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Answering the original question from nearly 7 years ago:
Are you ready to go 100% OTA? What are your reasons, for and against?
I have gone 100% OTA. I did so in July 2010 after DirecTV gave me yet another $3/mo fee increase. This put my fees for a single TV with a single DVR to over $65/mo. The *ONLY* way to reduce this price was to cut out DirecTV entirely.

I bought a $600 TiVo (hardware + lifetime subscription) and an $80 antenna, which paid for themselves in about 10 months. I live near Charlotte, NC and get roughly 40 channels OTA, including CBS and FOX from the next market over. This latter is an advantage as an NFL fan, because when the Panthers play home games, the Charlotte market is only allowed to broadcast the Panthers game. But Greensboro does not have this restriction. So when that happens, I get additional games that I wouldn't get via dish or cable.

I supplement my OTA with a cable modem from Time Warner, which enables me to get netflix. I also purchased two 1TB disks to install into my linux home server, on which I run pyTivo and streambaby. This allows me to rip all of my DVDs and store them on my server. I can then play them back on my TiVo, using the TiVo interface.

I miss ESPN, NFL network and Fox sports. But those are the only real advantage that I get from subscribing to a pay tv service, and they're not worth $65+/mo. I'd happily pay $10/mo for an NFL network subscription. But that's not an option that the payTV subscribers would allow, I think.

If I were to do it again, I'd ditch the $80 antenna and build a gray hoverman. The TiVo would now cost about $500, meaning I could have cut my upfront costs by about $160. But in the intervening time, I've more than made up for it. Long and short: I'm very happy with my decision and would have an even greater incentive to do it today. In fact, I've helped a few friends cut their cords as well, with two other friends considering it.
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