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downtown Kitchener - attic vs mast? with trees?

Thanks for this useful forum. I am finally getting around to getting a new antenna setup at home after the digital transition.
I am located at King & Stirling area, downtown Kitchener, in a 2-storey house.

My question is whether it would be worth my effort (in terms of extra stations) to move my antenna from inside the attic to the roof. It is a bit of an effort, but do see a way of getting a 5-ft mast mounted to the top of the roof. Of course, a rotor is in question as well, but this all needs to be worth the effort, as I would have to mount it, and add all the wiring connections for signal, ground and (if applicable), the rotor wiring.

In my attic, I have an Antennas Direct ClearStream 4 antenna, with a CM7777preamp. With this setup, I get nice, strong reception on
6 - Global
13 - CKCO
28 - TVO
29 (analog) CBC (though a bit grainy)
61 (analog) CBC-french (also a bit grainy, but I don't really watch this station)

I did a quick 'balancing' act on the roof, and I will then get 31-CITY with strong signal, but it is entirely blocked out in the attic.

The main reason for my question: there are some big trees across the street from us (it woud be about 50 feet away, they are in the front yards of houses across the road). That puts them right in the Hamilton direction from us. I am pretty sure that some of the forum readers have had experience with this.

As I said, I am curious about whether the work/cost is worth it. If i were to only get CITY and a repeat of Global (on 41) and CTV (on 9), it would not be....but if it would also add CTV2 (10) or Hamilton stations, it would be. (I don't think I have much hope of getting Buffalo, in any event).

Any thoughts? (though I may try it out anyway).

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