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I agree the LG one may not have all the features you would want from a DVR. There is no reason why they couldn't put a full featured DVR inside a TV (dual tuner and can record even when the TV is off, etc), but the market for such a product is likely very small so it is unlikely anyone would make one. Besides I am not sure if I would want that since if one component fails (either the TV or DVR) you have to replace the entire unit. With separate units, you can replace only the part that fails.

A better solution is to get both a TV and a PVR/HTPC that supports UPnP AV (or DLNA). That way your PVR/HTPC can be in a separate room (removing clutter from your living space) and you can watch your recordings and other videos over your LAN using the TV's built-in player. The only disadvantage to this approach is I don't think you can change the recording schedule from your TV.

Link to my TVFool results is in my profile Homepage URL. I suggest others do the same.
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