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I suspect the problems being experienced by ddayson and cwspen are due to a corrupted hard disc and can only be resolved by a disc reformat done by a full factory reset without preserving recorded shows on hard disc. I got that same error message and it simply indicates that the box cannot access the hard disc for some reason. I also had less than 20% disc full of shows.

I'll bet if you were a computer geek or wanted to suffer the expense of taking the disc to a computer service shop, you could remove the hard disc from the box and maybe use troubleshooting techniques to fix the corruption on the disc without losing the content.

Everyone should treat this disc storage feature like any PC storage: temporary. If you really want to keep something permanently, you need to work out a system of either simultaneously recording to another location in parallel (easier way?) as backup protection, or figure out some way to offload recorded programs (harder way?).

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