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post #31 of 61 (permalink) Old 2007-12-26, 08:16 AM
Join Date: Jun 2006
Posts: 450
No problems with Tiger Direct. Shipping costs a little too much but the order is always processed quickly and arrives in a reasonable timeframe.
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post #32 of 61 (permalink) Old 2008-04-14, 10:20 AM
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Location: Airdrie, AB
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Had to come here to give a review. I've been using TD for a few years and never had problems until today.

I ordered two Logitech Quickcam Ultravision last week. They were shipped promptly and UPS lost them. Called UPS and all they could do for me is to tell me to call the shipper. I called Tiger Direct and was prepared to have a hard time... but... the guy on the phone immediately shipped two new webcams for me and refunded the charge on my credit card! So I'm getting two webcams for free with appologies. On top of that, the guy gave me his name and direct phone number in case I have further issues.

Excellent customer service!
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post #33 of 61 (permalink) Old 2008-06-06, 10:12 PM
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Location: OTTAWA
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Placed my first order on saturday nite. Bought a harmony 550(60$ off) shipping was UPS for 10$ not sure if call that steep or not but since it was way cheap i went for it. Got the remote yesterday.

Very fast shipping, good price.. nothing more to say.

Licenced HVAC TECH: "Without seeing your problem i can only offer suggestions, no warranty is included with my advice"
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post #34 of 61 (permalink) Old 2009-04-23, 05:57 PM
Join Date: Apr 2009
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Thumbs down Purchase from Tiger Direct gone bad.

On Feb. 25/09 I ordered the following from Tiger Direct:
  • 2 Gateway FX4710 Q9300 computers
  • 1 20" LG Flatron Monitor (recommended by the agent)
  • and some other small items.

When received, I found that the monitor did not have a compatible cord for my video card. It only had a VGA cord. I went to the local computer shop and purchased a DVI cord. When I got home the cord didn't work. At this point, I assumed that the graphics card was not compatible with my monitor. My bad, but then I'm no expert.

I then called Tiger Direct, on Feb 27th/09, and my agent was not available, so I spoke to his superior. I explained the problem. He told me that it was compatible with the on board card. I informed him the reason I purchased the computer was to utilize the graphic card, not the less superior on board card.

The manager then offered to replace the monitor with a compatible one. He recommended a monitor. What he sent me the SAME monitor in a 22' size. At the same price as the 20". Nice of him, but it didn't solve the problem. At no time did the manager nor the sales person direct me to a compatible cord. Which would have solved the problem immediately. Now I have 2 monitors, and I've still not hooked up my computer.

I was sent a return request form, for the 20" monitor, which I promptly filled out and returned to my agent. This was on February 28th/09.

At this point, I went to Future Shop to see if I could find the actual computer and monitor. They had the identical computer and monitor properly hooked up and running. So I had a salesman check the chord, and the cord I had purchased earlier was not the proper DVI cord. So I purchased the correct cord from Future Shop.

When I finally got the computer set up, it was DOA. So now I had to return the computer for a replacement. (note: I had sold the other computer... thankfully they got a working one, or I would have been dealing with an irate customer of my own.)

I called Tiger Direct to arrange for the return of the dead computer. I filled out the forms and returned them immediately to them. The computer return form came quickly, and I returned it on March 4th/09. This cost me $31.89 postage. I've to date have not been refunded for this cost.

The return of the monitor did not go so smoothly. I had to make repeated calls. I filled out more return request forms, (because TD couldn't find my original form from the 28th of Feb.) All the while the salesman kept telling me he was "trying" to get the return authorized for me. He passed the buck continually to his supplier. Frustrating me to no end.

I informed them that no matter if the supplier approved the return or not, this mistake was theirs, not mine, and that "they" should send me the return form, and deal with the supplier themselves. I had to put out the money, for their mistake. After, many repeated calls, I was finally able to return the monitor on March 20th/09. Almost a whole MONTH later! The return cost me $13.77. Again, to date have not been refunded for this cost.

I did receive the credit for the monitor and the computer. Not in time for me to pay my credit card bill, mind you. So, I had to put out the money, or incur interest charges. I pay my credit cards in full every month. I don't pay interest charges.

My last phone call to TD apr. April 15th, I was informed that that the credits were issued, the previous week. I checked my credit card statement, and no credit was received. I called back and the salesman checked into it further, and was told that 2 checks were mailed to me.

I called TD again today, Thursday April 23, 2009, and left another voice message. I'm waiting to receive a return call. Now it is almost 2 months later, and I still don't have my credit, nor my computer. Was it worth the good price?
They don't have the computer available anymore. I've been assured that they are expecting more to arrive.

While TD tried to correct things, they have only managed to create more confusion. If the sales people were better trained about their products maybe this could have been all prevented.

I've been very patient. More patient then most. This was not my first transaction with TD. I have to say the others went fairly smoothly. This transaction proved to be my worst nightmare.

What this all boils down to is:

Proper cord should have been suggested. There would have been no need to send me a 2nd monitor.

Extremely slow authorization for return of monitor.

2 months after the initial order, I'm still waiting for refunds on cost of returns.

Due to this, I'm not re-ordering the computer till I'm satisfied they are able to take care of me. If they even have the same computer which at this time they do not.

E MacDonald
Windsor On.

PS: There was a video on the computer that bragged that this computer came with restore disks. Had to fight to get them. They took the video off the site after my complaint.

Edit: I just received one check for $31.89 for postage on the return of the Computer. Check mailed 4/21/09.

Last edited by EmacDonald; 2009-04-23 at 06:27 PM. Reason: Part of pending issue resolved.
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post #35 of 61 (permalink) Old 2009-05-18, 05:14 PM
Join Date: Nov 2006
Location: Ottawa
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Bought an e-machines refurb computer from Tiger Direct about 2 years ago and it has been fine. Prices are ok but I normally find better from other online sources. With prices that are good shipping often makes it not worth the while. It is easy to see exactly what the shipping is up front, which is great. The computer purchase had a shipping promotion which made it work.

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post #36 of 61 (permalink) Old 2009-05-18, 07:39 PM
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never had an issue with getting anything from tigerdirect. the only pet peeve i have with them is there stupid mail-in rebates on almost evey item they sell
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post #37 of 61 (permalink) Old 2009-05-22, 07:03 PM
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Location: Toronto Rogers
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Just OK nowadays

I bought quite a few items over the years, and most were positive. Although I find that local Toronto/GTA stores can be cheaper most of the time now.

One issue was with a mail-in-rebate for an Epson scanner. The cheque actually bounced! No fault with TD or Epson, just the rebate company (went bankrupt). Epson was pretty quick to replace the cheque though. So I try to stay away from MIR's now.

Wish they would allow store pick up after you purchase online.
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post #38 of 61 (permalink) Old 2009-05-22, 07:44 PM
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i filed a complaint with better buisness beruea myself. they are rated a C.
An A is the best. she said all complaints to date had an outcome where tiger would work with you to a satisfactory outcome.
they worked with me. very slow process but worth it.
i since have used them for a gps unit.
i agree better deals are to be found locally now days. the mail in rebates need to go.
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post #39 of 61 (permalink) Old 2009-08-13, 10:41 AM
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Tiger Direct Review

I have to say that I have given Tiger Direct plenty of chances to win me over and aside from one or two instances, all my visits to the store or my purchases online have been absolutely horrendous. In fact, I don't know how they manage to stay in business. Come to think of it, the 1-2 times I did not have an issue was when I went into the store, found the product myself (with no help from anyone).

However, every other time I have had some kind of issue, ranging from terrible customer service, uninformed staff, conflicting stories and worse of all, defective products. I have noticed that recently (in the past year or so), their service and quality has decreased drastically to the point where I wonder how they stay in business. My bad experiences include the purchase of name brand wireless routers, flat panel monitors, hard drives, bluetooth devices - all of which were either defective or not the exact product they advertised.

Recently I tried to order online (mainly because the store never has the product they show online). This has turned out to be an even bigger nuisance. My most recent experience (in the past 2 weeks) involves purchasing a Bluetooth headset made by Motorola. TDirect shipped it immediately and I received it within 2 days. However, when I took it out of the box, I realised that it was not packaged in the usual Motorola packaging and even the user guide was a photocopy of the original. Regardless, I plugged it in to charge the battery but it never charged. I checked online for possible fixes but nothing worked. I even tried a different charger from my Motorola phone. I called TD support and as if they were expecting my call, they informed me of how I can return it for an exchange. I offered to hand deliver it as I live fairly close to the address on the return slip but I was told this is not allowed. That meant I had to go to the post office, buy a shipping envelope and pay for the shipping back to TD. TD did pay for the shipping costs but they did not cover the envelope I had to buy (about $4.00). They told me the exchange would happen quickly and that they would send me a BRAND NEW one. Within a week, I received a replacement. However, when I opened the box, I saw that the packaging was not the typical Motorola plastic packaging and again, the user guide was a photocopy. Regardless, I gave this one a try and immediately noticed that the connection on the headset for where the power connects was destroyed. It looks like someone tried to force the charger in and destroyed the connector wires. I packaged it back up and sent it back demanding a full refund. So far, the TD customer service person has not posted my refund and I know I am going to have to chase them down for this. I don't want an exchange nor a credit because after 3-4 years of very bad service, I do not ever need to do business with TD again.

I don't know if it is just my bad luck but for me, TD should not be allowed to do business they way they do.
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post #40 of 61 (permalink) Old 2010-10-05, 04:42 PM
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Location: Kingston, Ontario
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Couldn't have been better

By reading so many negative reviews on-line I was a little hesitant to order from ***************, but they have everything and I could not find better prices. I ordered 13 individual components to build a new PC including a mouse and the O/S. I placed the online order Thursday night at 7:50, at 8:40 I received a call to confirm my delivery address (because it was not my home address, I was drop shipping to my office). All the items arrived in 2 packages Tuesday morning in perfect condition via UPS, I was impressed how they were packed, very professional. Once I found they were coming from Illinois I was concerned I would get dinged with costoms fees, but all was good.
I will definitely order from them again.
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post #41 of 61 (permalink) Old 2010-10-06, 10:58 AM
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Location: Calgary, AB
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I have oreded from them about 5 times in the past 2 years. Prices on some items are pretty good. Shipping to Calgary a bit slow. I have purchased 3 refurb Logitech Harmony remotes at good prices, never a problem.
My only negative experience was when I decided to purchase a refurb Pinnacle Moviebox.
Received it, and it was missing the software disk. Tiger Direct said call Pinnacle, Pinnacle said "sorry that version is obsolete, call the retailer"

I probably could have returned the product and received a new one (bit of a hassle) but luckily a friend has the same model, so I got software from him.

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post #42 of 61 (permalink) Old 2010-10-06, 11:08 AM
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Location: Airdrie, AB
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I used Tiger Direct several more times since my last review and I'm quite happy with the time to ship although delivery time to Airdrie, Alberta, is slow since the package is always crossing the border in Windsor.

Last summer, I ordered a Mustang motorized screen from TD for my home theater. Such a large and heavy package had to be ordered by phone and with special delivery. The guy on the phone was very helpful and gave me his direct phone number in case there are any issues. Didn't get any issues. The screen arrived in perfect condition (the box was 11feet long).
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post #43 of 61 (permalink) Old 2010-12-29, 02:22 PM Thread Starter
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Thumbs down Won't be shopping at Tigerdirect again

I have bought from Tigerdirect on many occasions but after my my recent visit I will not be returning.

On Dec 27th, I purchased a refurbished Gateway computer for $849 from TigerDirect in Etobicoke. Long story short it did not work so I returned it on Dec 28th.

They asked if I wanted a replacement, I said Yes. I also inquired whether it was possible to get the second unit turned on by a tech to ensure that it would not encounter the same issue as the previous unit. I was told they could but it would cost $30 plus taxes. I declined and took the replacement unit.

Got the second computer home and sure enough same problems.

I then spent several hours trying to resolve the issue. I Googled the web and found (on the TigerDirect site) that a lot of users were complaining about this computer having the same problems that I experienced. I even tried several reviewers solution with no success. (FYI, the computer was a really good deal so I really wanted to get the issue resolved hence why I tried for so long to find a solution)

I then found on MS Support a post by a MS expert that suggested the problem was due to hijackware and the only solution was to format the drive and re-install Windows.

After all the time wasted, I took the second unit back to Tigerdirect for a refund and asked to speak to the manager.

I told the manager what had happened asked why they continue to sell a product that continually exhibited the same problem and continues to cause returns. The manager said that he doesn't read all the consumers reviews. I said that I appreciate that but does TigerDirect not do anything when the same product continues to be returned for the same reason?

He said he didn't care and couldn't do anything for me.

I left with a refund wondering why a manager wouldn't try to help a regular customer who spends a lot of money in getting a product that works?

After two returns, I would think that it would be in the stores best interest to actually investigate the problem and maybe try to get me a refurbished unit that worked.

So I am still looking for a new computer but Gateway and TigerDirect are off my shopping list. Sayal Electronics is a little further drive for me but the prices are better.

Interestingly, I wrote a negative review on the site of the product but it was not accepted by TigerDirect. In reading through the reviews I was struck by the fact that not one review had a negative title. The ones with all the problems had the negative aspects buried in the review.

This tells me TigerDirect is only publishing positive reviews or moderate reviews but not negative ones
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post #44 of 61 (permalink) Old 2011-01-01, 04:21 PM
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I ordered an antenna from them while I was in Etobicoke. They delivered it from the US, to DUNNVILLE! They messed up another delivery, too, but I forget what that was because, that too, I never saw. But they billed the correct address, both times.
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post #45 of 61 (permalink) Old 2011-01-07, 02:57 PM Thread Starter
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Posts removed.

As per post /1

This is NOT a discussion thread so please limit yourself to one post which includes your review.
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