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Just signed up with I'm using Cisco SPA2102 ATA and one issue I had to sort out was the configuration where the I wanted to disable the built-in router functionality and put it behind the existing router. Following steps got it working:
  1. Connect the WAN port of SPA2102 to another computer (I used my laptop) and let that acquire an IP address from SPA2102 in router mode.
  2. Go in to the web access page of the ATA (default is and change following settings. It is important to do all these things in one go and hit 'accept' once all the changes are done.
    • Disable DHCP server (critical). This turns off the DHCP server built on to ATA
    • Setup a static IP in the lan. It was easier as I didn't want to worry about the ATA getting an IP from the router via DHCP. I'm sure you could setup the ATAas a DHCP client and get the IP and DNS from router.
    • Manually setup gateway and DNS servers since we disabled DHCP client
    • Set the ATA to 'bridge/switch' mode (critical)
  3. Once all the above changes are done, click on the 'accept all' button. This will reset the ATA and you will not be able to access the setup page until it is connected to the router in the next step
  4. Remove the ATA from the computer and connect the WAN port of the ATA to one of the LAN ports of the router
  5. Test the setup by pointing a browser to the static IP of the ATA. If you see the configuration page, you are all set.
  6. If things don't work and you have lost all access to the ATA, do a hard reset: connect a phone to line-1 and dial '****'. You will hear a voice prompt. Enter '73738' (RESET) and it will change everything back to original settings. Now you can go back to step 1 and try again

Hope this helps

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