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Originally Posted by dheian
Any tips on manoeuvring in attics so I don't fall through?
The catwalk picture above show a good permanent solution.
Pretty safe. That's a good idea.

Temporarily ....
You can take up some narrow long pieces of planks or plywood scraps and lay them down temporarily across the beams. Make sure they're thick enough and strong enough to support enough weight spanning between two beams. (the weight, for example, of a person standing right in the center of two beams.)

But be careful how you place down those pieces and how you walk on them.

If they "cantilever" past a beam, and you walk on the overhanging part .... down you do.

What I did in the Kingston house attic is similar to jflarin 's catwalk picture.
The 5/8 or 3/4 thick scraps of long narrow plywood pieces I used are SCREWED down to the attic floor beams so they can not move, shift, or tip over a cantilivered / overhanging part. The ends are overlayed one over the other in some places so they catch a beam for sure, end to end - so you're never really walking on an overhanging part.
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