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Originally Posted by cdn_tbird View Post
DaDD, we told Sirus to take a hike last Nov. My wife was concerned since she works from home and used to stream it all day long. I set her up with a free Slacker Radio account to see what she thought of it. She absolutely loves it and doesn't regret giving Sirus the heave ho. I've installed the app on her phone too, so the odd time she's out and wants to listen to it, she has it.

Give it or another internet based radio service a try, you might be surprised.
I have to admit I got hooked on their Jazz programing, so I really wanted to renew. It was really easy to get the rate cut in half this time compared to last year. I had to cancel and then wait a few weeks for the begging to come back to start. Ended up getting it at half price. They must be hurting this year.

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