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This isn't a new phenomenon actually. In 2001 when TSN underwent graphic changes and SportsDesk became SportsCentre, the idea was originally a rebranding as ESPN Canada. ESPN realized that the TSN brand carried a lot of weight and the name change was scrapped.

I believe this was also the same thing with the new CMT. CMT US originally launched in Canada in the early 90s and then was dropped when the CRTC approved Country Canada (I believe was the name), eventually Country Canada changed their name to CMT and became the Canadian version of it.

Quite honestly, if the CRTC didn't exist, these Canadian version likely wouldn't exist as the American networks would simply have the US versions on Canadian cable/satellite. If the CRTC didn't exist, I'd be shocked if there were any Canadian channels beyond the CBC. So if you're looking for someone to blame for this, you could blame the CRTC.

However, I'm not sure what the problem is. If you lived in the US and wanted to watch Sons of Anarchy, you'd have to subscribe to FX, Curb Your Enthusiasm you'd need HBO etc. etc. So really, there is nothing different about what is happening.

In fact, with some of these shows Canadians now actually get it on the same schedule as the US broadcaster. I was a fan of the show The Shield, which aired on FX from 2000 until about 2007. On Canadian TV, it was aired late at night sporadically on Global and was roughly two or three years after it aired in the US. When the first few seasons aired, it was before the phenomenon of torrents existed, so the only option was to wait for the DVDs to be released. So be grateful that hit US cable shows are no longer like this for the most part.
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