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post #16 of 35 (permalink) Old 2009-07-16, 08:57 PM
Join Date: Jul 2009
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Alright here we go. I've been looking around for a while to publicly display my absolute distaste for MDG and their computers. They're a complete sham! I bought the complete computer package about 2 years ago, 2007ish where it was an intel core 2 duo with 1.6ghz (3.2 total), 2gb ram, and a 1tb HDD. It came with keyboard, mouse, and 22" acer monitor. Now, as I was talking to the salesperson, named Stephano, he in general seemed like a complete... <Insert a word that begins with p and ends with rick> to us and treated us like we knew nothing. Now, as he was going he told us that our warranty is void if we open the computer. Keep that in mind. When I got the computer home, I checked the specs. It only came with one GB ram stick and the rest of the memory was configured as an HDD L2 Cache. So he scammed me out of a gig of ram at first, and when I confronted him about it he would route me to customer service, and then proceed to not answer my calls. This continued for about a week, and I didn't have any means to actually going down there as I was working full time and without a vehicle of my own. Now, on top of that, I opted to downgrade my 1tb HDD into a 500gb HDD in exchange for a 512mb graphics card. Guess what he gave me? 256mb. I'm currently searching for my contract and I AM going to be bringing it to their store, even if I'm out of warranty, and demanding compensation or else I'll bring this case to the media and legal system. They also didn't include a windows vista CD with my system, when they should. Ugh. I am so mad right now, I can't WAIT to see Stephano again! Arrg!

Oh, and also, when I confronted him the first time about DDR2 ram, he said it was "Dual channeled" and that it's "Meant to function like that." I told him straight out that "No, DDR2 is ram designed to function on more advanced motherboards for compatibility sake, and to process faster to keep up with the motherboard's load and performance." After that he put me to customer service and never answered my calls.

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post #17 of 35 (permalink) Old 2009-07-17, 05:47 PM
Join Date: Dec 2007
Location: Vancouver
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I went to the Vancouver store (now defunct) about 3 years ago to look at an advertised system. The sales staff (eastern European, maybe Russian) definitely employed high-pressure tactics to steer you towards higher-priced systems. They wouldn't (rather than couldn't as in big box stores) answer any technical questions about the systems. Eventually I ended up buying a HP from one of the big box stores. At least I knew what I was getting.
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post #18 of 35 (permalink) Old 2009-08-12, 09:37 PM
Join Date: Aug 2009
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What is MDG?

What is MDG?

MDG is a big scam!!!

One of the sale guy at my work brought an "MDG Laptop" a year or so ago. Yesterday, he had a virus and the laptop needs to format and re-install.

After I installed Windows, I went to MDG's website to look for the drivers and found NOTHING!!!. The owner doesn't know where the original CDs are. So call MDG tech guy and ask him to show me where I can download the drivers. His reply was "You have to buy the drivers, sir." That right, you have to buy it. So I told him that I will not pay for it and I will only download it. I also ask why the website doesn't have any drivers and his reply was that the laptop it's not MDG's laptop and it is a China made with an MDG sticker on it.

After I let out few angry words, he ask for my number so he can go look for the driver then call me back.

I suspect that he will tell me to go to some other site to get the drivers and sure enough he called and directed me to some Chinese site. He asked me if the pic on the site look like the laptop. He even told me to bookmark the site. The drivers are location in the archive sections of the site cause it is obsoleted already. I started to download the drivers and left work cause it's going to take 3 hours to finish. I will try to install tomorrow and put up another post.

So, what you get when you buy an MDG? you'll get a product that is clearly not theirs. Just a cheap or no brand name from China that is almost obsolete. And you have to pay high price for it. If you done believe me, just ask them where to download the drivers.

For those who are thinking about buying an MDG, please reconsider. MDG will only take advantage you.
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post #19 of 35 (permalink) Old 2009-08-13, 02:41 PM
Join Date: Jul 2007
Location: Kingston
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I am by no means an expert but I try to keep up on what is going on with technology. I often get the call from my tech challenged friends who buy new computers and don't know how to tweak them so it works the way they want to. I know at least 3 of them have bought from MDG and I was appalled at the junk they sell to unsuspecting people. Many older Canadians seem to have trusting natures (a very general statement but that's my experience with my acquaintances) and I HATE to see them spend good money on junk that will not meeet their needs. MDG seems to specialize in this area..take the suckers for a ride.

I took, with my friends permissioin, one of these newly bought MDG machines to my favourite, small and privately owned comp shop. They were able to put a machine together for her that was light years beyond what MDG sold her..for less money!

IMO< MDG sells the computer equivalent of the old Russian Lada the business to that little shop with a good reputation. You will never regret it and all it takes is a little research.

Kingston-Pace RNG200N,Paradigm Studio 60 v3, Paradigm CC 590 v5, Anthem MRX 700, Panny VT-55, Oppo BDP-83, Oppo BDP 105
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post #20 of 35 (permalink) Old 2010-02-21, 03:22 PM
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Horrible experience with MDG

I was tempted by their ad. If you look closer though they are very vague about what parts are going into your machine. You assume that with a high-end computer you will get a good power supply. Wrong, you will get a 250W and if you add a hard drive it will burn. You will get the worst OEM parts you can get. Beware that they have a no-return policy, so once you sign the invoice you're stuck with that damn computer.

But my story is worse than that. The picture in the ad was featuring a aluminum case. I told the seller that I want that system with that casing. He said OK. Everything went smooth, we reviewed the system on his monitor (this is hard to prove, but I think he changed those parts before printing, with very close named parts: instead of x1300 for videocard with x300). Obviously when I signed the printed version I was confident, and didn't re-checked. Needless to say, all parts were changed, except for the casing (funny, right?).

I discovered at home and it took me 5 more visits, long waits, negotiations to finally bring the computer close to what it was supposed to be. I never received the software from the ad, the mp3 player came with some Madonna hits (it was pre-tested by someone else!!!).

I tried to complain to the store supervisor, he said the aluminum case is very expensive that's why I received a customized configuration to match the price, (stupid me - he is the head of the operation). I called the customer service which is also a joke. The guy was trying to convince me that the processor is the right one and it's me who doesn't understand what's a virtual core.

I filled a survey that came from their headquarters expressing my frustration. A lady called me to say that she regrets, will look into it, send me my missing software, blah, blah. Nothing happened.

That's my story. If I would have gone to any other store I could have return it, but I didn't expected such thing to happen in Canada. This kind of tricks are happening in third-world countries. and it strikes me that their ads appear in some respected newspapers and websites.
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post #21 of 35 (permalink) Old 2010-02-23, 12:33 AM
Join Date: Jan 2006
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Horrible Experience

When I ordered my computer for school 5 years ago (P4 512RAM) I went into the store (South London Location) to get exactly what I wanted and watched the guy fill out the form. I get a phone call 3 or 4 days later saying that my computer was ready and I could come in and pick it up. So I take the 30min trek into the city to go pick it up and when I get there they tell me that they don't have a monitor for me. They told me I could take the CPU if I wanted but it would be another day or 2 before they got another shipment of monitors.

I get a call a couple days later saying that a monitor is in, so I do another trek into the city to pick up my Monitor. Hoping all my headaches are over with them I picked up a wireless card and opened up the CPU to install it to find out that they Shafted me on RAM!! I upgraded from 256 to 512 and when I called to inform them about this the guy on the phone told me that the computer sometimes doesn't recognize there is 512 and will only say 256 if you are looking at what is installed when you are on the screen, I then explain to him that I am looking at the stick of RAM that has been installed. He seemed to want to come up with any excuse to why there was not 512 rather than just admitting they made a mistake.

I finally found the time to take my computer in and as the guy has my computer in the back he comes out and asks me if my computer worked before I brought it in because it wasn't working after he installed the second stick, so he goes into the back and comes out a few minutes later to find out that HE had unplugged something on the motherboard.

So 4 hrs of driving and a cumulation of about 2hrs over the phone and in the store I was finally able to use the computer that I had paid for.

Although they did fix the problems that arose they offered me a free trial of a no name anti-virus program for my troubles. I kindly accepted it and never looked back once I walked out the door for the final time as well as never suggested to MDG to anyone that has been in need of a computer since
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post #22 of 35 (permalink) Old 2010-06-25, 09:37 PM
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Unhappy never ever

We are always buying the HP brand and I still don't understand why I bought my MDG computer in 2005 There was a sign of warning that I knew and ignored. What we've got was a poor quality, boosted price, always some reason to go back to the store for repairs, bad service, and some problems that couldn't ever be fixed as: the speakers playing even with the head set plugged, the USB port upside down. The time you wait in the store you hear nothing but complaining customers. Never again I buy anything from this company. The sign that should turn me off at the very beginning was the flag waving, the "only Canadian build computer" this strategy is used usually to sell low quality product.
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post #23 of 35 (permalink) Old 2010-09-10, 12:53 PM
Join Date: Sep 2010
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Angry Ripped off, Horrible Customer service.

Financed a Vision XXLF series from MDG, got my system on Tuesday (7th), The computer did NOT have the graphics card installed and when I called customer service to tell them my card is missing, I instantly was given attitude and spoken to quite rudely by the agent.

Had to mail the system back (Thursday 9th) already to have them install the graphics card - as They wont ship you just a card - even though it's all you need.

Customer service agents are unprofessional, they never called me back at the times/days they said they would. I had to continuously call to finally get a hold of someone.

They overcharge extremely for their products.

Save yourself the trouble, Do NOT finance from MDG as they try to rip you off as much as they can, take up as much of your time as possible, then blame you when they mess up.

I'll be filing complaints with the BetterBuisnessBureau and also taking them to small claims court if need be.

Be wary, STAY AWAY from MDG.
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post #24 of 35 (permalink) Old 2011-03-22, 06:26 PM
Join Date: Mar 2011
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number 3

I have had a desktop and just ordered my second laptop. The first laptop was running VISTA and did have a bios issue, they had it repaired and back to me within a week and that was about 6 years ago. The desktop was on its 7th year before we held its funeral earlier this year. Sorry but I have nothing negative to say about the service or the quality of these products.
my Dell lasted a year before having issues that they refused to cover, In the 90s I had an HP that was having issues right out of the box...they refused to cover based on my geographic location.
Once again, MDG has my vote for quality and service.
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post #25 of 35 (permalink) Old 2011-10-26, 12:29 AM
Join Date: Oct 2011
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MDG is probably one of the worst company's that call them selves Canadian


Grey market, offbrand parts, poor service, retarded sales people.
they are the lowest of the low. they trick ya into buyin' with their "low" prices then sell you stuff that's less than advertised.
you might as well flush your money down the toilet.

MDG = Cheaper Parts / Lower Quality
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post #26 of 35 (permalink) Old 2011-10-26, 01:41 AM
Join Date: Dec 2004
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The funny thing about MDG is they have been around for a very long time. I remember way back in about 1998 a friend of mine was looking to get his first PC so he could get on the net.

He saw this ad in the Star TV guide and was interested in their 'Diamond' system. We went to their store and this cute Asian girl starts telling us about the computer... with what she was saying I could quickly tell she had no clue what she was talking about! She was really pushy trying to get us to buy the PC... we then told her we'd have to think about it... come back later.

She then said the strangest thing to me... she told me she also worked at a massage parlor at night and maybe we'd like to see her there tonight?
We ran out the door... got it the car and drove off laughing so hard... I think she was just working there to get guys to the rub & tug. That tells you alot about this place.
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post #27 of 35 (permalink) Old 2012-01-10, 03:55 AM
Join Date: Jan 2012
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Never, ever again!

I really wished I had seen these reviews before buying anything from MDG. It seems that not much has changed over the years.

Their systems may have improved but the way the handle things have not. 10 months ago I financed a 40inch HDTV and what was supposed to be a Toshiba satelitte Laptop.. I got the TV but the laptop ended up being an acer, not that I had a problem with that since I do like Acer and for what my son uses it for, it was still a decent first...

withing 3 months, the laptop moniter just shut down and we could never get it to work. We could hook up an extenal moniter and then everything worked fine but what is the point of having a laptop then right? Called MDG and they said that Acer would take care of it. Acer said since it sounded like it was physical damage then it wasn't covered and it would cost me $400 for a new the the exact same laptop at Best Buy, brand new was $350. Called MDG back and the sales rep told me to " go buy it from best buy then" at this point I'm not happy, they are charging me $80 a month for 18 months??? (For the laptop and an extra $65/month for the tv)

Then the TV overheated while we were watching a movie.. There was a very loud "POP" then half the screen was black.. I checked the tv and at the very edge of it I cuold see where the screen had been pushed outwards.. again I called MDG.. I was told to call Toshiba and they told me that it would not be covered since it seemed the screem cracked from the inside...

I called MDG back again and the sales rep asked me if it was not possible to watch TV on the working half of the screen and then hung up on me. I called back and demanded to talk to a manager and after being transferred about 10 times the manager i spoke to asked me what I expected him to do about it that they will not take the items back.

so I am stuck paying for a TV i can't watch and a laptop that has to stay hooked up to a monitor.

Same Laptop at Best Buy=$350
Same TV at walmart= $500
Fininacing through MDG=$2610

yeah, I got F***ed big time...

learn from my mistake, do not buy from this company.
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post #28 of 35 (permalink) Old 2013-05-08, 01:45 PM
Join Date: May 2013
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Post asus vivo tab rt

i alaway want a tab that can run windows and download the windows software just like a computer would do but a tab use thought so when i talk to two sale dude i ask for a tablet to run world of warcraft or a game called silkroad onlione the frist sale dude said no we dont have one yet the so i left it alone for a few month then call then make and ask for the first sale dude i was speaking with i was told he wasn't with the company any more so i said ok who do i deal with for my question he looked in to my file and seen that there was a new sale dude for me and transfer me to him i spoke to him and ask about the tablet what i wanted he said he looking in to it right know and will let me know in a few mins he seen that we have one and dose run world of warcraft i said ok that sound great so it is like a computer he said yes i said ok i will take it and also a new tv 65 inch he set me up with a good tv so far but when i got the item at my door i find out the hard way alaway read up on what you are getting never truth a company or sale dude on what he or she going to sell you but one thing what the boss said to me after i find out the tablet dosent run the os software he said if there any record info what i said to the said dude they will fix the problem after 2 hour has pass i got a phone call back and he left a message on my answer machine and siad he dont find no info what i said to the sale do and couldn't help me so i was like really pissed after i am sure i said what i asked for and also my wife heard me saying it twic to the sale dude so right know ppl keeep away from them they are not a company that is worth truth with evern if you been with them for year not missing a payment
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post #29 of 35 (permalink) Old 2013-05-08, 02:36 PM
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That is, hands down, the longest sentence I have ever seen!
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post #30 of 35 (permalink) Old 2013-05-08, 05:39 PM
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I was out of breath just reading it.
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