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John Koenig
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Cool to read the latest updates to this thread. So here's where I stand.

I have been a Sirius subscriber since December 2005 (one month before the Stern onslaught) and had been an XM sub since 2002. I have since canceled XM in 2009 as there's little sense in keeping both sides alive with all the simultaneous channels.

And so my yearly renewal was coming up on January 12th of this year and I had no plans to keep the Stiletto going since I only listen online to stuff like (Spectrum, Bridge, Alt Nation) on a Logitech Squeezebox.

So I called January 10th and asked for cancelation at which point the CSR took a good long look at my american account (put me on hold forever, could hear him chitchat with his co-worker or supervisor) just to be sent to Customer Retention. So when I got to Retention (note that I had some of my own at that point...), I asked how much it would cost for internet Radio alone and was told a monthly rate of 12.95$ Say what?

I said no way, so he ended up bundling me internet and satellite for 117$ exactly for a year. Turns out it's now cheaper to have Sirius both ways than sat or internet alone!!! My next move is to travel to los Estados Unidos and try the Lynx and see if it's worth replacing my poor little Stiletto whose antenna seems to loose sensitivity after a while (I'm on my third)!!!

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