knowledge that LCD's have a brighter picture than the plasmas, which is why they're better in a bright room, right? (I read this on the Sharp site: "In the "real world" situations, LCDs are 4 times brighter than plasma displays.")

But then I come across this info, which says the opposite about which is better in a bright room... aargh!

Your Room Lighting

Because of these fundamental differences in how the TVs work, the best choice may depend on placement of the display. The biggest factor is often room light: if you have a darker room, either will work, but plasmas are more visible in a brighter room. Two factors account for this: the contrast ratio and the brightness. Contrast is the difference between the brightest and darkest colors the TV can produce (white vs black). Brightness is a measure of how powerful the light is in general (like a higher wattage light bulb: 100w vs 25w). For both numbers, the higher the value, the better. Plasma contrast is typically 10,000 to 1 (10000:1) or better, while LCD is about 1/10th as good at 1200:1. Many LCD displays use a dynamic method to improve contrast up to 5000:1. This helps by adapting the range based on the overall brightness of the scene being watched. However, because plasmas are brighter and have more contrast, the picture looks better in a brighter room. One issue, though, is that the plasma panel is glass, which can easily reflect room lights and windows. Neither screen will work well in direct sunlight, but you may have better luck placing an LCD to avoid reflections from many windows. A better solution is a set of window curtains to remove the problem altogether.

Thanks in advance for the help everyone!
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