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post #16 of 68 (permalink) Old 2008-08-10, 01:46 PM
Join Date: May 2005
Posts: 1,180
Over the years I've bought several items from B.B. with no problems. However, the last three times I've been to their stores (one in Burnaby and the one in New West) they had music playing so loud from a boom box that I had to leave in a hurry. You could actually feel the deep hyper bass notes hitting your chest it was that intense!

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post #17 of 68 (permalink) Old 2008-08-22, 05:58 PM
Join Date: Aug 2008
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Review: Best Buy

I do not shop from BB any more neither from their brother FS. Few weeks ago went to BB in Langly BC, Saw a PN52A650 for a sweet deal of $2199.00, So I told them I want it.

I asked three times if it is brand new??? if it is in the original Box and they told me yes. yes and yes. I also recorded the guy. Trust me due to experience. LOL

SO got ready to pay they keep push for Ext. Warranty and they guy wa snot happy that I did not want it.

Before I pay I asked them to bring the merchandise. One told me is in the Factory and I have to drive there!!! and the 2nd sales guy told me no no that is the warehouse!!!

Never the less, I was told by sales the remote control and the papers [guide etc] are sent by the factory separately to BB and Unit comes in the box. However, they were going to open it up to show it to me before I take it home, so to make sure everything is fine. I repeted I want a unit in a box that is not opened. The sales [ three of them] assured me that the Unit is brand new and never opened. However, they want to make sure there is no problem with the unit b4 I take it home.

That ring the bell to watch out, I might have an accent but ain't stupid. that was never a policy before.

I said ok please process the purchase and I took the my card out, when the sales person asked for the card, I told the guy with a nice smile, no thanks I changed my mind and walked away.

I did buy a PN50A550 from London Drug, and save a bunch. London Drug have a small selection but a nice place to shop.
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post #18 of 68 (permalink) Old 2008-08-27, 02:17 PM
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Location: Toronto/Etobicoke - Bloor/Royal York/Queensway/Islington
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I've bought numerous items at BB, and have also walked out of the store upset a few times. What really prevents me from making BB a vendor of choice is the inconsistency of customer experience.

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post #19 of 68 (permalink) Old 2008-10-14, 01:36 PM
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BestBuy is completely hit and miss. I wanted the iPod shuffle headphones, the ones by Monster where the Shuffle sits on the headphones with no cables. Apple has them for $59, BestBuy is $89. I know BestBuy has price protection so I go to the one near my house Warden and Eglinton.

I pick them up ask for price protection they say go to Customer Service and they can do it. I get there she says sure, so she loads the Apple Website. I'm waiting, waiting, 2 other guys come over the finally find it there so great. Then the manager comes over, says at Apple it's minimum $75 or so for free shipping, so to get them for $59 from BestBuy I have to pay $15 more in other items. I say forget it I'll buy it at the store. The guy goes ohhhh they have them in stock? If so then that's fine. I'm like I imagine so, so the girl CALLS the Eaton Centre store to find out. They say they don't have them, and that headphones by Monster are only sold online. She says sorry can't match the price then so I told her to stick it and left.

The next day, I figure I'm being stupid I'll just buy something for $15 since I needed blank DVDs anyway. This time I go to Downsview near Yorkdale which is near my work. I pick them up go to Customer Service, tell her I want price protection. She looks funny and goes, oh you just go to the front cash and tell them that? I'm like okay, so I do.

I get up there tell the girl I want price protection from Apple. She asks how much they are, I say $59, she says who approved it? I'm like the girl at Customer Service said come here. She goes okay, marks it down to $54.99 and tells me to have a nice day.

No idea, first store had me never wanting to buy from them again but second was much better.
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post #20 of 68 (permalink) Old 2008-10-27, 04:54 PM
Join Date: Oct 2007
Posts: 370
We purchased a Sony DLSR camera a 2 years ago, a floor model, that was discounted so much, that I just couldn't resist. The salesman was nice, and explained the +'s and -'s of the cameras being sold, and we ended up buying it, even though it had more features than we really needed.

Fast forward, we have been visiting the BestBuy on a weekly basis, looking to purchase a new LCD, for sure, and maybe a receiver and speakers. The salemen so far have been pretty helpful, even admitting to me that Sharp Aquos sometimes have an issue with Banding. One of the last salemen we were talking to, was saying how you cannot get a tv cheaper, as they have a price match guarantee, and if you can find one cheaper, bring them the ad, and they will beat it, + 10%.

I friend told me that Gibby's had a sale on, and there was a Samsung 52 LCD on sale for $1599. I went into Bestbuy, with the flyer in hand, and confirmed that BB price was $1799, so I pulled out my flyer, and asked the saleman to check if any were in stock, and to price match it, as I wanted to take it home tonight. He says he will have to check with his manager... I notice them talking, and pointing to the computer screen, so I ask if there is a problem. The section manager tells me that their return policy is different than BB's, so the Price Match Guarantee is void. I ask for him to explain, and he says that Gibby's only has a 14 day return policy, and that BB has a 30 day return policy. I decide to go and talk to someone at customer service...There, I am told, that the Price Match Guarantee won't match sale prices, no mention of the different return policy... I argued, to no avail, as they refused to price match. I said I understood not matching a door crasher special, but this seemed to be misleading advertising. Needless to say, I didn't buy from there, and will be taking my money elsewhere from now on for my electronic purchases.
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post #21 of 68 (permalink) Old 2008-12-08, 12:51 AM
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Not a fan of the B.B.. I'll go just about anywhere else. The story is too long and drawn out to go into details, but I avoid them period.
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post #22 of 68 (permalink) Old 2008-12-18, 01:30 PM
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I went to BestBuy to purchase some laptops for my company. I went on a Tuesday morning during office hours so it wasn't too busy. But my wait was quite lengthy as there just didn't seem to be a lot of staff around. I finally got a salesman to help but as soon as I told him I am purchasing for the company I work for, he said I would have to wait for a sales rep that services businesses only. When I asked who he said that he was currently helping a couple that weren't business related. So there I was waiting for about another 45 minutes for the business guy who was helping non business consumers.
When he finally was free to help me I told him exactly what I wanted. I have never experienced such aggressive tactics as Best buys for their service plans and other extra services they try to sell. I told him that my company was not interested in the service plans several times. When the sales reps tactics didn't work he tried to scare me by telling me I could be charged and fined for buying laptops with the Windows Vista home version for a business. As these laptops go out of the country, overseas and are only used to connect to our terminal servers, I don't need them to connect to a domain so don't need the business version. I just said I'll take the chance. This was my first experience with Best Buy.
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post #23 of 68 (permalink) Old 2009-01-15, 09:54 PM
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Best Buy

The best customer at Best Buy is an informed one. If you do your research you can find if they have good pricing or not. I picked up my Harmony 1000 remote a few months ago for 200.00 off the regular price. I know this because I did the research before I went to buy the item.

Sometimes Best Buy has good deals, but you have to know what you are doing... Their price protection is good, I have taken advantage of that as well, on an item on sale just a couple of days after I bought it - a Samsung computer monitor - savings was about 150.00 based on new price at Future Shop.

I shop primarily at the Surrey and Langley BC stores. It is like night and day. Langley is heads above in staff quality - some are even really well informed there. I have dealt with customer service a number of times when things weren't right and it has been resolved. The delay has been with Customer Service at the store - their call centre is very good from my experience.

Bottom line here, I will continue to shop at Best Buy - the gene pool is ever-diminishing, but they are convenient and occasionally have good sale prices. But as they always say (who are they anyway???) Buyer beware...
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post #24 of 68 (permalink) Old 2009-01-15, 11:09 PM
Join Date: Dec 2008
Location: Edmonton, AB
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I was somewhat dissatisfied because that 2yr warantty thing was included and it was $49.99! I wanted iPod nano and my mom listened to it and I think she just said YES even though she didn't listen carefully, and she realized that she overpayed.
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post #25 of 68 (permalink) Old 2009-02-16, 03:49 PM
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Thumbs up

My desktop PC, which had been on the fritz recently, dropped dead on Saturday. So I did a bit of research and headed out on Sunday to look into some new PCs. The young dude at F.S. was painfully eager: a) to be my friend; b) to sell me a better monitor (even though I told him I didn't want or need one); and, c) to "work out a good deal on the price" if I took the service plan. I listened politely, then moved on to Best Buy.

The young salesman there listened to my needs, discussed the HPs I indicated I was interested in, then pointed me to an Acer that fits my bill perfectly and saves me a few bucks over the HPs. Ten minutes after we started talking, as he was ringing up the sale, he asked me if I wanted a service plan. I said "no" and he said "ok".

I left the store a very happy shopper. All salespeople should ben this helpful, and all transactions this painless. I will be sending to the manager of that branch an e-mail or letter praising the salesman.
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post #26 of 68 (permalink) Old 2009-06-21, 07:21 PM
Join Date: Oct 2008
Location: Calgary
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I was looking for a Digital Camera last May.
I went to best buy because I thought they would have a good selection.
I know Nothing about digital cameras. The girl at the camera counter knew less than me about the cameras they had on display.
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post #27 of 68 (permalink) Old 2009-07-06, 11:57 AM
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Open Letter to Best Buy....

I purchased a Blu-ray yesterday, July 4th 2009 at 3:56pm at your Whitby Ontario store. The cashier, a male, was quite abrupt and rude.

I asked him if I can check my rewards online and he answered in one word "yes", then I asked him if the rewards total appears on receipts, again one word answer "no".

When he scanned my debit card to pay he literally turned his back to me and stared at the wall while we waited, rather than look in my direction. I think to myself "am I hideous or something????" Once the transaction was approved he circled the survey information on the receipt (without saying anything about the survey, which I believe is Best Buy's procedure) he then handed me the Blu-ray and receipt and said "here", not "thanks" or "Thank you for shopping at Best Buy", nothing. What a jerk.

When I got home I looked on my receipt and the guy charged me too much. The Blu-ray was on sale for $9.99 according to a sticker right on the thing but he charged me $15.99. Now I have to drive back there tomorrow, wasting gas to fix his mistake.

All in all a horrible experience. One of your employees made me feel like a leper.

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post #28 of 68 (permalink) Old 2009-12-24, 10:23 PM
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Location: Mississauga
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Did a bit of online Boxing Day shopping, and found it to be a relatively pain-free experience. There was about a 10-minute wait at the checkout queue. At one point, the server timed out, but fortunately, refreshing the page did not invalidate my existing order (as has happened in previous years).

So a positive experience on the whole.
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post #29 of 68 (permalink) Old 2009-12-28, 07:32 PM
Join Date: Feb 2002
Location: Calgary, AB
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I ordered a Christmas gift, a Shaw 1TB PVR expander, online from BB as my local store was out of stock. The process worked very well although I had to Priority Post it to get it here before Christmas. I was surprised that the order was filled out of Toronto. BB sent e-mails when the order was fulfilled and I could logon to their site to check shipping progress. I wouldn't hesitate to use this service again.
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post #30 of 68 (permalink) Old 2009-12-30, 06:00 PM
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Location: Toronto
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BB has the Harmony 670 remote on for $79...smokin' deal right? So, I decided to call a couple stores in my area to check availability (not gonna drive there to have some skinny punk in a blue shirt tell me they're all out!)

After about 30 mins on the phone, two different locations (Woodbridge/Etobicoke) 3 different departments/store extensions...NOBODY PICKED UP A BLOODY LINE!!! This has got to be the lamest service ever! I've been trying several times since that original 30 min window (that was around 11:30am, it's now 5pm) still no answer!!!

Now it's turned into a game...I don't even want the P.O.S remote any was for my in-laws anyway. BB is a total piece of s**t as far as I'm concerned...the worst customer service I've come across. If you're not gonna answer ANY phones, then don't provide a number morons!

I've always been a HUGE supporter of independent, family owned A/V businesses anyway. Much better customer service, value added service etc. It's always been my way of shopping, but I thought I'd try the "peasant" way of doing things...not anymore!

Once the holidaze are over, the head office is getting a nasty call from this guy (if I can get someone to answer that is!!)

Luckily, I'm on air this friday aft', so I can rant poetic over the radio about how much this company takes pipe! Just hope they aren't a commercial client of ours, or I could be in some doo-doo!!
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